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What is a visa Subclass 491?

The new skilled labour regional 491 visa (Subclass 491 Visa) is a temporary visa that allows all skilled workers and their families to live, study, and work in designated regions of Australia. This visa has a five-year validity period.

The candidate for this visa must be either state-nominated or sponsored by a member of their qualified family who is an Australian permanent resident.

What requirements must be met before filing for a 491 visa?

You must fulfil the requirements listed below in order to be qualified for a 491 visa:

  • A relative or your region must nominate you.
  • You must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI),
  • Have good health and morals,
  • Speak English well
  • You must also wait for an email asking you to respond to the EOI nomination invitation
  • Finally, you must be under 45 years old.

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What paperwork is needed for visa subclass 491?

You must include all necessary documentation to support the information in your EOI:

  • Passport
  • Language Competency Report;
  • Police Clearance Certificate;
  • Marriage Certificate

It is necessary for applicants between the ages of 18 and 23 to present the following paperwork:

  • Birth certificate,
  • Passport,
  • Financial dependency documentation, and
  • Adoption paperwork (case specific)
  • Candidates beyond the age of 23, but who still rely on their parents due to a physical or mental handicap

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A prerequisite of the following exists:

  • Passport;
  • Birth Certificate
  • Documents proving financial dependence
  • Adoption papers (if applicable)
  • Medical reports outlining the applicant's health;

The documentation you must submit in support of your EOI claims are listed below:

  • Australian skilled employment;
  • Skill assessment;
  • Language assessment
  • Education qualification (as per Australian standards)
  • Specialized training,
  • Study abroad opportunities,
  • Partner competencies, and
  • Work experience in Australia

The following must be provided by your sponsor if you have one:

  • Age-defying (18 years and above)
  • A statement from your sponsor
  • Evidence that a relative is qualified
  • Evidence of long-term residency

What is the overall cost of the 491 visa application process?

The primary applicant must pay an application fee of AUD 4115 for the Skilled Work Regional Visa Subclass 491. There is a separate fee for each additional qualified family member who enters the contest.

How long does it take to process a visa for subclass 491?

The processing time for a visa 491 application is not specified. However, regional application procedures are given higher precedence.

How can I apply for subclass 491 of the regional skilled visa?

Applying for a subclass 491 visa entails a number of procedures, beginning with determining whether your profession is on the Skilled Occupation List, gathering the necessary paperwork, having your skill level evaluated, and then applying for the visa.

Let's take the entire procedure step by step:

Step 1: Check whether your occupation falls under the Skilled Occupation List or not.

Step 2: Get your Skills Evaluation done

Step 3: Points system

Step 4: Expression of Interest

Step 5: Submit supporting documents

Step 6: Checking the application status

Step 7: Receiving approval

How long is the validity of a visa for category 491?

With a category 491 visa, you are permitted to stay in Australia for 5 years. The visa for skilled regional workers is not extended. However, if you decide to stay there after the third year, you can begin applying for an Australia PR visa after three years of meeting the requirements.

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