New Zealand Spouse visa

The New Zealand partner visa helps to reunite families in New Zealand by granting residence to the family members of New Zealand citizens and residents. If you’re the partner of a New Zealand citizen or resident visa holder, you can apply New Zealand spouse visa to live in New Zealand permanently.

New Zealand spouse allow your partner or loved ones to live, work and study in New Zealand indefinitely.

Benefits of New Zealand Partner visa

  • No age limit to apply for New Zealand spouse visa.
  • No IELTS score requirements.
  • No points system & no qualification requirements.
  • You can live, work, study & do business in New Zealand.
  • Avail health, Medicare and social security benefits.

New Zealand partner visa requirements / Eligibility

To apply for New Zealand spouse visa you & partner must meet following requirements

  • Age:
    You and your sponsor partner must be 18 years or older at the time of applying New Zealand Partner visa.
  • Partnership requirements:
    You must be able to prove that your relationship is genuine, stable and you have spent time together before applying your New Zealand partner visa.
    New Zealand immigration officer assess your partnership on the following facts
    How long you’ve been together?
    How long you've been living together as a couple?
    Whether you support each other financially
    How you share financial responsibilities?
    How committed you are to a life together?
    Whether you own property together and/or share your property
    Any children you have together, including your arrangements for their care
    Whether you share common household tasks
    Whether other people recognise your relationship
  • Have eligible sponsor:
    Your partner must have eligible sponsor in the New Zealand,
  • Other requirements to apply New Zealand partner visa:
    To be grantNew Zealand partner visa you and your partner both need to prove that you:
  • Good health:

1. Your partner & you must be of good health.

2. You both must be of good character.

3. Your partner must be New Zealand Citizen or resident.

4. Your partner must be eligible to support your application.

5. You and your partner must have been living together in a genuine and stable relationship for 12 months or more before applying NZ spouse visa.

6. Are both aged 18 years and older at the time of marriage.

7. Know & Met each other prior to your application being made, and

8. Are not close relatives according to Schedule 2 of the Marriage Act 1955 or Schedule 2 of the Civil Union Act 2004, New Zealand.

How New Zealand immigration assesses partnership is genuine or not?

New Zealand immigration assess partnership requirements, on the based the following factors like:-

  • how long you’ve been together
  • how long you've been living together as a couple
  • your living arrangements
  • whether you support each other financially
  • how you share financial responsibilities
  • how committed you are to a life together
  • whether you share common household tasks
  • whether you own property together and/or share your property

How to apply for New Zealand Spouse visa from India/ Zealand Spouse visa process steps

  • Step one:
    You need to submit an Expression of Interest, EOI is electronic pool where you need to share all detail such as your health, character, age, English language ability, as well as what are the specific requirements of the spouse visa category along with correct fee.
    Please note: NZ EOI fee is not refundable, if you don’t get selection in the pool. How to increase your chances to get invitation from New Zealand EOI click here
  • Step two:
    Immigration New Zealand selects Expressions of Interest periodically and selects those who meet all the criteria as set out for New Zealand spouse residence visa. Please make sure EOI is valid for an extended period of time.
    Make sure your New Zealand EOI must be updated, If any information is found to be false or misleading, your application will be declined and will be charged penalty for this offence, it is a fine of up to NZ$100,000 and/or a term of imprisonment of up to seven years.
  • Step three:
    New Zealand invites you to apply for resident visa, you will have limited time to submit your application with all the necessary documentation to support your case & relevant immigration fee click here to know fee in detail.
    Please note documents requirement may case specific or may depend upon case circumstances. Download New Zealand spouse visa documents checklist
  • Step four:
    Once you submit your application with relevant documents and fee, Immigration New Zealand starts assessing your application for residence against residence instructions.
    And also verify the documents through third party. If you are able to demonstrate that you are meeting the prerequisites the defined category, you may have your application approved in principle, then you will need to submit your passport to Immigration New Zealand and start Preparation to Fly New Zealand with pre-defined deadline.

Partner of a New Zealander Resident Visa fee & Processing time

New Zealand spouse visa fee / charges depends upon the location where you are applying from and it also depend on how you are applying i.e. through which mode of application (paper based application or online). Standard processing time for New Zealand resident visa is 10 months.

Please note Immigration New Zealand does not refund application costs if your application get decline or rejected due to any reason. Immigration New Zealand accept fee through online by Visa, Mastercard credit card or UnionPay ( only New Zealand or Australian residence or citizens)

S. N. Type of Application Fee in NZD $
1 Partner resident visa 2250

How long does it take to get a New Zealand spouse visa?

New Zealand spouse visa processing time:

New Zealand spouse visa processing standard time is 8-10 month, 90% of applications are currently completed within this time. However it may depend upon

  • Quality of documents
  • ADR response time
  • Location from where you are applying
  • Number of application already in queue.

Documents requirements for New Zealand spouse / partner visa

As a visa applicant, you must provide true information & genuine documents with your New Zealand spouse visa application. Please make sure you have all Non-English documents translated into English. Documents must be clear & colour copy of original documents.

Please note:- provide bogus documents or false and misleading information intentionally or unintentionally is crime, your application will not only refuse but it may also lead to ban from applying for any type of application for ten years.

Please find New Zealand spouse visa documents checklist

  • Passport:
    You must provide the personal details page of your most recent passport. This page must show your signature.
  • Marriage certificate:
    To prove your marital status, you must have registered marriage certificate issued by registrar office, please note certificate issued by trust, gurudwara are not acceptable.
  • Photograph:
    You must provide a colour, passport size (35x45 mm with white background) photograph.
  • Character documents:
    You need to provide police certificate from your home country or the country where you spent a total of 12 months.
  • Your relationship with your partner
    You need to show that you are in a continuing relationship with your sponsor/ spouse. You can provide following supporting documents .
    If you are married, provide your marriage certificate.
    Other supportive documents such as you have a mutual commitment with your spouse,
    To prove your relationship you can show below mentioned documents as your additional documents.
  • Finances:- You can show how you and your partner share financial matters

    Your household:- provide evidence how you and your partner share domestic matters.

    Commitment:- Prove how you are committed to a long-term relationship with each other

    Social matters:- Show evidence that others know about your relationship.

  • Qualification Documents:
    Well qualification is an additional supportive document it is not a part of compulsory list, however it is being advised please do submit all qualification documents to create positive image of your application.
  • New Zealand Partner Documents :
    To become sponsor of your partner you must provide below documents
    ID proof
    Address proof
    Proof of residence / PR card / Citizenship
    Financial documents such as bank statement/ Tax return /
    Utility bills:- electricity bills / gas bills
    Character certificate

Please note above listed documents are standard, few documents may vary from case to case, to know more about case specific documents requirement please coordinate with our New Zealand Partner visa experts.

New Zealand Spouse visa FAQ

Yes, for the New Zealand spouse Visa, the spouse/partner is required to have the IELTS with minimum score in order to be eligible for the New Zealand spouse visa and permanent residency in New Zealand.
The cost for the New Zealand partner visa is $ 2,250 which is non-refundable. If the applicant is applying for the partner visa NZ through the online mode then the payment can be done by the credit card or the debit card.
The application for the New Zealand spouse visa can take up to the time period of 12 months. 90% applications are processed within the time frame of 12 months.
Yes, the couple applying for the New Zealand partner visa must provide the evidence in terms of document proving that you still share a genuine and stable relationship and stay together in the current time. Some of the documents to provide are listed below.
  • Marriage certificate/Civil Union certificate
  • Recognition of your relationships
  • Birth Certificates of any children that you have
  • Joint bank accounts
  • Proof of mail address to show that you both live at the same place
  • Joint utility bills/ joined credit cards /joint purchases/ Joint assets
  • Photos of the couple together
The applicant does not have to provide every document showcasing their relationship but more documents consolidate you approval for the New Zealand partner visa.
Yes, you have to live together to qualify for the NZ partnership visa. In case due to some reason you and your partner have spent time apart after the relationship, then you are liable to answer the questions which are as follows.
  • The reasons which were responsible for the decision to live apart
  • The duration for which you stayed away from each other
  • How you both maintained a communication with each other while your separation.
Yes, under the de facto relationship, you can bring your girlfriend in New Zealand with the New Zealand partner visa. You both must fulfill all the requirements of the de facto relationship.
As the New Zealand immigration authorities “A de facto relationship is between two people who usually live together as a couple, like a marriage or civil union. They are not married or in a civil union with each other”
The requirements for the New Zealand partnership visa are as follows:
  • Both the partners must be above the age of 18 years (parents’ consent in case the applicants are 16 or 17 years aged)
  • They must have been in the relationship before applying for the New Zealand partnership Visa
  • They both should not be close relatives.
  • Their relationship must be genuine and stable
  • They must share accommodation on holidays
  • They must provide Civil Union certificates/ Marriage certificates
  • Joint Bank statements
  • Joint Rental agreement
  • Birth Certificates of any children that they both have
  • Photos showing both the partners together
  • Other evidences in terms of documents to prove that you share a harmonious relationship with each other


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