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Settle Permanently in Alberta

Alberta is a fantastic place to live, work, and create your future. Life in Alberta provide your lots of possibilities to build your career here. Living in Alberta is affordable.

Do you know Alberta is known as Canada's "Energy state," and the main industries are oil, Gas, Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism, and Telecommunications.

Are you Foreign Skilled worker & considering to settle in Alberta ? You made wonderful choice.

Why Alberta PNP

  1. Alberta offers the highest median income in Canada at $72,500.
  2. Each year more than 6,000 newcomers make Alberta their home.
  3. world-class education and health care system.
  4. World class universities and colleges in the Alberta
  5. Affordable housing
  6. Higher income
  7. Free child care
  8. Health care benefits

What occupations are in high demand in Alberta

Want to know what occupations are high demand in Alberta for the next few years, Please find Alberta occupation list 2023 - 2024

Alberta is having 3 demand list

  1. High Demand occupation in Alberta
  2. There are 46 occupations that are highly in demand, If your occupation falls under high demand occupation list Alberta, you will get priority in selection, even you don’t required any job offer letter

  3. Medium demand occupation in Alberta
  4. Under the medium demand occupation list have 197 Occupation, if Occupations listed under medium demand occupation list, they Must demonstrate strong connection in Alberta.

  5. Accelerated Tech Pathway occupations:
  6. If your occupation falls under Accelerated Tech Pathway occupations you must have job letter from Alberta employer

Check is your occupation listed in the demand list of Alberta / Alberta Occupations Demand list:

Alberta Occupation Demand List

How to Immigrate Alberta from India

To immigrate Alberta there are various streams, or programs known as Alberta PNP streams. You have two way to Get start

First start with your planning and begin exploring your options. Then learn how to make it happen, get involved in search, and plan for future, choose right PNP program then apply.


Second & smart, Simply call Aptech Visa Team to make it happen. We Evaluate the every possibility and It’s important to choose correct path that’s best for your profile. take your first step Apply your Alberta PNP Today

Alberta is a great place to live and work and where you can build your future. Please find the Alberta PNP programs below.

Alberta PNP Program:

  1. Alberta opportunity Stream
  2. Rural Renewal Stream
  3. Alberta Express Entry Stream
  • (A) Alberta opportunity Stream
  • Alberta opportunity stream is for those foreign skilled workers who are already working in Alberta and have a full-time job offer or employment contract from an Alberta employer in an eligible occupation.

  • (B) Rural Renewal Stream
  • This stream is for rural Alberta communities where population is less than 100,000. In this stream Alberta Communities collaborate Alberta PNP government, local employers, to recruit foreign skilled workers. These communities are known as designated communities.

  • (C) Alberta Express Entry Stream
  • The Alberta Express Entry Stream for those foreign skilled who are outside from Alberta and want to settle in Alberta

To apply for Alberta PNP Express Entry Stream, you must meet below requirements

  1. IELTS – General training 6 bands in each module or above
  2. Must score minimum 67/100 federal points.
  3. Applicant must have minimum 300 and CRS score in the Express Entry Pool.
  4. Sufficient funds to support yourself and your family in the Alberta
  5. Your profile must be in the Alberta occupation in demand list

How to get Priority in the Alberta PNP selection

Candidates who have demonstrated strong ties to Alberta or who can help support the government’s economic development and diversification priorities may be asked to submit an application.

How to demonstrate strong ties in Alberta province:

You can demonstrate strong connection in Alberta If you have friend/ family members in Alberta, or job offer letter or previous qualification or work Experience in Alberta

I am having strong ties in Alberta is that guarantee that I will get Alberta PNP.

If you have strong ties in Alberta, you may get priority, but it is not mandatory requirement to apply for Alberta Provincial Nomination program.

Which path is right for you?

Before you decide on your route, it’s a good idea to:

  • Identify the skills you already have.
  • Identifying your skills is really about knowing yourself. Moving Alberta is nice decision but before that you must make sure your skills or occupation must be in the demand in Alberta. This will help you figure out what kind of employments, Payout, and career & opportunities are available in Canada

  • Consider your options.
  • Alberta has number of streams to apply for Alberta PNP. This would be best if you consider the right choices of PNP stream, that not only getting PNP done, but also save your time and efforts.

    If you are not sure, then Aptech visa experts’ team is here to find the path that’s best for you.

  • Evaluate the possibilities.
  • We at Aptech visa Weigh the pros and cons of each PNP option. Chose the one that’s best for your situation. And proceed your PR visa.

Alberta PNP success Stories

alberta pnp stories

I was looking for best immigration consultant in Chennai India. And came to know about Aptech visa. While watching their testimonial videos I found my colleague video, Mr. Sudhakar about his PR visa processing experience. Then I decided to meet with Aptech visa Team.

I took flight to Delhi and have detailed meetings with them. My journey with Aptech visa was very smooth. All team is very supportive and knowledgeable. Special Thanks Yogesh Sir who really motivated and guided me in settling in the Alberta.

My advice to those new to Calgary? Don’t give up. The immigrant’s journey is tough but the challenges that we overcome leave us stronger, smarter and more resilient.

How to Alberta PNP from India?

To apply for Alberta PNP, one need to follow below steps:

  • Step 1: Check your eligibility:
  • it’s time to figure out how to make that move successfully. So before applying for Alberta PNP, check your eligibility and chances to getting succeed in the Alberta, here By this stage, our experts evaluate you profile in detail such as your NOC code, Alberta PNP points, how you will get priority in selection, job assistance services.

    Please note Alberta invites only those applicants who have higher chances to succeed in Alberta.

  • Step 2:
  • If you are eligible then now applicant must have an Express Entry profile to be considered eligible under Alberta Express Entry Stream. And applicant (you) must select Alberta as a Destination for settlement.

  • Step 3:
  • Once you Receive “notification of interest” (NOI) in your EE account then you can apply for Alberta PNP nomination with application fee $ 500.

    Post payment Alberta will verify all the given information and documents if everything found correct you will get Alberta PNP Nomination certificate

  • Step 4:
  • Post approval Nomination you will get additional 600 CRS in the Express entry account it will help you to get ITA.

How Aptech visa can help you to achieve what you want

The world has changed. Today, your career is the sum of all your education, skills and right advisor who can offer you good advice and best path for your future.

Getting what you want in life take planning Make the move, select a professional career advisor or visa consult that can help you to choose right pathway the best suit you

How to trust Aptech visa

  1. Watch our testimonials videos who applied through us. Watch their experience
  2. We are registered Pvt. Ltd. And serving our clients since 2011.
  3. Begin conversations, ask queries and a feel for who we are.

Give it a try. it’s time to figure out how to make that move successfully

Alberta PNP success Stories

I am Vipul, Originally from Bangalore India, I always wanted to settle in Canada. I applied my Alberta PNP through Aptech visa, my process took 14 months to land in Canada.

I must have to say that Aptech visa is indeed the best immigration consultant due to their brilliant knowledge & guidance.

alberta pnp stories

The advice that I would like to give to my fellow newcomers is to stay positive and work towards their goals. It is extremely important to learn from each experience you encounter.

Relocating to where the jobs are isn’t all that difficult in the earlier stages of settlement. For me continuous learning, adapting to the new culture while maintaining my own, and staying optimistic helped me succeed in building a new life in Calgary.

Alberta PNP Requirements

Once you decide to live in Alberta Canada, to achieve your goal, you must have paths, you need to figure out the best possible Alberta PNP program, and make sure you must meeting Alberta requirements listed below

Alberta PNP requirements or criteria’s:

  1. You must have an active Express Entry account with minimum 300 and above CRS score.
  2. your NOC code must be listed high occupation demand list or must supports Alberta’s economic development and diversification.
  3. You must have selected destination province Alberta in the Express Entry account.
  4. Your Federal score must be 67/100 and IELTS – General training not less than 6 bands in each.

Factors that increase your chances

Meeting one or more of the following adaptability factors may also increase your chances

  1. Valid 1 year full time job offer letter from Alberta
  2. Previous qualification from Alberta or Canadian post-secondary institute.
  3. If you have your blood relative in Alberta on the basis of PR visa or Citizenship
  4. French is your first language

Alberta PNP success Stories

I am Anmol from Mumbai India. I decided to move to Canada. After lot of my research, I chose to move to Calgary Alberta, because there were lots of job opportunities were in Alberta.

alberta pnp stories

The biggest challenge in moving to Alberta was finding right immigration consultant, one day was searching on net and came to know about Aptech Global Immigration services Pvt Ltd. (Aptech visa) but they did not have any branch in Mumbai.

However after seeing lots of positive feedback I decided Aptech visa is my consultant. Lot to say about my journey but I would say, if you guys get chance to meet Mr. Yogesh Shukla (Sr. Partner) he is full of knowledge, and very honest mentor and he helped me lot in settling in Alberta.

My advice for newcomers would be, don’t hesitate to contact and start their journey with Aptech Visa Team.

How to Calculate Alberta PNP Points or Alberta PNP Points Calculator?

Alberta PNP points based on the Federal skilled worker points system, mean FSW points system, applicants who are getting 67/100 points will be considered eligible to apply for Alberta PNP.

You can calculate your Alberta Points by using below Alberta PNP Points Calculator

Calculate Your Points!!

Alberta PNP points based on your Age, Qualification, Work Experience, communication skills, arranged employment and adaptability.

Age 12 Points
Education 25 Points
Work Experience 15 Points
Language proficiency 28 Points
Adaptability 10 Points
Arranged Employment 10 Points

To know more about Alberta PNP points please call us 7503832132 or you can also write us at

Alberta PNP draw

Alberta PNP Draw conducted regularly to invites candidates from the Express Entry pool. Alberta selects candidates form the Pool who is having 300 and above CRS score and having higher chances to settle in Alberta Please find the Alberta PNP latest draw below.

To know update on your Alberta PNP draw subscribe us.

Date of draw Number of Notification of Interest CRS of lowest ranked candidate who received a Notification of Interest letter
July 29, 2022 120 473
June 16, 2022 150 306
May 19, 2022 100 382
April 14, 2022 250 356
March 22, 2022 350 325
March 8, 2022 350 318
February 1, 2022 400 340
January 18, 2022 350 346
January 5, 2022 250 327

See Previous Alberta PNP Draw Click Here!!

Alberta PNP Nomination limit.

Alberta has limit of 6500 to nominate or issue NOI each year . This limit issued by CIC Canada. Do you know 6,084 nomination certificates have been issued so far in 2022. This was updated on Nov.2022.

Alberta PNP Processing times

The estimated processing times of the Alberta PNP depends upon the stream under which you’ve applied.

The processing time of Alberta PNP depends on a few factors like

  1. labour market need,
  2. Volume of applications received, and
  3. date of receiving the application.

Once a candidate becomes eligible and is approved by the Alberta authorities, they will get a nomination certificate. The whole process may take 4-6 months and vary from profile to profile.

Alberta PNP Application Processing times as of Dec, 2022

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