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Canada Express Entry is a pathway to build a new life. Do you want to become successful, like thousands of other contemporaries and skilled migrants who have already migrated to Canada?
Express Entry can help you get to Canada faster. Canada’s Express Entry is a ‘system that’s fast and connects foreign skilled worker to the labour market so they can contribute towards the growing economy and also realize their dreams and full fill their potential upon arrival in Canada.

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Express Entry is a pathway to apply for Canada Permanent Residency Visa for skilled workers in Canada or overseas. Potential Express Entry Candidates or employer, who is interested to settle down in Canada, can submit their application.

Do you wish to settle in Canada permanently and take part in their economy? Apply Now

Benefits of Canada Express Entry:-

  • Express entry will allow to Provinces, Territories and employers to recruit foreign skilled workers directly.
  • Express entry will allow for more recruitment possibilities for prospective foreign skilled migrants prior to arrival Canada.
  • 80% of cases from receipt of complete application for permanent residence to final decision made within 6 months.
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Canada Express Entry Process Step by Step

Now you know what is express entry for canada? If you are expressing your interest to work & settle in Canada as a skilled Worker then Follow the Below Steps:-


Potential candidates who are interested in coming to Canada fill out an Express Entry profile. Eligible candidates are placed in the Express Entry pool and will be ranked in the Express entry pool, on the basis on their skills and experience.

WARNING : If CIC at any stage find out that you have mentioned false or fabricated information and have left unsaid the important details, CIC could reject your visa application.


Top-ranking candidates in the Express entry pool are invited to submit an application for permanent residence visa. The cut-off scores for each round of invitations can find here.

Important Note:-

Congratulations! On receiving invitation to apply but your work is not over yet, in this stage you have to gather all the necessary documents like medical and PCC certificates within the stipulated time period.
You must submit documents carefully to avoid any requirement from the Canadian immigration department. It is better to triple-check the documents before submitting to avoid any Canada pr processing delays.

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What is Canada Express Entry Points System?

To apply for Canada Express Entry program an applicant needs to score minimum CRS points which make them eligible for invitation to apply for Canada Permanent Residency Visa. The points are calculated on the bases of age, work experience, skills, education, language proficiency, and other factors. The applicants with highest immigration points are invited to apply for Canada PR from the Express Entry pool. The aimed of the Canada immigration authority is to select the most deserving candidate to contribute to the economy of Canada.

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