Canada spouse visa

Canada spouse visa

Family unification has been an integral part of Canada’s immigration policy, and we at Aptech Visa have helped thousands of families reunite with their loved and dear ones in quickest and easiest way possible. We’ve helped more spousal visa applicants than any law firm has.

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Benefits of Canada Spouse visa:

  1. No IELTS requirement.
  2. No Education & Points system applicable.
  3. Live, work and study & conduct business in Canada indefinitely.
  4. Sponsor eligible family members to come to Canada.
  5. Apply for Canadian Citizenship if eligible.
  6. Enrol in Canada's public healthcare scheme.

Canada Spouse visa Requirements

To sponsor your spouse in Canada, you need to meet the requirements of a spouse visa in Canada. You can sponsor your spouse, partner or dependent child if:

  • Age:
    To sponsor your spouse in Canada, you must be age 18 years or older

  • Visa Status:
    If you are a Canada PR holder and want to sponsor your spouse in Canada, you must be in Canada during and till the Canada spouse visa outcome.

  • Social Assistance:
    The sponsor Must not be receiving social assistance for reasons other than a disability.

  • Income requirement:
    To support the Canada Spouse visa, you need to show, you have sufficient funds to support it.

  • Financial undertaking:
    The sponsor must promise to take care of your spouse for some time financially. This time is known as promise an undertaking, and this duration is known as “length of the undertaking”.
    Please note you need to provide a certain years of length undertaking to support a Canada spouse visa.

  • Genuine Relationship:
    You need to prove that you have a genuine and continuing relationship with your spouse

  • Marital status:
    You must be legally married to the spouse. Please Citizenship immigration Canada no longer recognizes marriages performed outside of Canada by proxy.

You may not be able to sponsor if you

Check Your Spouse Visa Eligibility

  1. If you have already signed an undertaking for a previous spouse or partner and it hasn’t been three years since they became a permanent resident.
  2. Previously supported someone and did not pay back any social assistance.
  3. Default on an immigration loan or a performance bond.
  4. Have declared bankruptcy which has not been discharged.
  5. Were convicted of an offence of a sexual nature, a violent crime, an offence against a relative that caused bodily harm or threatened or attempted to commit any of the above offences—depending on the nature of the offence, how long ago it happened and if you received a pardon.

Canada Spouse visa Process

There are five steps you need to take to sponsor your spouse, partner, or child.

  • Check your eligibility:
    if you want to apply for a Canada spouse visa, it is essential to determine whether you meet Canada spouse visa prerequisites or not and check who can be a sponsor? Who can be sponsored?

  • Gather your documents:
    To apply for a Canada spouse visa, you must prepare the required documents carefully. You should take the time to ensure your documents & application file is professionally presented, descriptive and provides assessors with a comprehensive reflection of your purpose of application.
    Your application will be refused/rejected if you submit applications with missing, incomplete, or unsigned forms and documents.

  • Apply for a Canada Spouse visa:
    To apply for a Canada spouse visa, you need to pay the correct visa fee; once you submit your application, the CIC office will assess your Canada spouse visa application as per current law. If your application is found to be incomplete or fees are missing application will be returned.
    If your application is found complete, you will receive AOR, and the CIC office will put your application in the queue for processing,

    Further, you will receive the requirement of
    1. Biometric
    2. Medical
    3. Police clearance

  • Interview:
    The most crucial part of a Canadian spouse visa is an Interview; CIC Canada conducts an interview either individually or by phone. The interview is designed to probe each person’s knowledge about the relationship and his/her partner to help determine whether a relationship is genuine.
    Undoubtedly, one of the most problematic parts of the process is an interview. As Consultants, we prepare professional application files and do a practical mock test with the applicant for the Visa interview questions. For more detail contact us
  • Please visit the Canada spouse visa documents checklist to find a sample list of some of the potential Canada spouse visa interview questions click here

  • Canada spouse visa outcome:
    Once your application is approved, you need to visit near VAC to submit your passport to get a stamp Canada spouse visa on your passport.
    Now you can travel to Canada to stay with your loved one.
  • Please carry certain documents before flying to Canada, call our expert form detail information.

Canada spouse visa processing time

The processing time for Canada spouse visa is between 10-12 months. If your application is complex it may take a longer time than the usual one.

Canada spouse visa processing time is also based on:

  1. Have you submitted a complete application? Have you paid the correct fee?
  2. How quickly you supply ADR to CIC?
  3. How easily CIC Canada can verify your Canada spouse visa application information?
  4. How long do you take to respond to any requests or concerns?
  5. Other factors.

How much does it cost to sponsor a spouse in Canada?

The Canada spouse visa fee will vary depending on how many dependents you wish to sponsor. You can pay your fees through different mode depending on where you are paying from.

Fee in CAD $
CIC charges for Canada Spouse visa fee
Sponsor your spouse or partner
Sponsorship fee ($75), principal applicant processing fee ($475) and right of permanent residence fee ($500)
Sponsor a dependent child
Sponsorship fee ($75) and processing fee ($75)
Include any dependent child with spouse
Sponsorship fee ($75), principal applicant processing fee ($475) and right of permanent residence fee ($490), Sponsorship fee ($75) and processing fee ($75)
Biometrics (if required) – Fees
Biometrics – per person 85
Biometrics – family (2 or more) 170
Medical Fee
Medical fee– per person Rs.5000
Police certificate fee
Police certificate – per documents Rs.1000

Canada Spouse visa Documents checklist

Document requirements for a Canada spouse visa depend upon the applicant and sponsor’s personal circumstances. However, there are standard documents that need to be submitted with each application.

To complete the Canada spouse visa process, the petitioner must submit a signed application form with the proper fee & all required documentation in the appropriate format,

To apply for a Canada Spouse visa, you need to provide the following documents, including:

  1. A copy of your civil marriage certificate
  2. Passport style photographs
  3. Evidence of all legal name changes for you and/or your spouse
  4. A copy of your birth certificate
  5. A copy of your valid passport
  6. A copy of your financial documents
  7. Original sponsorship letter
  8. Police clearance certificate (if applicable)
  9. Prior-marriage termination papers, if applicable
  10. Court, police, and prison records, if applicable
  11. Immigration violation records, if applicable
  12. Bank statement
  13. Address proof
  14. Interview preparation

The above documents are required for each of the most common cases and must be submitted to CIC. To know the personalized Canada spouse visa documents checklist, please contact our Canada spouse visa expert now.

Please make sure you must provide all complete signed forms & documents which suit best according to your circumstances.

Important- It is advised you provide accurate, authentic documents. Providing false or misleading, bogus documents or information intentionally or unintentionally is a severe offence. Your Canada spouse visa application will be refused, and you might be banned to apply for any visa for ten years.

Canada Spouse visa interview questions

It is tough to predict what questions will be ask in the Canada spouse visa application interview; however, please find the most common questions you may face at the time of the interview.

  1. When & where did you meet?
  2. When did you fall in love with your partner?
  3. What did you find attractive about your partner at first?
  4. What’s the last thing each of you gave the other as a gift?
  5. When did you officially become engaged?
  6. Date & Place of marriage
  7. What will you do when you come to Canada?
  8. Does your partner have a degree? If so, what type and from what school?
  9. Where do you go out to visit when you go out together?
  10. What’s the last film you saw together with your partner?

Not sure if you’re eligible to sponsor your Spouse for a spouse visa? You can get professional consultation through Aptech Visa Expert; we can guide you through every milestone of the family sponsorship process, starting with your counselling to the finish line. Learn more, or get started today.

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