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Apply for Australia Skilled visa assuming you are an It Professional

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Australia's skilled visa scheme is merit-based. Based on the following factors, you will be ranked:

  • Age: You must be under 45. 
  • Check the Skilled Occupations List.
  • English Language Proficiency: Verified by IELTS and TOEFL examinations
  • Character and Health Evaluation
  • Educational and Professional Background

Australia gives younger applicants more points than their more experienced colleagues. The Australian Immigration Department publishes the Skilled Occupation List each year. The list includes all of the qualifying professions that applicants can use to have their skilled visas accepted. You should think about applying for a job that is similar to your occupation if it is not on the list.

Certificates of Good Health and Character must be submitted with the visa application. Health practitioners with the appropriate certifications can provide a health certificate. The Australian immigration office must approve the application of these experts. You can get a character certificate from the police station in any neighborhood you've resided in over the past ten years. It is recommended to obtain a character certificate first because it can take some time.

Only English proficiency is evaluated in Australia. You can apply for a variety of language competence examinations. Immigrants to Australia frequently select from the following options:


Each language competency test has elements for writing, reading, and listening. After finishing the test, you might have provided a score. Your level of English language proficiency will be determined by this score. You must have proficiency that is at least at the competent level.


You may benefit more if an Australian employer recommends you. Your employer may suggest you for a skilled work visa if you have a job offer. In contrast to Canada, Australia gives applicants who have a job offer from an Australian company a lot of points in the immigration process.

Not least of all, you will need to demonstrate your financial security. You must provide proof that you have enough money to support yourself for the first few years in Australia. This is necessary to ensure that when you get to Australia, you do not end yourself on welfare programs.

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