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Australia visitor visa from India

Are you Planning to travel to Australia from India? Or you want to visit your loved ones in Australia, start your Australia Tourist or Visitor visa process and dream up an unforgettable holiday / visit.

The visitor visa to Australia from India is a temporary visa that allows you visit to Australia from India for various purposes, such as Australia tourism, visiting family or friends.

The Australia visitor visa has different subclasses depending on the purpose of your visit:

  1. Stay
  2. The Australia visitor visa can be granted for up to 10 years. Stay up to 3 months each time you enter into Australia.

  3. Cost
  4. From AUD $ 150

  5. Australia visitor visa processing time
  6. Standard processing time for Australia visitor (Tourist) visa is up to 30 days, May vary case to case

To apply for a visitor visa from India, you will need to meet the Australia visitor visa requirements and provide the supporting documents, such as a valid passport, visa application form, proof of financial capacity, evidence of ties to your home country, and other supporting documents specific to your purpose of visit.

It's worth to note that Australia visitor (Tourist) visa requirements and processes can change, so it's recommended to seek advice from registered migration agent for the most accurate and up-to-date information on applying for a visitor visa to Australia from India.

  1. Visitor visa (subclass 600)
  2. For Australia tourism, visiting family or friends, or engaging in business-related activities.

  3. Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) (subclass 601)
  4. This allows for short-term tourism and visits. It can be applied for electronically and is available to eligible passport holders from certain countries.

Australia visitor visa processing time

The current estimated Australia tourist visa processing time is between 8 to 30 days from the date of application received by Department of home affairs Australia (DHA).

However, it's important to note that above, Australia tourist visa processing time or Australia visitor visa processing time are only estimates and can vary depending on individual circumstances.

The processing time for an Australian Tourist Visa (subclass 600) or Australia visitor visa processing time varies depending on a number of factors, including

  1. Volume of applications being received,
  2. Completeness of your application, and
  3. Level of scrutiny required to assess your application.
  4. Quality of Documents
  5. How long it takes DHA to perform the required checks

However, the Department of Home Affairs has provided estimated Australia visitor visa processing time for different visa types, including the Visitor Visa.

Australia tourist visa processing time
25% of applications processed with in 8 Days
50% of applications get approval with in 16 Days
75% of applications get final decision with in 33 Days
90% of applications 45 Days

It is Advisable to applicant to ensure that your Australia visitor visa application is processed as quickly as possible, make sure, you must provide all the necessary supporting documents along with your Australia visitor visa application. You may also be required to provide additional information, which can further delay the processing time.

It's always a good idea to apply for your Australian Tourist Visa well in advance of your planned travel dates to allow for any unforeseen delays in processing.

If you have any concerns about the Australia visitor visa processing time or your application, you can check the status of your application online or contact our Australian visitor visa consultants on 750 383 2132 or fill Australia tourist visa free assessment form

Australia tourist visa fees

The fee for an Australian Tourist Visa (subclass 600) for Indians depends on the type of visa and the length of stay and number of application. Here are the current fees for Australian Tourist Visa for Indian citizens

Please find the Australia Tourist visa fee from India

Factor Fee in AUD Fee in INR
Australia tourist visa fee AUD $ 190 per person Rs. 10,373/-

You need to pay for your Australian visitor visa fee by credit card. There are different ways to pay Australian visitor visa fee, depending on where you are and how you apply.

Please note: The Australia visitor visa fee is non-refundable, even if your visa application is refused or withdrawn. Therefore, it's important to ensure that you meet all the Australia visitor visa requirements and provide necessary documents before submitting your Australia visitor visa application to avoid any unnecessary expenses.

Australian tourist visa requirements

Before applying for Australian tourist or visitor visa, you should ensure that you are fulfilling Australian tourist visa requirements

There are things you need to make sure that when you are applying for Australian tourist visa Always remember - Check twice, before submission

1. Be a Genuine visitor:

You need to convince your intentions to visa officer that you are a genuine visitor. You will leave Australia before your visa expire. You can convince yourself as a Genuine visitor by providing following information

  1. Intend to stay in Australia temporarily
  2. coming to Australia for a lawful purpose
  3. comply with Australian tourist visa conditions after you arrive
  4. leave Australia at the end of your stay.

What are documents required to prove that you are genuine visitor visa:

You can provide numbers of documents to prove that you are genuine visitor, its depend upon your circumstances. Please find the below documents you can include in your Australian tourist visa application.

  1. A leave letter from your current employer, approving your leave and confirming your date of joining of your work
  2. A cover letter explaining your strong family ties in your home country.

2. Sufficient Funds:

You must have enough funds to support your expenses while you are in Australia. Finds requirements depend upon your duration to say in Australia and travel plan as well. Please note funds must be 3 months old from the date of submission your Australian tourist/visitor visa application.

3. Health Requirements:

If you are travelling to Australia more than 6 months then all visa applicants must meet minimum health standards & Character requirements. Before Australia grants you Australian Tourist visa.

If you have a significant health condition that cause to threat to public health or significant health care service costs you may not grant Australian visitor visa

4. Character Requirements:

You must not have a substantial criminal record.

5. Strong home Ties

You must provide sufficient evidence to prove that you have strong home ties on your home country.

  1. Any family ties you may have in your home country.
  2. Any personal, financial, work or other commitments in your home country.
  3. Any circumstances that compel you to return to your home country.

How to Apply for Australia Tourist Visa from India

To apply for Australia Tourist visa from India follow the below steps. And Aptech visa team suggest you, submit your Australia Tourist visa application for processing at least 4 months before you want to travel to Australia.

Follow these instructions to ensure your Australian visitor visa application process.

  • Gather Documents
  • It is applicant responsibility to include all supporting documents in your Australia tourist visa application, You documents must be in English, coloured and clear scan copy of documents.

    Please gather your documents as per the Australia tourist visa documents checklist and ensure that the documents are correct, and accurate there should be no discrepancy in the documents as it could lead to rejection of the document.

  • Create An Online Account:
  • Once you are collected your all supporting documents and understood requirements now It's time to begin the visa application procedure after you have all the necessary paperwork available

    1. Create immiAccount
    2. Provide accurate information
    3. Fill out visa application forms
    4. upload necessary documents
    5. pay the relevant visa fees

    You won't have to concern yourself with all the minute details if you apply for your visa through Aptech Visa. The entire visa application procedure is streamlined and made incredibly simple with Aptech Visa!

  • Wait for the Decision:
  • Once you paid the visa application fee now you need to do wait for the final decision.

    Processing a visa could take a few days to month, depending on the situation. If your visa get approved you can Fly to Australia as per given your Instructions.

    If you get refused then will be notified in write by Department of home affairs Australia.

Documents required for Australia Tourist Visa

While you are applying for Australian Tourist visa from India you must Include all supporting documents in application. Because Department of Home affairs Australia will decide your application without requesting further information from you.

Please note your all documents must be English language and Provide accurate information

1) Personal Documents:

All the Applicant must include all personal Documents such as

  1. Passport Bio pages
  2. Photographs

2) Qualification Documents:

If you have qualification documents you should include your qualification documents.

3) Employment documents:

If you are working you must include your offer letter, Salary slip, promotion letter (if applicable) and Leave approval letter.

4) Financial Documents:

To prove that you have enough funds to support your travel you must include you financial documents such as bank statement showing that you have sufficient funds.

5) Visa Application forms:

If you are submitting your application paper based then you need fill all applicable visa application forms. Please make sure all information must be true, complete

6) Cover letter:

Cover letter is an important documents to explain why you are traveling to Australia, mean your purpose and how you are genuine travel. So don’t risk your application by proving unprofessional cover letter call our Visitor / tourist visa experts on 7503832132 for hassle free services.

7) Travel itinerary:

You must provide detailed travel itinerary with your tourist visa application A travel itinerary is a schedule of events relating to planned travel, it includes destinations to be visited at specified times.

8) Invitation letter:

If you are planning to visit your family members or friends you must get written request (called invitation letter) from the person who is inviting you to visit them.

Please note some documents may vary case to case, we would like to suggest you please take case specific advice from Australian Tourist visa expert to increase your success chances. We are just 1 call away 7503832132.

How Aptech visa can help in getting Australia visitor visa

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