How to receive Australian regional nomination for the Visa 491?

Yogesh shukla

After successful submission of the EOI, an applicant must wait for a state’s nomination. There are only a few regions in Australia that welcome foreign workers for the 491 visa category. These regions are 

Applicants must know that each region has their own economic and labor market. Therefore the workers’ demand for each region is different. 

There are two most important requirements to be eligible to receive a regional nomination. A candidate can be nominated by either of the two given below:

  • A designated regional area of an Australian state or territory, or
  • An eligible family member residing in a designated regional area of Australia

In order to receive a regional sponsorship from a designated area in Australia, an applicant is required to state that he/she has true intention to work in any state or regional area. 

The 491 visa holder will apply for nomination in a work occupation that is listed in the 491 visa occupation list. If the designated region in Australia considers your skills to be appropriate to fill the skilled worker shortage in the labor market, then the region would choose to nominate a candidate to apply for the visa. 

There are some basic visa 491 requirements that will decide the invitation that you may receive from the designated territory of Australia. These requirements are given below:

  • You must have a positive Skill assessment for an occupation on the 491 Visa occupation list
  • You are aged between 18-45 
  • Your English proficiency touches a minimum of 6 IELTS 
  • You have received a nomination letter from a region or state to apply for the 491 visa. 
  • You successfully meet health and character requirements
  • You successfully attain a score of 65 points in the skilled migration visa test

That’s how you can smoothly acquire the Visa 491 by following the steps keenly and thoroughly.

For the further and cleanly elaborated process to approach the 491 Visa, it is highly recommended that an applicant takes an expert’s advice to help you grab the skilled work regional visa hassle-free. 




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