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Skilled Regional Work Visa 491

The 491 visa Australia is a skilled temporary resident visa that allows individual to live and work in designated regional area of Australia for up to five years. The 491 visa provides a pathway to permanent residency.

491 visa Australia requires sponsorship by a Australian state or territory, or by an eligible family member who is already living in a designated regional area on the basis of PR visa or Citizenship.

Stay: Cost: Processing Time:
5 Years AUD 4,240.00 5 Months

491 visa advantages

The 491 visa offers several advantages to individuals who are granted the visa:

  1. Regional Opportunity:
  2. The Subclass 491 visa provides you opportunity to live and work in designated regional areas of Australia. These areas often have lower population densities.

  3. Pathway to Permanent Residency:
  4. The 491 visa holder, can apply for Australia PR through the Skilled Regional (Permanent) visa subclass 191 after working and living in a regional area for a specified period (3 years).

  5. Priority Processing:
  6. The 491 visa applications are getting priority in processing, which means Faster processing time & shorter waiting period compared to some other visa categories.

  7. Travel Flexibility:
  8. The Subclass 491 allows multiple entries and exits from Australia during its validity period, providing flexibility for travel and visits to other countries.

  9. Access to Medicare:
  10. The Subclass 491 Visa holders are eligible to enrol in Australia's public healthcare system, known as Medicare, which provides access to medical services and subsidized medications.

  11. Study and Education:
  12. The 491 visa Australia holders & their family members can pursue studies in Australia as a Domestic students and may eligible for scholarships offered specifically to regional students.

491 visa Australia processing time

The processing time for subclass 491 visa can vary depending on various factors such as

  1. the quality of your application,
  2. the complexity of your case, and
  3. the number of applications being processed by DHA at the time of your application.

The current processing time for subclass 491 visa is estimated to be between 5 months

However, it's important to note that 491 visa Australia processing time is subject to change without prior notification, and it's recommended you to check with our Australia PR visa consultant or the Department of Home Affairs website for the most up-to-date information.

491 visa Australia cost

The cost of 491 visa Australia varies depending on several factors, such as the applicant's age, the number of dependents included in the application, and the location of the sponsoring region. The cost of the Subclass 491 visa for primary applicants is AUD 4,240.

Additionally, there are also fee associated with subclass 491 including medical exams, PCC and English language proficiency exam fee, please find the below in detail.

Please find current 491 visa Australia cost

Factors Fee
Base application charge AUD 4,640
Additional applicant charge 18 and over AUD 2,320
Additional applicant charge under 18 AUD 1,160
Other fee
Skill assessment fee AUD 500 - 1000
IELTS examination cost Rs. 15,500
MEDICAL exam cost Rs. 5000

Please note Department of Home Affairs Australia (DHA) has the right to revise the visa subclass 491 cost at any point in time

491 visa latest news

The 491 visa was introduced in November 2019 as a replacement for the previous 489 visa. It is designed to encourage skilled migrants to settle in regional areas of Australia.

The 491 visa latest news depend upon the state you are considering to apply for specifically related to the 491 visa in Australia.

To stay informed about The 491 visa latest news or developments. I recommend checking the official website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs. or you can also consultant with our Australian visa consultants on 750 383 2132. we provide up-to-date information on 491 visa latest news, changes in requirements, and any recent announcements or updates related to immigration policies in Australia.

491 visa occupation list

The 491 visa occupation list or occupation list associated with the 491 visa in Australia can vary depending on the state or territory requirements or priority. It mean each Australian state or territory may have its own specific list of occupations (491 visa occupation list) depend upon the demand for their region or labour market.

In addition, there are two occupation lists for the 491 visa:

  1. Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL):
  2. This list includes occupations that are in high demand across various regions in Australia. If your occupation is on the MLTSSL, you may be eligible for state or territory sponsorship for the 491 visa.

  3. Regional Occupation List (ROL):
  4. This list comprises occupations that are specifically in demand in regional areas of Australia. If your occupation is on the ROL, it may increase your chances of obtaining state or territory sponsorship for the 491 visa.

It's worth to note that the 491 visa occupation list periodically updated by the Department of home affairs Australia as per Australian state or territory regional employers requirements. So It's advisable to consult registered migration agent on 750 383 2132, for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the occupation lists associated with the 491 visa in Australia.

Who can apply for 491 visa Australia

The 491 visa requirements refer, eligibility criteria’s to apply for Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491). Individuals who are meeting 491 visa requirements, can apply for this visa,

To apply for the 491 visa Australia, applicants must also meet the below requirements,

  1. Occupation in demand:
  2. Your occupation must be listed or in demand in the relevant skilled occupation list in Australia. Nearly 77 occupation are eligible to apply for 491 visa Australia. Check is your occupations is listed in the Regional occupation list Australia to apply for 491 visa Australia

  3. Age:
  4. You must be under a certain age limit, usually below 45 years old at the time of invitation.

  5. Points Test:
  6. To be eligible for Australia 491 visa, you must score at least 65 points on the points test. However you will get additional 15 points once you get nominated by designated regional area of Australia. Calculate your Australia PR points by using Australia PR Points calculator

  7. Skills Assessment:
  8. You must have a positive skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation (ANZSCO code)

  9. English Language Proficiency:
  10. You must demonstrate your English language proficiency by achieving the required score on an approved English language test, such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

  11. Be nominated or sponsored:
  12. Be nominated by an Australian designated regional areas or sponsored by an eligible family member who lives in a designated regional area of Australia.

  13. Health & character requirements:
  14. You must meet health and character requirements.

There may be additional requirements for 491 visa Australia, depending on your specific circumstances. It's important to carefully review the eligibility criteria and seek professional advice if necessary before applying for the visa.

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How to Apply for 491 visa Australia from India

To apply for a 491 visa in Australia from India, follow below steps:

  1. Check Eligibility:
  2. Please make sure that you are meeting eligibility criteria for the 491 visa, including ANZSCO Code requirements, age limits, points test, English language proficiency, and other relevant criteria.

  3. Skill assessment:
  4. You need to undergo a skills assessment with a relevant assessing authority. The assessing authority will depend on your occupation to which you are applying. The skills assessment will evaluate your qualifications, skills, and work experience to ensure they meet the standards required for your nominated occupation.

  5. Gather your documents:
  6. Collect all the necessary supporting documents to support your 491 visa application, including proof of employment, skills assessment, and English language proficiency etc.

  7. Expression of Interest (EOI):
  8. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the Skill Select system, which will assess your points score and rank you against other candidates.

  9. Apply for Nomination:
  10. Once you are in the pool, your profile will be accessible by DHA Australia and regional nomination bodies if you are nominated by a designated regional area. It is mandatory for the applicant, and all family members to live, work and study in only certain areas of Australia.

  11. Invitation to Apply:
  12. If you receive an invitation to apply for the visa, you will need to submit a formal application and provide supporting documents, such as educational and employment certificates, police clearance, and health examination. If your application is approved, you will be granted a provisional visa, which allows you to live and work in a regional area of Australia for up to 5 years.

    After you have lived in the regional area for at least 3 years and worked for at least 1 year, you may be eligible to apply for a permanent residency visa.

It is important to note that the visa process and requirements may change over time, so it is advisable to check the latest information from the Department of Home Affairs website or consult with a registered migration agent.

491 visa Points calculator

The Australia visa subclass 491 is a point-based visa, and the minimum points required to be eligible for visa subclass 491 is 65. The points calculator for the 491 visa is an assessment tool used to determine your eligibility based on various factors such as age, qualification, work experience, English language proficiency, partner skills, state/ regional nomination etc.

To check how many points can be awarded through Australia visa Subclass 491. Use Australia PR Points calculator.


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