Manitoba PNP Latest Draw 2021

The latest Manitoba PNP Program includes the pertinent details of the invitation to apply by the province government to the aspiring candidates who’ve submit their application under the MPNP, and have the urge to settle in this province permanently.

The province of Manitoba conducts draws at regular time intervals, say 15-25 times every year. Constantly keeping a vigilant eye on the MPNP draws helps in evaluating the factors that can restrict you from settling in this province and to receive Provincial Nomination from Manitoba Province.

Manitoba PNP Assessment Form

Recently, the MPNP has announced its latest EOI (Expression of Interest) draw on 6th May, 2021, in which they issued 150 letters of advice to apply (LAA) for the aspiring candidates, so that they can apply for Canada Permanent Residence. Moreover, the invitation through MPNP, was issued for candidates who falls in 3 main streams namely:

  1. Skilled Workers in Manitoba
  2. Skilled Workers Overseas
  3. International Education Stream

Find Manitoba PNP Draw 2021

S.N. Date of Manitoba PNP Draw lowest-ranked candidate invited Number of Letters of Advice to Apply issued Category
19 October 21, 2021 716 39 Skilled Workers Overseas
375 388 Skilled Worker in Manitoba
18 September 23, 2021 719 67 Skilled Workers Overseas
454 529 Skilled Worker in Manitoba
17 August 12, 2021 719 06 Skilled Workers Overseas
454 238 Skilled Workers in Manitoba
16 July 27, 2021 557 1140 Skilled Workers Overseas
15 July 09, 2021 703 53 Skilled Workers Overseas
445 201 Skilled Workers in Manitoba
14 June 28, 2021 565 1017 Skilled Workers Overseas
13 June 17, 2021 703 24 Skilled Workers Overseas
430 95 Skilled Workers in Manitoba
12 June 7, 2021 708 25 Skilled Workers Overseas
375 95 Skilled Workers in Manitoba
11 May 25, 2021 415 166 Skilled Workers Overseas
703 46 Skilled Workers in Manitoba
10 6th May 2021 703 29 Skilled Workers Overseas
400 108 Skilled Workers in Manitoba
9 26th April 21 721 11 Skilled Workers Overseas
440 301 Skilled Workers in Manitoba
8 19th April 2021 703 30 Skilled Workers Overseas
369 612 Skilled Workers in Manitoba
7 8th April 2021 708 14 Skilled Workers Overseas
456 208 Skilled Workers in Manitoba
6 25th March 2021 177 9 Skilled Workers Overseas
423 285 Skilled Workers in Manitoba
5 11th March 2021 459 261 Skilled Workers Overseas
423 285 Skilled Workers in Manitoba
4 26th February 2021 698 21 Skilled Workers Overseas
457 158 Skilled Workers in Manitoba
3 12th February 2021 676 23 Skilled Workers Overseas
514 240 Skilled Workers in Manitoba
2 28th January 2021 681 17 Skilled Workers Overseas
518 178 Skilled Workers in Manitoba
1 14th January 2021 722 7 Skilled Workers Overseas
461 236 Skilled Workers in Manitoba

Some Of The Important Things You Need To Be Well Prepared About

Note: The Candidates who were invited under the sub-category of Express System, who do not have a valid Express entry ID along with a valid job seeker validation code and the evincible experience in an occupation mentioned in Manitoba’s in-demand occupation list, will be repudiated.

  1. The Manitoba Government do not consider the EOI of the candidates unless they were invited directly by the MPNP under the Strategic Recruitment Initiative.
  2. It might happen that your score is higher than the candidate having the lowest scores, but you’ve not received the Letter of advice to apply (LAA). It may due to certain factors such as:
    1. You have not provided the Valid test number in your EOI or may be your test is no longer valid.
    2. You’ve received LAA to apply for the MPNP, under the strategic initiative, but didn’t provide the valid invitation number to the authorities.

The minimum score for the Manitoba PNP, depends upon the category for Manitoba immigration you are applying for. The score range for the various categories in the MPNP as per the recent Manitoba PNP draws 2021 are given below:

As per the latest trends seen in the Manitoba PNP draws conducted in the year 2021.

Category in the MPNP Score range
Skilled Worker in Manitoba stream 400- 518
Skilled Worker Overseas 676-728
International Education Stream Scores are usually not declared

Yes, there are two of the major streams namely the MPNP International Students Stream and the MPNP Employer Direct Stream which require a full time job offer from the Manitoba Employer. So, if you wish to migrate to the province of Manitoba, then you must arrange for a valid job offer for these streams of the Manitoba PNP.

The processing time for the Manitoba PNP generally depends upon the documents and the correctness of the information. If the documents are true and valid, then it may not take more than an average of 4 months to process the MPNP application. It is advised to keep the documents valid and avoid any kind of forgery or misinformation.

The entire Canada PR process through the Manitoba PNP takes around 12 months.

So, keep it authentic to keep it quick!!

The availability of sufficient funds is mandatory and crucial requirement for the Manitoba PNP to prove that you are capable of supporting yourself and your family financially. You are required to have a minimum CAD $ 10,000 for yourself with CAD $ 2,000 for spouse and each dependent child who is accompanying the you (primary applicant).

IELTS is the International English Language Testing System which is mandatory for foreign skilled workers and professionals to migrate to Manitoba without any hassle. The IELTS score in order to apply for the Manitoba PNP 2021 must be at least 4 bands on IELTS (General) and if you want a priority treatment for your MPNP application then the score must be 5 or more than 5 bands.

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