Australia Tourist Visa Application Process 2023

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Australia Tourist / Visitor Visa Requirements

1. One can apply for an Australian visa online if they are an Indian national with a current Indian passport.

2. Through Visa Lounge, a person can apply for a visa if they want to visit Australia for business, pleasure, or to visit family or friends. The applicant cannot apply through Visa Lounge if they are looking for work in Australia.

3. Australian travellers are not required to purchase travel insurance. For an additional fee, Visa Lounge also offers travellers travel insurance.

Australian Tourist Visa Documents Checklist

1. Passport copy of every page that has been used in the applicant's passport, as long as the original passport is not necessary and the copy has a minimum six-month validity at the time of travel.

2. One Tourist Application Form (Form 1419) and one Application Form 1415 (Business).

3. Quick Track Form (In case of Fast Track Application only).

4. 1 photo (passport size, recently taken with a white background, 35 x 45 mm size, with 70 to 80% facial coverage; the Embassy does not accept photos with white shirts or t-shirts

5. The Cover letter (Addressed to The Australian High Commission).

6. Personal E-Bank Statement for the Past Six Months Clearly stating the Name and Telephone Number of the Bank

7. Pay stubs (Last 03 Months)

8. The last three years' worth of tax documents.

9. Confirmation with daily Tour Itinerary

10. Employment evidence

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Australia Visitor Visa Document:

1. for employees, the last three months' worth of pay stubs and proof of employment (employment certificate/NOC).

2. If the applicant is the proprietor or owner of the business, a cover letter on the letterhead of the business, the business’s original three-month E-bank statement, proof of paid income tax (for three years), a company memo, a partnership agreement, an establishment license, or other documentation may be needed.

3. A leave letter, a report card from the school, and identification are needed for students.

4. If the application is sponsored, evidence of sponsorship and/or private housing must be provided by completing a national form of the relevant Schengen State

5. If the applicant is retired, proof of retirement and the previous three months' worth of pension statements; additionally, evidence of a regular income from the ownership of real estate or a business.

6. If the applicant is travelling for their honeymoon, a marriage certificate, marriage card, and photographs from the engagement and wedding are necessary.

Australia Tourist Visa Processing time

1. 15–20 DAYS

2. It could take a little bit longer during peak seasons.

Australia Tourist Visa fees

Visa and other fees are payable via credit card, debit card, net banking, and IVR for applicants.

150 Australian Dollars

Australia Tourist Visa Process

The application procedure for an Australian tourist visa is straightforward and well-organized. The Australia visitor visa class (Subclass 600) includes the Australian tourist visa. This short-term license is given exclusively for touristic purposes. You don't need to travel to the embassy with a physical copy of the documents because the entire process is available online.

You can download the Australia ETA application form online from the Australian government website. You must complete the application with accurate information and submit it while paying the necessary visa fees.

Depending on the accuracy of your information, you will receive the Australia ETA visa within 2 to 3 days through email at the address you provided in the form.

Please take note that you will only receive an email with the specifics of your visa because the Australia tourist visa does not come in a tangible form. The number in your passport will be directly associated with your visa.

Make sure you don't submit phoney documents or make any errors during the application procedure. Rejection of a visa could result from this. It is advised to speak with visa services to make sure your visa application is successful.

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