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How to apply for the Skilled Worker Nominated Visa to obtain Australia PR?

Yogesh shukla

Australia PR points calculators are a point slab that can calculate an applicant’s eligibility for the Australia PR on the basis of certain factors such as age, work experience(Australian, overseas, or both ), English proficiency, educational qualification, etc. The Australia PR points calculator estimates the points required for the Australia PR application process initiation. 

One of the major skilled migration visas for Australia is the Skilled Worker Nominated Visa also known as the subclass 190. This visa requires an applicant to be nominated for a skilled occupation by the state or territory of Australia. With the Skilled Worker Nominated Visa, a skilled worker can work, live, or study in a specific territory or a state in Australia. They can stay in Australia for an indefinite time period. The subclass visa holder is also eligible to sponsor their relatives for Australia PR as well and they can subsequently become an Australian citizen themselves.

The procedure to apply for the skilled worker-nominated visa for the Australia PR starts with calculating the required Australian PR points which are mandatory to score to be acceptable for the Australian subclass 190 visa. The minimum points required to apply for the Australia PR is 65 out of the total 100 points.

 After attaining the 65 points, an Australian immigration aspirant has to visit Australia’s SkillSelect to submit the Expression of Interest (EOI) to let the country know their intent to reside in Australia and a pure motive to work in Australia while complying with the Australian work environment and ethics.

A subclass 190 visa applicant must satisfy the skills requirement as well and they must pass the skills assessment to conduct the nominated skilled occupation successfully after immigration to Australia.  

The next step is to gather the required documents to support the claims that an applicant makes in the Expression of Interest (EOI).

If among the pool of various candidates and applicants, the Australian Immigration authorities concurs with your profile then the authoritative body responsible for Australia PR will invite you to apply for the visa online. After the invitation, 60 days is the maximum period to submit the documents and respond to the invitation.

After an intense cross-checking of the document by the authorities, you may be at last granted the Skilled Worker Nominated Visa or the subclass 189. From thence you can ravish your dream job in your dream country.

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