What are the health requirements to get Australia PR?

Yogesh shukla

In order to make sure that the immigrants who come to Australia do not pose a public threat to the Australian natives the prospective immigrants have to undergo some health examinations. Let's talk about the Australian PR requirements for health which Australia demands to provide Australian PR visas to prospective immigrants.

  • If you and your family members come from countries that have a prevalence of EVD (Ebola Virus Disease) or Polio then it may become a hurdle for the Australian PR process.
  • Visa applicants belonging to some of the Pacific countries like the Kingdom of Tonga, and Fiji have had recent collective cases reported for measles. Measles vaccination status is currently not demanded by the Australian government but while travelling, it is strongly recommended to vaccinate yourself for the same.
  • Visa applicants with active type of Tuberculosis may be refused to come to Australia. To prove that a visa applicant and the accompanying immigrants are not suffering from active Tuberculosis the immigrating persons may be asked to get their X-rays done to confirm that they are Tuberculosis free as the disease could be seriously contagious.
  • Any visa applicant who is older than the age of 15 years must have an HIV or Hepatitis Test done to let the authorities know that you are not infected with Hepatitis or HIV.
  • Visa applicants thinking of settling in Australia are strongly recommended to get the international Yellow Fever vaccine certificate if older than one year or if they stay in a country with a yellow fever outbreak declaration before entering Australia.

So these were the major infectious diseases that could reject your Australia PR application. Proper vaccination and precautions to avoid such diseases from entering your body can be a key trick to making your Australian PR approved without any hassle or health-related complications.

If you are healthy, congratulations! You are very much eligible to apply for the Australia PR process to work, study, or live in Australia for the rest of your life. If you are looking to calculate your score eligibility to initiate the application for the Australian PR, then you can conveniently use the Australia PR points calculator.

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