• Permanently

Australia PR cost

  • For single person AUD $ 4115
  • For additional child AUD $ 1030
  • For additional adult AUD $ 2055

Processing Time

  • 12-20 months

With this visa, you can

  • You can work, study & Live anywhere in Australia
  • You can work, study & Live anywhere in Australia
  • Sponsor your loved ones for PR
  • Become eligible to apply for Australian citizenship


  • Must have your occupation on the relevant skilled occupation list (SOL).
  • have a suitable skills assessment for your nominated occupation.
  • You must score minimum 65 points to be eligible.
  • Must be invited to apply for Australia PR.

Apply for Australian PR - Immigrate to Australia from India

Australian PR visa is a document issued by the Department of Home Affairs, Australia. Once your Australia PR visa is granted, you can stay in Australia for a fixed period. In addition, the Australia PR visa can let you certain benefits like studying, working, or living in Australia.

Australia Permanent Residency Visa 2023 is a spectacular opportunity to consider PR in Australia. Permanent Residency in Australia brings exceptional job opportunities to attract many immigrants from all over the world. The Australian government and the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), the official immigration authority of Australia, offer various categories to apply for the Australia Permanent Residency Visa.

Check Your Eligibility for Australia PR

Australia PR benefits:

  1. Work live and study in Australia.
  2. Sponsor your loved ones.
  3. Avail of social security benefits, allowances, pensions, etc.
  4. Avail national healthcare facilities in Australia.
  5. Apply for loans (without security) to buy property in Australia.
  6. Apply for Australian citizenship.
  7. You can also work & live in New Zealand, as per the agreement between Australia and New Zealand.
  8. Travel to & from Australia multiple times as long as the Australia PR is valid.
  9. Access subsidized education for yourself, spouse & child.

Why you should immigrate to Australia?

There are many sound and sustainable reasons to settle in Australia. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Australia is immigrant-friendly and has pro-immigrant solid policies.
  2. Australia is a developed economy.
  3. Australia is home to multi-millionaires.
  4. Australia is full of opportunities; therefore, it is a great place to shape your career.

If you are also planning to settle in Australia, join the Australia Aptech visa expert team, well versed with all the feasible options to apply for the Australia PR visa. Our chief aim is to make the entire Australian immigration process pleasant for our clients.

Australia PR Points Calculator

Australian PR visa is a point’s based system. To apply for the Australia visa, you need to secure minimum 65/130 points. If an applicant cannot score the desired points, they would be considered ineligible for the Australian PR process.

Australia PR point’s calculator can be used to calculate Australian PR points to determine how many Australian PR points are you scoring?

The Australia PR points calculator is a valuable tool for precisely calculating your Australia PR points. Click here to know more about the Australia PR point’s calculator.

Get Australia free assessment here!

Australia PR Process / Australia PR Process: A step by step guide

The steps provided below will tell you how to apply for Australia PR in a step by step manner:

  • Step 1 Check Australia Skills Occupation List:
  • Once you are sure that you are meeting all the criteria to apply for an Australia PR visa, then you need to undergo Australia Skill Assessment.

    In the Skill Assessment process, your profile will be thoroughly viewed by the concerned skill assessing authority related to your occupation. Here, you get working experience evaluated based on ANZSCO code relevancy, skill level, and skill assessment authority requirements.

  • Step 2 Australia PR eligibility requirements:
  • The applicant should meet the following requirements to apply for an Australia PR visa.

    1. Should meet the Australia point test and score a minimum 65/130 points.
    2. Should be under 45 years of age
    3. Should possess competent proficiency in the English language
    4. Should meet the required health requirements
    5. Should meet the required character requirements
    6. Should not be having any unresolved credits/debts to the Australian government
    7. Ready to undertake the Australian Values Statement

  • Step 3 Skill Assessment:
  • Once you are sure that you meet all the criteria to apply for an Australia PR visa, you need to apply for an Australia Skill assessment.

    Your profile will be thoroughly viewed by the concerned skill-assessing authority related to your occupation in the skill assessment process. Here, you get working experience assessed based on ANZSCO code relevancy, skill level, and skill assessment authority requirements.

    A positive skill assessment report is required to move further in your Australia PR visa process.

  • Step 4: Fill out an Expression of Interest (EOI) form on Skill Select.
  • This is an important element in your Australian PR process.

    You must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the Skill Select portal in Australia. This is your structured notification to the Australian authorities that you wanted to apply for an Australian PR Visa.

    You will be invited to apply for a visa based on your EOI, which is based on factors such as English Proficiency Score, Education, and the number of years you have worked in a specific field.

    The Skill Select will ask you a series of questions online related to your educational and work background, skills & abilities, and another relevant history related to your career. Your EOI will be reviewed by the Department of Home Affairs, Australia, and the Australian employers who may be finding employees of skill-set similar to you for hiring. If you get an Invitation, you can move on further in filing an Australia PR visa.

  • Step 5: Hold off on applying until you receive an invitation (ITA).
  • You can now relax and await your invitation to apply (ITA). An ITA is awarded to the applicant with the highest EOI ranking.

    Received a copy of an ITA, you must apply for the Australia PR visa, along with the necessary fees and documentation.

    Incorrect information or irrelevant documents not only delay your application but may result in the rejection of your Australia PR application.

    As a result, it is always advisable to apply for an Australia PR visa with accurate information and all required documents.

  • Step 6 Australia PR visa outcome:
  • Once you submit your Australia PR application, the application will be assessed on three parameters given below:

    1. Is your Australia PR application meeting eligibility requirements set by DHA Australia?
    2. Have you submitted all the requirements per the Australia PR visa documents checklist and paid the correct fee?
    3. Verification of your application.

It may take a few months for the DHA to decide on your Australian PR visa application. So, be patient and wait for the decision on your application.

If your application meets all the parameters of an Australia PR visa, the result/decision will be positive, and you will be granted an Australia PR visa. Now applicant has to enter Australia within the given date called the ‘Entry date’.

So, start preparing and fly to Australia to explore your dream country. Suppose your Australia PR application does not meet the given standard. In that case, it will be refused, and you will be notified in writing whether you have the right to review your Australian PR visa decision.

Kindly note that the Australian PR application fee is non-refundable.

Australia PR Eligibility / Australia PR Requirements

Every year numerous candidates apply for the Australia PR visa. Still, only a few of them succeed, and most of the applications are rejected due to the shortcomings in meeting the Australian PR requirements.

Listed below are some of the crucial Australia PR criteria:

  • Australia PR Visa Streams:
  • Which Australian PR visa option or stream suits you the best requires a thorough understanding of the available streams to enter Australia as an Australia PR holder. The country has different streams to apply for an Australia PR visa.

    You can find some of the significant streams below:

    1. Australia Skilled Worker Stream
    2. Australia Family sponsor stream
    3. Australian Business or investment-stream
    4. Other short-term visa streams include:
      Australian students' visa
      Australia tourist/visitor visa

    So, check which is the most suitable stream before the Australia PR visa application.

  • Profile is in Demand:
  • Before applying for an Australia PR visa, kindly check if your occupation is listed in the Australia Skilled Occupation List or not? Australia has the following occupation lists:

    1. The Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List
    2. The Short-term Skilled Occupation List
    3. The Regional Occupation List or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) ROL List; and
    4. Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List

    So, check which Australia's Skilled Occupation List contains an occupation closely related to the applicant's job profile.

  • Australia PR Points Calculator:
  • Once you are sure your profile is in Demand in Australia's labor market, the next important factor is to determine 'how many points are you scoring as per Australia PR Points Calculator'? The minimum points required to apply for the Australia PR visa is 65 /130 points. The score is calculated based on the following factors:

    1. Age;
    2. Qualification;
    3. Skilled employment;
    4. English language ability;
    5. State/ regional nomination;
    6. Spouse/ partner skills;
    7. Australia qualification;
    8. Australian work experience; and
    9. Study in regional areas etc.

  • English Language Requirements:
  • To apply for an Australia PR visa, one of the essential requirements is English language requirements. To prove your English language ability, you can take any one of the following approved English language exams.

    1. IELTS;
    2. PTE;
    3. TOEFL;
    4. CAE; and
    5. OET

    Kindly note that English language score requirements vary from case to case, so contact our Australia PR experts to know English language score requirements for your stream.

  • Health Requirements:
  • After receiving an ITA, you must apply for the Australia PR visa with relevant fee and documents to support your Australia PR visa application.
    Providing inaccurate information, irrelevant documents not only delay your application but may also lead to refusal of your Australia PR application.
    So it is always advisable to apply for Australia PR visa with the correct information and all documents in the appropriate format.

    You and your family members need to meet health requirements. To prove your health well-being, you need to undergo a health examination with an authorized Medical Officer of the Commonwealth of Australia.

    Some of the diseases which may cause rejection of your Australia PR visa application are:

    1. Tuberculosis;
    2. AIDS/ HIV; and
    3. Cancer

  • Character Requirements:
  • To apply for an Australia PR visa, you and your family members also must satisfy character requirements. You can pass the character test by providing the police certificate. You may also need to complete Form 80 to fill in personal particulars for character assessment.

  • Australia Immigration News:
  • You are checking Australia Skilled Occupation List and calculating your Australia PR points. However, you also need to monitor Australian immigration updates because Australian immigration rules are volatile. They keep on changing, so it is suggested to keep your application updated as per Australian immigration rules.

Australia PR visa cost

Australia PR visa cost depends upon the type of application you want to apply, Australia PR visa cost keep on changing from time to time, it also depends on the time you submit your Australia PR application.

Please find the Australia PR visa cost.

Number of applicants Fee in AUD
Single applicant AUD $ 4045
Additional adult AUD $ 2020
Each additional child AUD $ 1015
Skill Assessment Fess. AUD $ 500 - $ 900
Others Fee.
IELTS Charge 15000 INR
Medical Examination fees 5000 INR approx
Police clearance 1000 - 5000 INR
Australia PR visa processing time

Australia PR processing time indicates the duration of time DHA takes to finalize your Australia PR visa application outcome.

Australia PR visa processing time depend on following factors.

  • Type of Australia PR visa you applied
  • Number of applications received
  • Whether application submitted along with all necessary documents
  • How soon you respond to the request of ADR
  • How long it takes to verify your credentials

Please find the Australia PR visa processing Time

Type of Visa Processing time
Australia Skilled independent visa subclass 189 11- 13 months
Australian State sponsor visa subclass 190 9- 14 months
Australia Regional sponsor visa subclass 491 10 – 11 months
Skilled Occupation List Australia

A Skilled Occupation List is a list that contains the occupations that are in high demand in Australia to fulfill the shortage in the Australian labor market.

Australia has the following skilled occupation lists:

  • Long-term Strategic Skills List:
  • Australia MLTSSL covers 212 occupations. This list mentions those occupations that are currently in high demand in Australia. Since Australia is in constant need to fill the labor gap with highly skilled and qualified workers for the betterment of their economy. The immigration department closely acts as a watchdog for the appropriately skilled workers the country currently needs.

  • Short-term Skilled Occupation List:
  • The Short-term Skilled Occupation List is an occupation list containing 215 occupations demanded in the Australian territories. The Department of Employment determines it in sync with the Department of Home Affairs.

    As per the current needs and demands, the STOL list for a 190 visa (i.e., a skilled nominated visa) is reviewed and updated every six months.

  • Regional Occupation Demand List:
  • The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has introduced a new list for designated Skilled Work Regional Visa (Subclass 491), which is in effect from November 16, 2019.

    The designated Regional Occupations List (ROL) aims at addressing the needs of designated regional areas/territories of Australia.

    Kindly find the Australia Skilled Occupation list in detail. You are required to enter your designation / ANZSCO code to know which occupation is listedAustralia Skilled Occupation List.

Australia Family Sponsor Stream

This stream is designed only for those who are already in Australia on the basis of PR visa or citizen of Australia and want to sponsor or bring their loved ones to Australia Permanently.

Australia Short term Permit

Australia short term permits allow you to visit / short term stay in Australia, before expiry these visas you need to return home country.

Australia PR Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find an answer to your question below, feel free to get in touch with one of our agents, they will be more than happy to share their wisdom.

The two main steps to get the PR to Australia include:
  1. Meeting the requirements for the Australia PR eligibility, and
  2. Choosing the right visa stream to migrate to Australia
No, Australia PR is solely based on the fulfillment of the requirements mandatory for the Australia PR. As long as you meet the requirements and follow the Australian PR process without any delay, you have 100% chances to receive the Australian PR card.
You need a minimum score of 65 out of a total score of 130 to be eligible to submit an Expression of Interest to initiate Australia PR process.
The time taken for the PR to Australia is a function of the type of visa a candidate is applying for which means the processing time may vary according to the type of visa. Other factors also influence the time period like more applications in the queue or internal complicated situations. As far as the worker stream visas (subclass 189, 190, and 491) are concerned, the time period does not exceed 14 months in any case.
Just like the time period, the PR fee for Australia also varies accordingly with the different types of visa. For the popular Worker stream visa (subclass 189, 190, and 491), the Primary Adult Applicant has to pay AUD 4,045. There is additional fee in case of the Additional Adult Applicant and the Dependent child which is AUD 2,025 and 1,015 respectively.
Other visas may have varying fee requirements.
There are certain factors on the basis of which the score for the Australian PR is calculated. These factors are specified below:
  1. Age
  2. English Language Skills
  3. Skilled Employment experience
  4. Educational Qualification
  5. Partner Skills
  6. Australian study experience
  7. Specialist Education factors
  8. Other related factors
There is no assurance for acquiring Australian PR with 70 points itself as other requirements must also be met like good character, good health etc. However any score above 65 makes you eligible for the Australian PR but attempt to score more in order to be invited for the Australian PR soon.
With a score of 75, you are eligible to apply for the Australian PR but the score can go upto 130. The better the scores, the more the chances are for the Australian PR invitation.
Although the underlying immigration rules are similar throughout all the regions in Australia, the applicants can choose the state/territory which is interested in nominating the applicant for work opportunity in their territory. Candidates should consider the ample work environment which suits their professional needs.
The financial requirement which Australia demands for the first year after migration is as follows:
  1. Single Migrant- AUD 15-20,000
  2. Couple- AUD- 20-30,000
  3. Family of 3 or 4- AUD 30-40,000
  4. Family of 4+- 50,000 or more