Australia Announced New Visa Categories in 2023 for certain countries Image

Australia Announced New Visa Categories in 2023 for certain countries

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Each year, Pacific Island nations and Timor Leste will vote for the distribution of up to 3,000 visas. Those chosen at random will be given the opportunity to submit an application for Australian permanent residence. In order to be eligible for the visa, applicants must also have a documented job contract in Australia and fulfil other migration conditions. As part of the total annual visa allotment, applicants may include their spouse and any children who are legally dependent.

To make sure the program fits the needs and priorities of a peaceful, prosperous, and resilient Pacific family, the PEV is being created in close cooperation with partner governments and Pacific communities.

Beginning in July 2023, the Department of Home Affairs will accept applications for the ballot online.

Prior to starting, more details on the procedure will be made available.

What are the Pacific Engagement Visa document requirements?

The PEV will need to meet the following criteria:

  • A ballot system will be used to choose the applicants.
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 45;

Applicants may include their partners and children who are legally dependent on them in their application.

Candidates must already have a work offer in Australia.

Candidates must satisfy the English language, moral character, and physical criteria.

Additional program settings and information, such as voting procedures and visa eligibility standards, will be informed by government consultations.

Before July 2023, additional details regarding PEV eligibility and visa requirements will be made accessible.

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What kind of assistance will PEV members be able to obtain in Australia?

To meet the common needs of participants, partner governments, and Australia, it is essential to provide opportunities for good community participation and integration. The program will include measures to assist successful settlement outcomes and access to the most basic levels of economic stability, including early access to a variety of benefits to support the expense of raising a family and lessen the financial burden of education and training.

Participants in PEV will, if qualified, have access to the following services and support as permanent residents:

  • Schools and training
  • Medicare
  • Family Tax Benefit B
  • Settlement Engagement and Transition Support program
  • Adult English Migrant Program.

Will those who are chosen to reside in Australia have a choice of where to live?

Since this visa is an Australia permanent residence visa, candidates are free to pick where they want to live, work, and study in Australia.

How will PEV participants be helped in their efforts to secure work and get settled in Australia?

In order to connect successful candidates with Australian employers and give them access to a choice of positions at different skill levels, the Australian Government will set up a regional resource.

Additionally, the regional resource will provide outreach programs that are culturally and linguistically appropriate and teach successful applicants about living in Australia.

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