• Permanently

Canada PR fee

  • C$ 1525 for single
  • C$ 2850 for couple
  • C$ 3075 for three members

Canada PR Processing Time

  • 12 months

Processing Time

  • 3-4 months

With this visa you can

  • Live, work, and study in Canada.
  • Include dependent children, aged 22 and under, in your visa application.


  • Must be at least 18 years old to apply for Canada PR.
  • Language proficiency minimum 6 bands in each.
  • Must have at least 1 years of work experience.
  • Sufficient funds to support yourself and your family.


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Do you want to settle in Canada and get a Canada PR visa (permanent residence)? Canada offers multiple immigration programs through which you can apply for a Canada PR visa. Canada believes Immigrants help grow Canada’s future.

In 2023, Canada's target is to issue 4,65,000 PR visas to foreign skilled workers, to ensure Canada has the workers it needs to fill critical labor market gaps and support a strong economy. Looking ahead, Canada plans to welcome 485,000 permanent residents in 2024 and 500,000 in 2025.

This the best time to apply for Canada PR visa

Here you will find out below Important Topics on this page regarding Canada PR visa

  1. Canada Immigration Programs
  2. Canada PR Process
  3. Canada PR Points Calculator
  4. Canada PR Eligibility

What is Canada PR

Canada PR is a document issued by Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC) to live, work & settle in Canada. based on Canada PR visa, you can live, work and Study for 5 years, with multiple travel facility with your family (including your spouse, & children in Canada).

Canada PR is not citizenship it is a resident permit.

Benefits of Canada PR visa:

As a permanent resident, you have the right to:
Get most social benefits such as

  1. Fee Health and Medicare cover.
  2. Free education for children up to 12th standards.
  3. Free child care benefits up to $1000 per month from DOB of child, for the next 3 years – (if baby born in Canada.)
  4. Unsecured Loan for home,
  5. Interest free post-secondary Edu Loan.
  6. Unemployment insurance up to $ 3000 pm it you lost your job just because of recession. Only condition you must show minimum 3 months’ work history.

How to Get Canada PR visa from India or Canada migration programs

Canada offers multiple immigration programs through which you can apply for Canada PR visa

Canada Express Entry Programs

Are you skilled worked who wants to settle in Canada permanently and take part in our economy Express entry is one of the fastest way to get Canada PR visa,. Applicants who is having highest CRS score in the express entry pool, Express entry program is best suitable immigration program to get PR visa.

Applicants who are meeting the criteria one the below programs can apply for Canada Express Entry

  1. (a) Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program:
  2. Applicants who Is having 67/100 points and IELTS 6 bands in each and profile is in demand in Canada, can apply under FSW.

  3. (b) Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP):
  4. Are you trade profession and have a valid job offer from Canadian Employer

  5. (c) Canadian Experience Class (CEC):
  6. For foreign nationals who have been working in Canada for a period of at least one year.

Tip: Read - How Express Entry works for a stepwise approach to apply for Canada PR visa

Canada Provincial Nominee Program(PNP)

This program is for those workers who have less CRS score in the Express Entry pool. But they have the skills, or work experience to contribute to the economy of a specific province or territory.

Each province and territory has various streams to nominate skilled workers, where less CRS score required and even in some Provinces such as Saskatchewan or Nova Scotia PNP, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick don’t require any CRS score to get nomination.

Review PNP process and learn how you can get PNP nomination easily click here

Atlantic Immigration Program(AIP)

This Program is a easiest pathway to apply for Canada PR visa for those applicants who are not eligible for Express Entry Program or Canada PNP stream. The most important benefit of Atlantic Immigration program is you can apply your PR visa till the age of 55 and above.

Under the Atlantic Immigration program 4 below Canadian provinces participates

  1. New Brunswick,
  2. Nova Scotia,
  3. Prince Edward Island or
  4. Newfoundland and Labrador.

To apply for Atlantic Immigration program you must have job offer letter from the Atlantic Employers mean the employer situated in above Provinces.

To Know more about Atlantic Immigration Program call us at 7503832132 / 9289289007 OR and you can also fill our free Assessment form where Canadian PR experts will connect you soon.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP)

The RNIP is another best way to get Canadian PR visa. It is a community-driven program where province specific communities such as

  1. Ontario communities / regional areas - North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay)
  2. Alberta communities / regional area -Claresholm, AB
  3. Manitoba area - Brandon, Altona/Rhineland.
  4. Saskatchewan - Moose Jaw,
  5. British Columbia - Vernon, West Kootenay (Trail, Castlegar, Rossland, Nelson)

So if you are interested to work in these area and have job offer letter from these areas employers or communities approval then you can apply for Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program.

Family Sponsorship program

This one of the easiest way to immigrate Canada, if you have family members such as your spouse, Children or Parents in Canada on the basis of PR visa or citizenship. You can apply for your Canada PR visa under Canada Family sponsor program.

The most important benefit of Family sponsor program is No IELTS , no ECA required and processing time is only 6 months.

To know more about Family sponsor program in Canada please call us our immigration expert 7503832132 | 9289289007. Or you can write us at

Study in Canada

Every year, Canada welcomes hundreds of thousands of international students from around the globe. When you study in Canada, you invest in your future.

You can also get your Canada PR through study in Canada.

If you have query about the Study in Canada or looking for best colleges or university guide call us at 7503832132 or you can also write us at

Canada Tourist /visitor Visa

Tourist or Visitor visa is another pathway to get entry in Canada. Although it is Temporary resident visa It might be valid for 10 years. However stay will be allowed for 6 months continuously.

While applying for Canada visitor or Tourist visa you need to take care 3 parameters

  1. Sufficient Financial Funds
  2. Strong Home Ties
  3. Travel History.

To know more about Canada visitor visa fee, requirements, processing time please call us 7503832132 or you can write Email us at

Meet Mr. Dilawar family. They got Canada visitor visa in just 10 days. Watch his experience over here.

Canada PR Points Calculator

Check your Canada PR points by using our Canada PR points calculator, it will take less than 60 seconds to know your PR points to apply for Canada PR visa.

Minimum points required to apply for Canadian PR visa under Federal Skilled worker – Express Entry stream are 67/100.

To know Canada PR Points in detail in detail click here

Canada PR points table

Factors Points
Age 12 Points
Education 25 points
Work Experience 15 points
Language proficiency 28 points
Adaptability 10 points
Arranged Employment 10 points

Canada federal skilled worker / Economic Immigration Program


Canada Family Sponsor Program


Canada temporary resident visa

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get Canada PR by following step – by – step procedure of the Canada PR process. The Canada PR process involves many steps. Some crucial steps are given below:

  1. Get your Education credentials assessed;
  2. Get sufficient IELTS score (minimum 6 bands);
  3. Make an Express Entry profile;
  4. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI);
  5. Wait for an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the IRCC;
  6. Apply for the Canada PR visa to the IRCC within 90 days after the invitation;
  7. Submit biometrics and passport for visa stamp if the outcome is positive; and
  8. Move to Canada permanently.

No, the Canada PR process is elaborate but not so difficult. The process has to be followed step by step to successfully obtain the Canada PR visa.

An applicant requires minimum of 67 out of 100 in order to apply for the Canada PR visa.

The processing time for the Canada PR visa depends upon the type of visa application you applied for the Canada PR. Some of the applications’ processing time is given below:

  1. Canada PR via Express Entry program-6-8 months;
  2. Canada PR via PNP requests in Express Entry- 6 months;
  3. Quebec Skilled Worker Program-12-16 months; and
  4. Canada PR via base PNP stream outside Express Entry system- 15-19 months.

The fee for the Canada PR includes various fees paid by the applicant to cover the requirements for the Canada PR. Some of the basic fees included in the overall cost of the Canada PR are given below:

  1. ECA fee for the primary applicant- CAD 205;
  2. ECA fee for spouse- CAD 205;
  3. Express entry fee- No fee as of now;
  4. Canada PNP fee- Ranges from CAD 350- CAD 1,500;
  5. Canada PR application fee- CAD 825 each for primary applicant, spouse and the child;
  6. Passport stamping fee- CAD 500 each for the primary applicant and the spouse. No fee for the child.
  7. Biometric fee- CAD 85 per person and CAD 170 per family of two or more;
  8. Health Examination – INR 5,000 per person;
  9. Police Clearance certificate- INR 1,000 per person; and
  10. IELTS fee- INR 15,000 per attempt.

The Canada PR points are calculated based on certain factors such as age, work experience, language proficiency (English and French), educational experience, adaptability and arranged employment.

Any score above the minimum score of 67 can get you Canada PR as long as you comply with other requirements also.

Yes, 75 is a good score to apply for the Canada PR but there are other requirements to fulfill in order to acquire the Canada PR finally. This score does not assure alone the availability of the Canada PR.

Although all the PNP are easy to get a Canada PR too, Ontario and Saskatchewan are the easiest provinces to get the Canada PR of because of their flexible and soft requirements for Canada PR.