Australia Tourist/Visitor Visa from India

Australian Tourist visa or Australian visitor visa is a temporary visa issued by the Department of Home affairs, Australia to Non-Australian citizens to:

  • Visit their family members, friends or relatives who are based in Australia
  • Visit Australia as a tourist, other than work or medical treatment.

The question which comes to mind is ‘how long can I stay in Australia with the tourist visa?’

Generally, Australia Tourist/ Visitor visa grants a stay period of 3 months but you can get a stay of up to 12 months with the Australia Tourist/Visitor Visa in certain circumstances. Australia Tourist/Visitor visa can be single entry or multiple entries. It entirely depends upon the purpose of the visit of the applicant.

Even based on your Australian tourist/ visitor visa, you have the right to study or get trained for up to 3 months.

Please note- Australia government may grant Australia Tourist/ Visitor visa to an applicant for up to 5 years where if you are the parent of Australia PR holders or citizens.

An Australian Tourist visa will be issued only if you,

  • intend to come to Australia for visit purposes
  • have enough funds to stay in Australia and travel in Australia
  • not to get involved in any job or business in Australia

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Australia Tourist / Visitor Visa Requirements

There are no specific criteria for Australian Tourist Visa however, meeting the below requirements will increase your chances of getting approval for an Australia Tourist/Visitor Visa.

  • Be a genuine visitor
    While an Australia visa officer assesses your Australian Tourist/Visitor Visa application, they will check whether you are a genuine visitor. You will stay temporarily in Australia or intend to live or work in Australia. So always prepare your Australia tourist visa file in a way that proves your purpose is only to visit Australia for a short period before the expiry of the visa; you will leave Australia.
  • Have enough money
    Have sufficient money in your account to play an essential role in the Australian tourist/ visitor visa decision-making. So it is always advisable to keep maintaining sufficient funds or money to support your travel expenses.
  • Have health insurance
    Although, it is not mandatory requirement to have Health insurance, we recommend you take out health insurance to cover any unforeseen medical treatment.
  • Good Health
    You may have health examinations to prove your health condition, and if you are suffering from any of the diseases, you will not be permitted to enter Australia.
    1. Tuberculosis
    2. HIV / AIDS
    3. Cancer

    Other essential requirements for an Australian tourist visa application:

    1. Home Attachment
    2. Fixed annual Income
    3. Invitations from Australia will add an advantage
    4. Flight tickets
    5. NOC

How to apply Australia Tourist/ Visitor Visa?

To apply for an Australian Tourist / Visitor visa, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Step 1 Gather your documents
    The first step towards Australia tourist visa/ Australia visitor visa is documents preparation. So gather required supportive documents as per the Australia tourist visa document checklist. Kindly note that all the documents must be translated into English. Also the clarity of the scanned documents and photos must be legible and up to the standards.

  • Step 2 Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa
    Once you prepare all the required documents, the most crucial part is selecting the appropriate Australian tourist/ visitor visa subclass. The type of Australian tourist visa subclass depends upon the purpose you would like to be served.
    Australia has the following major subclass to apply for Australia Tourist / Visitor visas.
    1. Australia Tourist / Visitor visa (subclass 600);
    2. Electronic Travel Authority visa (subclass 601); and
    3. E- Visitor (subclass 651)

    After you choose the correct visa subclass, you can apply for your Australia Tourist visa by following the steps:

    1. Create or log in to an/the ‘ImmiAccount’ profile;
    2. Attach Australia tourist/visitor visa application Form 1419;
    3. Submit your supportive documents; and
    4. Pay Application fee

  • Step 3 Visa outcomes
    Once, a decision is made on your Australia Tourist/ visitor visa application, the DHA will inform you. Department of Home affairs, Australia also has the authority to ask for any other documents pertaining to the,
    1. Biometrics, or
    2. Health examinations

    Once your Australia tourist visa application is approved, you will receive your visa grant number and the date your visa starts from.

    If your Australia Tourist/ Visitor visa application is refused, DHA would intimate you in written. You will also be conveyed whether you can appeal or review the visa decision.

Australian Tourist Visa Documents Checklist

Below you can find the documents that you are required to submit to apply for an Australian Tourist/ Visitor Visa:

  • Personal Documents
    To apply for an Australian tourist / visitor visa, you need the following personal documents:
    1. An original passport with a strict 6 months validity;
    2. 2 passport-size photographs;
    3. Any national ID proof;
    4. A copy of your PAN Card or Aadhar Card;
    5. Marriage Certificate (if applicable); and
    6. Date of Birth certificate
  • Financial Statement
    To prove you have sufficient money/funds to support your trip, you must provide your bank account's six months bank statement.
  • Income Tax Return
    You need to provide your last three financial years filed Income Tax Returns (ITR).
  • Accommodation details
    You need to provide accommodation details in Australia if you are applying for an Australia tourist visa. Itinerary detail, and if you are filing visitor visa, then the fact of your relative/ friend where you will be staying.
  • Cover letter
    An attractive cover letter containing all the details regarding your purpose of visit to Australia such as passport, travel details, and details of the person who will bear all your expenses while you are in Australia based on an Australia tourist visa.
  • Invitation letter
    If your family members/blood relatives/friends are sponsoring you then it is requisite to attach their details such as Initiation letter, Residence proof, utility bills, etc.
  • Other documents you may need for Australia visitor visa are given below:

    1. Travel insurance;
    2. Reservations i.e. flight tickets;
    3. Hotel booking confirmation;
    4. Home attachment;
    5. Proof of being a genuine visitor; and
    6. NOC code Employers

Please note- You must translate all required documents in English. Please note that the documents required may vary from case to case. It depends upon the applicant’s personal circumstances.

Australian Tourist Visa Processing Cost

To apply for an Australia tourist/ visitor visa, you need to pay Australia tourist/ visitor visa cost.

Australian tourist visa cost is AUD 145 for each applicant.

You also have chances to process your Australia visa application in a fast track way where you will get a decision within two days.

Australian Tourist visa fast track cost is AUD 1000 for each applicant in addition to the Australia tourist visa application fee.

  • How to pay Australian Tourist Visa Cost?
    You can use any one of the following ways to pay Australian tourist visa fee:
    1. Credit Card;
    2. PayPal;
    3. UnionPay; or
    4. BPAY

    If you are paying through a credit card, the following credit cards will be acceptable:

    1. MasterCard;
    2. VISA;
    3. American Express (AMEX);
    4. Diners Club; and
    5. JCB

    Please note that a surcharge is also applicable if you are using a credit card.

Australia Tourist / Visitor Visa Processing time

Australia tourist/ visitor visa processing time varies from case to case. Providing correct information and complete set of documents not only speed up your Australia tourist visa application decision but also increases the chances of approval.

Please find below the current processing time for Australia tourist/ visitor visa application.

  1. 75% of applications in 3 months
  2. 90% of applications in 7 months

Australian tourist/visitor visa may take a longer time on the basis of the below given conditions:

  1. If the application forms are filled incorrectly;
  2. If you do not respond quickly on ADR from DHA;
  3. If verification takes time; and
  4. If the required fee is paid or not

How much bank balance is required for an Australian Tourist Visa?

To apply for Australia tourist visa application, you need to show certain funds to support your application. Funds requirements depend upon the number of applicants and the intended duration of the visit.

For a single applicant - AUD$1,000-1,200 if you apply to stay for one month

For a couple of applicants - AUD$1,500-1,800 if you apply to stay for one month

For each additional applicant you are required to pay AUD$ 500.

Kindly note- Providing proof of required funds is not enough; you are also required to provide maintenance proof for a minimum of 3 months.

Who can sponsor a Tourist Visa in Australia?

If you plan to visit your family, friends in Australia, then you need a sponsor. The sponsor must be residing in Australia at the time of sponsoring.

If you plan to explore Australia as a tourist.