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The Australian tourist visa does not come in a tangible form, you will receive your visa information via email only. You will be able to access your visa immediately once you enter your passport number.

You must take care to avoid submitting erroneous information or false documentation during the application procedure. It might result in a visa being denied. Consult with visa services to make sure your application for a visa is successful.

Documents needed for an Australia tourist visa

Include an original passport that is valid for at least six months after the date of travel and a visa application.

  • 2 photographs, 35 x 45 mm, matte, on a white backdrop. 80% of the face
  • A cover letter that includes applicant information, passport information, trip information, and
  • Information about who will cover expenditures.
  • A copy of a PAN card or Adhaar Card
  • Financial records, employment documentation, and pay stubs
  • Tax return forms
  • Hotel reservations or lodging for the entire period of the anticipated stay Flight reservations for round-trip or return flights
  • A marriage certificate if you're married

Australia Tourist Visa Processing Time

Subclass 600 Visitor visas for Tourists, under the Tourist stream, take between 48 and 33 days to process. A number of factors impact the processing time, including the peak period and whether the application is completed with all necessary supporting documentation.

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You can stay in Australia for up to 12 months on an Australia Tourist Visa


From AUD150

On a Tourist Visa, you can:

  • Visit relatives or friends,
  • Come to the country for a vacation a cruise, or
  • Come for reasons aside from business or medical treatment with this visa.

Things to consider while applying for an Australia Tourist Visa:

  • You must be outside of Australia when you apply for a visa and
  • Have enough money to cover your expenses while you're there, and
  • Have no intention of working there.

Qualifications for an Australia Visitor Visa

The following criteria must be met in order to qualify for an Australian tourist visa:

  • You must have the financial means to support yourself; and
  • You must demonstrate a desire to return to your country of residence.
  • You have to make clear why the visitor is there.
  • You must demonstrate that your health is good.
  • You must demonstrate your moral character.
  • You must provide evidence that you have never been arrested.
  • No outstanding debts must be owed to the Australian government.
  • You cannot apply for or accept any employment.
  • This visa does not permit study.
  • All applicable laws must be followed.

How to Apply for a Visitor Visa to Australia in 2022

You can obtain an Australian tourist visa by following the instructions listed below:

Step 1: Selecting a suitable subclass

Step 2: Paperwork must be submitted

Step 3: A visa application must be completed

Step 4: Entails paying the required visa fees.

Step 5: Decide when you will submit the application

Step 6: If you are eligible, you will be issued a tourist visa.

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