How do I prepare for PR in Australia.

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Do you plan on starting a new life in Australia? Having an Australia Permanent Residency (PR) is the aim for many aspiring immigrants due to the country’s high standard of living, excellent healthcare system, and diverse opportunities. Preparing for PR in Australia involves a series of steps, from understanding eligibility criteria to submitting a complete application. This blog will guide you through the process to help you achieve your goal.

What are the benefits of Australian PR?

  • Stay in Australia for an infinite length of time.
  • Work and learn in Australia.
  • Enrol in Medicare, the national health program of Australia
  • Apply for bank loans to purchase real estate.
  • Sponsor family members who qualify for permanent residency.
  • If you are eligible, you can seek citizenship in Australia.

Mentioned below are the step-by-step Australia PR process

Step 1: Determine Your Eligibility

Regardless of the type of visa you choose to apply for, your occupation must be included in the Skilled Occupation List to be eligible for an Australian PR Visa.

Occupation in Demand:Your occupation must be included in the relevant skilled occupations list in Australia.
Age: Less than 45 years old.
Points: Score 65 points on the  Australia PR point  grid. It assesses pertinent parameters in addition to age, education, and work experience.

Step 2: Receive the Results of Your Language Proficiency Test

Finish a test of your English language proficiency. One of the following exams is up for grabs:

  • IELTS: At least a 7 score.
  • TOEFL: A minimum score of 25.
  • PTE: 65 points or above.

Step 3: Get Your Report on the Skills Assessment

The first step in the Australian PR process is a skill assessment that evaluates a person's qualifications, work experience, and skills to see if they are qualified for a specific job or career. This is done by the applicable Skill Assessing Authority. Ensuring a person has the abilities and information required to carry out their work safely and successfully is the goal of the skill evaluation.

When submitting your Expression of Interest (EOI), include your SkillSelect report.

Step 4: Log in to SkillSelect and Register Your Expression of Interest (EOI)

Declare to the Australian authorities that you would like to submit a visa application for Australia. By submitting an EOI through the SkillSelect, you can accomplish this.

How to Sign Up for an EOI:

Register for an account on the SkillSelect website.

  • Open the portal and log in.
  • Choose the type of visa you require.
  • Put your IELTS result here.
  • Add your educational background here.
  • Add your professional background.
  • Send in your declaration form.
  • Your EOI will be ranked based on work experience, education, and English language level.

Step 5: Get an Application Invitation (ITA)
Await receiving an invitation to apply (ITA). An ITA will be given to the applicants with the highest EOI ranking.
When you receive an ITA, it means you are just a step away from getting your PR visa.

Step 6: Send in your application for PR
After receiving your ITA, apply for an Australian PR visa within 60 days.

Step 7: Send in your character and health certificates
Give more docs. It comprises passports for visa stamping, as well as certificates of health and character clearance.

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