• Permanently


  • C$ 300 – 1500

Processing Time

  • 12-14 months

With this visa you can

  • Live, work, and study in the nominated province of Canada
  • Include dependent children, aged 22 and under, in your visa application.
  • Sponsor your loved ones


  • Canada PNP eligibility vary province to province

Canada Provincial Nominee Program

Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is another way/ option to apply to Canada PR. If you are a skilled foreign worker and want to immigrate to Canada but not have a good CRS score in the Express Entry Pool, don’t worry; you have another way to settle in Canada through Canada PNP.

Canada has ten provinces and three territories; each province and territory has its own Canada PNP streams & their criteria’s. so chose most suitable Canada PNP where you have the interest to settle and check are you meeting Canada PNP stream criteria’s.

Canada PNP Free Assessment Form

Canada PNP Program

Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) benefits:

Canada PNP having their own benefits please find some of important benefits below.

  1. No need to file Express Entry
  2. No war for Highest CRS score
  3. You can apply Canada PNP till the age of 55 years
  4. You can be eligible for Canada PNP on 4.5 IELTS score

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Canada PNP Program:

Choose a province or territory where you want to settle. To be nominated by a province or territory, you need to meet Canada PNP streams criteria’s.

How to Apply Canada PNP

Canada PNP is a two-step process

  • Step 1 : Check Canada PNP Eligibility:
    First, are you meeting Canada PNP eligibility requirements of the intended Canada PNP in term of the Canada PNP occupation list, Points, English Language requirements, the labour market needs and if any specific requirements such as job offer letter or qualification from the intended province.

    To know more about Canada PNP fee & criteria, kindly visit the particular Canada PNP program.

    Once you are sure that you are qualifying province or territory nomination criteria’s now you can apply for Canada PNP application by Paying a PNP fee; Canada PNP authority will review your application based on:

    Province or territory labour market needs
    if you really plan to live in there.

  • Step 2: Apply Canada PR:

    Once your Canada Province/territory nomination approved now you get an additional 600 CRS score, you will get ITA from CIC Canada.

    Post receiving your ITA, apply for your Canada PR visa application with Citizenship immigration by paying the PR application fee; your application will be assessed as per current immigration law. Once receive your Canada PR now you can FLY to Canada.

Which Canada PNP is open now

Please find Canada PNP names that are accepting applications or the Canada PNP that are open now.

Canada PNP Canada PNP stream PNP status Number of Invitation Date
Ontario PNP Human Capital Priority Stream Open 502 Jan 12, 2022
French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream Open 162 Oct 07, 2021
Alberta PNP Alberta PNP – Express entry Stream Open 250 Jan 05, 2022
Saskatchewan PNP Saskatchewan PNP – Express entry & OID stream Open 104 Jan 12, 2022
Manitoba PNP Skilled Worker in Manitoba Open 357 Jan 13, 2022
Skilled Worker Overseas Open 53 Jan 13, 2022
Nova Scotia PNP Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities Open Not published Oct 07, 2021
New Found land Labrador PNP NL Priority skill stream – In demand work Experience & Academic Closed Not applicable Jan 02, 2021
Prince Edward Island PNP PEI – Express Entry Stream Open 114 Dec 16, 2021

Canada PNP latest news

Saskatchewan PNP draw

104 Total Number Invitation

  • Date of Invitations to Apply : January 12, 2022
  • Score of Lowest Ranked Candidate to Apply : 68
  • img Learn more

Manitoba PNP draw

443 LAAs Of Expression Of Interest

  • Date of Draw : January 13, 2022
  • Skilled Worker in Manitoba Minimum score : 459
  • img Learn more

Prince Edward Island PNP draw

125 Number of Invitations

  • Invitation Date : 16 December, 2021
  • Minimum Point Threshold for Business Invitations : 67
  • img Learn more

British Columbia PNP draw

91 Number of Invitations

  • Date of Draw : January 18, 2022
  • Minimum Score : 80 | Category Tech Draw
  • img Learn more

Canada Express Entry draw

1036 Number of Invitations

  • Date of Draw : January 19, 2022
  • Minimum CRS Score : 745 | Pathway PNP
  • img Learn more

Alberta PNP draw

250 NOIs in Federal Express Entry Pool

  • Date of Draw : January 05, 2022
  • CRS score of the lowest-ranked candidate : 327
  • img Learn more

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