Saskatchewan Upcoming EOI Draw Forecast

The province of Saskatchewan has updated its Expression of Interest (EOI) pool selection schedule for its SINP express entry(EE) and Saskatchewan Occupations in Demand List. If you are already in the EOI pool with score little less than 68 points in OID stream, it is advisable to wait for the next SINP draw as you might get lucky. For any further information with regards to your expected Saskatchewan chances.

SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program) has long ago discontinued its immigration method of inviting potential migrants through ‘First Come First Serve’ pathway. The new process for inviting migrants through SINP under Occupations in Demand or Express Entry sub-categories has been introduced and it is called Expression of Interest (EOI). To be able to apply for SINP, submission of EOI profile is the prime requirement. The applicant must mention key requirements like age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability and adaptability factors.

Find Saskatchewan PNP Draw 2022

Date Number of invitations Minimum Points Required Category
December 21, 2022 153 80 Express Entry
315 80 Occupations In-Demand
December 15, 2022 348 82 Express Entry
285 82 Occupations In-Demand

What is Expression of Interest in SINP?

An Expression of Interest is a pre-application process in which applicants applying for OID and Express Entry streams are required to fill an online form mentioning the key information and interest of applying to SINP. The information must be filled in accordance with SINP criteria. The applicants having their profile in accordance with the Saskatchewan’s labour market are picked up through international skilled worker EOI system. The eligible applicant who score the maximum EOI points are then issued an “Invitation to Apply.” It is not necessary that every applicant in EOI pool would get an ITA from the province of Saskatchewan. An applicant must have at least one EOI profile to get considered for SINP permanent residency.

SINP EOI draws working

After creating EOI profile online you will be placed with the eligible applicants in the EOI pool:

  1. EOI is valid for one year right after the date of your submission
  2. The applicants must have one active EOI profile
  3. The candidates are ranked on the basis of the information provided in the EOI profile
  4. The applicants with the highest EOI points are invited to submit complete application to the SINP. The invitations are given by Expression of Interest draw.
  5. SINP uses an electronic system for submission of EOIs and applications for nomination online and same will be communicated via email.
  6. The information in EOI must be correct and accurate at all times. Regular updates must be mentioned on your EOI profile so that province is notified about your recent profile
  7. If the information mentioned on profile is found to be false or incomplete there are high chances of visa refusal for minimum 2 years at least.

Process of EOI Ranking of the Applicants

The applicants who have filled their complete expression of interest will receive EOI score on the basis of their profile. The Saskatchewan immigration department identifies those profiles that have the highest immigration point scores. The highest point score is given a notification of interest to apply for SINP. If by chance an applicant has the same EOI points then other factors will be considered like known connection or/and past work experience in the Saskatchewan province.

EOI system is formulated to ensure strong economic outcomes and long-term retention in Saskatchewan for those invited to apply. EOIs are drawn from the system and those selected receive an invitation to apply from SINP. The number of invitations however issued depends upon the employment requirement in the province. The eligible applicants are then given 60 days to submit a complete online application to the SINP and provide the supporting information you provided to the SINP in your EOI. SINP gives you an opportunity to update your active profile on regular basis. If you have taken IELTS exam then you must update your results in EOI profile.

What after Receiving ITA from SINP?

After receiving ITA to apply for Occupations-In Demand or Saskatchewan Express Entry sub category, you will be required to pay the non-refundable $300 CAD application processing fee.

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