Is Nova Scotia a Good Place to Immigrate?

Is Nova Scotia a Good Place to Immigrate?

Nova Scotia is known for the natural beauty of Canada. Nova Scotia believes life is for living. It’s about balancing a good day’s work with time for family and friends. Nova Scotia allows its residents to keep everything in perspective: work, family, relaxation and responsibility. Nova Scotia is an excellent place to live, work and for education opportunities for you and your family.

Nova Scotia PNP Assessment Form

Why you should immigrate to Nova Scotia?

  • Safety:
  • Nova Scotia is rated in international surveys as one of the world’s most peaceful, safest city. Nova Scotia people are by and large open-minded and believe people should be free to live the lifestyle they choose. It’s pretty safe and secure; you and your family can feel free to get out and enjoy everything Nova Scotia has to offer.

  • Clean & Beautiful:
  • Nova Scotia is a haven for leisure and lifestyle activities. Its natural beauty, great outdoor activities, and exciting nightlife attract more than 2 million visitors every year. Nova Scotia is fortunate to be surrounded by the natural beauty of the rolling sea, lush green forests, lakes and farmland. Nova Scotia is one of the most enjoyable places to live in Canada.

  • Family friendly:
  • It is very affordable to buy a home in Nova Scotia. The cost of living is one of the lowest in Canada. It is no wonder that so many Nova Scotians living abroad return home to raise their families. Nova Scotia’s slow pace means families can spend more time together and participate in the many fun activities offered throughout the province.

Nova Scotia PNP Program

Nova Scotia welcomes prospective immigrants who want to settle down in Nova Scotia permanently. To apply to Nova Scotia PNP, you must be highly skilled and work experience as required by the Nova Scotia labour market.

There are various Nova Scotia PNP streams to determine if you qualify. And, each stream has its requirements; if you decide to settle in Nova Scotia, you need to check which Nova Scotia PNP stream suits more to you to get a Nova Scotia PNP nomination.

  1. Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities
  2. Labour Market Priorities for Physicians
  3. Occupations in Demand
  4. Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry
  5. Nova Scotia Skilled Worker stream
  6. Nova Scotia

  • Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities Stream
  • Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities invites only those applicants who have filed for the express entry pool, who have received the Letter of Interest (LOI) from the Nova Scotia PNP, can only apply under this stream. As an applicant, you must also meet the below eligibility criteria

    1. You must have valid Express entry profile number
    2. You intend to live in Nova Scotia
    3. Must be scoring 67/100 points
    4. Your profile must be highly demand in Nova Scotia

  • Labour Market Priorities for Physicians
  • Labour Market Priorities for Physicians is designed only for the overseas physician. To apply under this stream as a physician, you must have an approved job offer from the Nova Scotia Health Authority or the IWK Health Centre.

  • Physician
  • The Physician Stream is only open to general practitioners and family physicians (NOC 3112) and specialist physicians (NOC 3111) who receive signed approved contract from the Nova Scotia Health Authority or the IWK Health Centre.

  • Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry
  • This stream invites only those skilled individuals who already have at least one year of experience working in Nova Scotia in a high professional occupation.

  • Occupations in Demand Stream
  • The Occupation in-Demand stream is a perfect option for skilled applicants who have experience under NOC skill level C. To be eligible under the Occupations in Demand stream, you must have a 1-year job offer letter from Nova Scotia employers.

If you meet the requirements outlined above Nova Scotia PNP streams, you can apply for the Nova Scotia PNP program.

If you would like more information, email us at Nova scotia immigration services Or call us on +91 8447281370 / +91 7503832132

Eligibility Requirements for the Nova Scotia Nominee Program?

Having the correct information can help you make a successful move. Although Nova Scotia has several PNP streams, and each stream has its own nomination criteria, however, to apply under Nova Scotia PNP stream, you need to meet the below general requirements:

  • Occupation:
  • Your profile must be in demand under the Nova Scotia labour market. To know the profile is in demand in the Nova Scotia labour market, click the Nova Scotia Demand occupation list

  • Points score:
  • You must score federal points 67/100 or more; these points are based on the factors such as; age, qualification, work experience, language proficiency, adaptability, arranged employment.

  • Work Experience:
  • To apply for Nova Scotia PNP, you must have at least 1-year full time, paid continuous work experience in the Nova Scotia targeted occupations list.

  • Language Proficiency:
  • To Apply Nova Scotia PNP, you need to prove your language proficiency skills in English or French, to prove language proficiency you can write any of the language exams

    1. IELTS –6 bands in each module ( R,W,S & L) or
    2. CELPIP – 7 score in each module ( R,W,S &L)

    For French you can write any one of the exam

    1. TEF – CLB7
    2. TCF – CLB7
  • Settlement Funds:
  • You need to show sufficient funds to support yourself & your family to successfully settle in Nova Scotia. Settlement fund requirements depend on the size of the family. To know more about Nova Scotia settlement fund requirements, click here

  • Settlement Plan:
  • It would be best if you have genuine intention to settle in Nova Scotia, so you need to provide a settlement plan explaining why do you want to settle in Nova Scotia and why you are a best fit in Nova Scotia.

  • Age:
  • You must be the age under 49 before launching your Canada PNP application

    Still, you are not sure which stream is more suitable; please feel free to contact our Nova Scotia PNP expert call 7503832132

    Please note:- Nova Scotia PNP may change their criteria at any time without Prior Notification. So, all the application will be assessed as per the current criteria, not as per the receiving application file.

    If Nova Scotia decides to refuse your application for the Nova Scotia PNP stream, Nova Scotia’s decision is final. There is no appeal process.

    If Nova Scotia found your involvement in misrepresentations, you will be disqualified for the upcoming five years under all streams.

How to Apply Nova Scotia PNP Nomination

Once you determine that you qualify for a Nova Scotia Nominee Program stream, the next step is to apply for the Nova Scotia PNP application; please follow the below steps carefully.

  • Check Eligibility:
  • Before applying for your Nova Scotia PNP, you must check your eligibility in terms of points, age limit, language proficiency requirements etc. Once you are sure about your eligibility, then start to furnish your documents

  • Gather your documents:
  • Documents requirement may vary from case to case also depend upon the applicant’s personal circumstance,

    Please note all documents must be in English, easy to read and in PDF format. To know more about Nova Scotia PNP documents requirements, please refer Nova Scotia PNP documents checklist.

  • Create account:
  • You must have a valid express entry & job seeker code before applying for the Nova Scotia PNP nomination. And your profile must be active in the express entry pool,

    Nova Scotia Invite or issue a letter of Interest to applicants who meet or satisfy Nova Scotia Labour Market needs.

  • Apply Nova Scotia PNP Nomination:
  • Once you receive the Letter of Interest (LOI) from Nova Scotia PNP, you have 30 days to submit your Nova Scotia PNP application along with all supporting documents.

    Submission of incomplete documents can lead to the refusal of your application, Nova Scotia never send a reminder to submit missing documents; it is the sole application responsibility.

  • Nova Scotia PNP Nomination outcome
  • Once your application is successfully submitted to Nova Scotia PNP, your application will be locked, and now you will be unable to change any given information. Nova Scotia assessing officer starts to work on your application and follow the below steps

  1. Eligibility and completion check
    In the first step, the Nova Scotia immigration official reviews your application to ensure that the applicant meets eligibility criteria and submits a completed set of documents.
  2. Assessment:
    If you are considered eligible, then Nova Scotia PNP immigration official NSOI will conduct a complete review of your application and evaluate your petition. The immigration officer who assesses your immigration application will notify Nova Scotia immigration admission committee.

All submitted documents will be subject to verification by NSOI for integrity purposes. However, the NSOI officer has the right to ask for additional documents if required to decide. Processing time of assessment is subjected to the volume of application received.

If your assessment is found positive, you will receive a Nova Scotia PNP nomination letter now; you can claim a CRS score of 600.

Unfortunately, it is a reality that not all applications can be accepted for admission in Nova Scotia. Some applicants may decline. However, this does not always mean that you were not a decent applicant; it can sometimes be challenging to appeal specific reasons regarding the adverse decision.

However, we recommend you get professional guidance to increase your chances of NSNP PNP nomination. Or contact us by +91 7503832132 / +91 8447281370, or you can write at

Nova Scotia PNP calculator

To become eligible, applicants must get a minimum of 67 points out of 100 under the Nova Scotia Points Calculator. The points comprise of factors such as - education, language ability, work experience, age, adaptability factors, and arranged employment.

Please find Nova Scotia PNP points overview.

Age 12 Points
Education 25 points
Work Experience 15 points
Language proficiency 28 points
Adaptability 10 points
Arranged Employment 10 points

Nova Scotia PNP Draw

Nova Scotia conduct draws periodically and invites those individuals whose skills are highly in demand in the Nova Scotia labour market. Nova Scotia Draws are based entirely on labour market requirements, it means for each draw, Nova Scotia sets separate criteria, and these criteria keep on changing

Please find Nova Scotia PNP Draw below:

Nova Scotia PNP Draw Date – 29th March 21
Nova Scotia Conducted a draw on 19th March 21 and invited all those individuals who were meeting the below prerequisites:
  1. Applicants chosen the French language as a first language and score CLB 9 in French and English as a second language and scored CLB7 bands
  2. Applicants who hold three years diploma or bachelor degree program
  3. Must have minimum 67/100 Nova Scotia PNP points.
Nova Scotia PNP Draw Date - Jan 19, 2021
Nova Scotia PNP conducted Draw on Jan 19, 21. And invited financial officers with the following requirements:
  1. Applicants who chosen primary NOC code Financial officers 1444 and have four or more years of experience in NOC 1114.
  2. IELTS 7 bands in reading, writing, speaking and 8 in listening in General Training.
  3. Must have 67/ 100 Nova Scotia PNP points.
  4. Applicant must have 67/100 Alberta PNP points.
Nova Scotia PNP Draw Date - Dec. 1, 2020
The Criteria’s for the Nova Scotia PNP draw conducted were as followed:
  1. Must have a job offer letter from Nova Scotia PNP employers
  2. IELTS CLB 5 bands in each module of General Training
  3. Must have high school credential or equivalent.
Nova Scotia PNP Draw Date - Oct. 22, 2020
CRITERIA FOR Nova Scotia PNP draw held Oct. 22, 2020, were followed:
  1. Have primary NOC code 2174 and must have three years of work experience in the NOC code 2174.
  2. Must have Nova Scotia PNP points 67/100
  3. IELTS 6 bands in each module
  4. Must have three years diploma or Bachelor Degree.
Nova Scotia PNP Draw Date - Sept 24, 2020
Nova Scotia conducted a draw on Sept 24, 2020, and invited those applicants who were meeting the below requirements:
  1. Applicants who chosen primary NOC code 7322 motor vehicle body repairers or automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and mechanical repairers (NOC 7321) and had a minimum of two years of experience in the chosen NOC code.
  2. Must have IELTS CLB 5 bands in each module
  3. Must have two years diploma or university certificate.
  4. Have Nova Scotia PNP points 67/100

Nova scotia PNP occupation list

The province of Nova Scotia has ample work opportunities in the service sector, specifically in health and education, IT industries, banking. However, there are quite a few occupations that have an urgent need of skilled workers who can meet the required labour requirements and also contribute towards the growing economy of the budding Nova Scotia Province.

The occupations listed below are classified with National Occupations Classification (NOC). These occupations are most in-demand in Nova- Scotia now a day. So, if your job falls under any of these occupations with relevant work experience, there are good chances of applying for Nova Scotia PNP.

The NOC is a code that helps to determine a candidate’s skill level created for skilled, semi-skilled occupations. For applying to a demanding profession, a candidate must have one year of work experience with the required educational qualification.

Nova Scotia Documents list

Documents you must provide to process your Nova Scotia PNP nomination

  • Personal Documents
    1. Copy of passport
    2. One photograph per specification
    3. DOB certificate
    4. Marriage certificate / Divorce decree
    5. Adaptation certificate

  • Qualification Document
    1. Degree Certificate
    2. Marks sheets
    3. Academic transcript

  • Employment Documents
    1. Statement of Service
    2. Payment evidence
    3. Receiving letter
    4. Offer letter

  • Financial Documents
    1. Proof of funds (bank statement, copy of passbook, any other proof of cash).
    2. Income Tax return
    3. PAN card

  • Other supporting documents
  • Other supporting documents depending on individual circumstance, there may be documents or evidence you can present before the consulate officer that are not listed above. The above list is the most common documents requested by immigration officers during the visa interview.

If you want to live and work in Nova Scotia Canada, choose right an occupation from latest Nova Scotia in demand Occupations list 2021 and Apply through the Aptech visa.You may take help of the specialists at Aptech Visa on Contact No:

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Nova Scotia PNP is one of the Canada PNPs which can assure an access to one of the fascinating and spirited provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia. To settle in Nova Scotia, a foreign aspirant must have a valid job offer which is compatible to the concurrent needs of the labour market of Nova Scotia.

For the year of 2021, the jobs which are being pursued the most in the province and are highly demanded, belong to healthcare, truck driving, finance, administration, law, and social work etc.

Kindly have a look at the table given below to learn which jobs are included in the Occupations-In-Demand list of Nova Scotia and the streams they are accorded in for the Nova Scotia immigration. The occupations-in-demand which are being perceived the most in Nova Scotia in the year of 2021 are given in concise in the table. Kindly have a look at it to know more.

Streams in the Nova Scotia PNP NOC Code Eligible Occupations
Occupations-In-Demand Stream 3413 Nurses, attendants, and patient service associates
7511 7511
Physicians Stream 3112 Family Physicians
3111 Specialist Physicians
Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream Category B 1311 Accounting technicians and bookkeepers
1241 Administrative assistants
4021 College and other vocational instructors
2131 Civil Engineers
1111 Financial auditors and accountants,
3233 Licensed practical nurses
1114 Other financial officers
4211 Paralegal and related occupations
1123 Professional officer in advertising, marketing, and public relations3012
3012 Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
4212 Social and community service workers

So, these occupations are urgently in demand in the labour market of Nova Scotia as per the dynamic labour market trends in 2021. A foreign skilled worker who has relevant work experience can apply for the synchronized job occupation in a stream matching their job profile. The Nova Scotia Occupations-In-Demand list is of utmost importance if you are seriously contemplating to move to Nova Scotia, Canada as a skilled worker.

Go through the list of happening jobs given above in the current year 2021 and find out if the year 2021 is lucky for you to settle in Canada or not?

There are eight streams in the Nova Scotia PNP which invite immigration desired candidates from across the globe. The streams are listed below:

  1. Express Entry-Nova Scotia Experience;
  2. Express Entry-Nova Scotia Labor Market Priorities;
  3. Express Entry-Nova Scotia Physicians Labour Market Priorities;
  4. Physician;
  5. Skilled worker;
  6. Entrepreneur;
  7. Occupations in Demand; and
  8. Overseas graduate entrepreneur

Out of the abovementioned streams, the streams which require a job offer are:

  1. Express Entry- Nova Scotia Physicians Labour Market Priorities;
  2. Nova Scotia Skilled Worker; and the
  3. Nova Scotia Occupations In Demand

The Nova Scotia PNP is open throughout the year, except for the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Category B which is for the foreign skilled workers who have work experience in the occupation listed in the Occupations-In-Demand list of Nova Scotia PNP.

The Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Category B opens and closes a few times in a year for efficient processing of the Nova Scotia immigration and Canada PR applications.

The possibilities are high that the applications for the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Category B will be open in the next few months in 2021.

So, be ready with the required documents in advance for easy Canada immigration in the year of 2021.

Good luck for your dream to migrate to Nova Scotia and clutching the Canada PR Visa for an enriched life!!!

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