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New Zealand welcomes foreign skilled workers who can meet the labour shortages list of the country. The New Zealand Skill Shortage list mentions those occupations that are in urgent need to get filled up by the overseas skilled workers. If you are offered a job that is listed on the list and have got the qualifications and experience to match then be ready to apply for a  New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa. The skill shortages are hard to fill locally in New Zealand and thus, hiring workers from overseas is the best solution for the New Zealand government to fill these labour gaps.

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skilled shortage list

There are three different lists that record skilled shortages in New Zealand and each of these lists experience a shortage of skilled workers in New Zealand.

1. Long Term Skills Shortage List (LTSSL)

The Long Term Skills Shortage List (LTSSL) mentions those occupations that have sustained shortage of highly skilled workers through New Zealand. So, if you get a job for the occupation that is listed on LTSSL and also meets the list requirements then you are eligible to apply for an Essential Work Visa to Residence Visa under the Long Term Skills Shortage List Work Visa. This particular visa lets you apply for residency after two years provided you meet the standard requirements and has a base salary of at least NZ$45,000.

Well, if your occupation is listed on the Long Term Skills Shortage List and is applying for a resident visa under the Skilled Migrant Category, you might qualify for bonus  points for your Expression of Interest.

S.N. Occupational Group Occupations are listed by ANZSCO Code
1 Construction Construction Project > Manager-133111
2 Construction Project Builder > (including Building Project Manager and Site Foreman)- 133112
3 Construction Quantity Surveyor- 233213
4 Construction Surveyor - 232212
5 Engineering Chemical Engineer (233111), Materials Engineer (233112), Civil Engineer (233211), Geotechnical Engineer (233212), Structural Engineer (233214), Electrical Engineer (233311), Electronics Engineer (233411), Industrial Engineer (233511), Mechanical Engineer (233512), Production or Plant Engineer (233513), Environmental Engineer (233915), Engineering Professionals nec (233999)
6 Engineering Civil Engineering Technician 312212
7 Engineering Electrical Engineering Technician- 312312
8 Engineering Electronic Engineering Technician (312412)
9 Engineering Telecommunications Engineer (263311), Telecommunications Network Engineer (263312)
10 Finance / Business Procurement Manager (133612)
11 Health and Social Services Clinical Psychologist- 272311
12 Health and Social Services Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist (253917)
13 Health and Social Services General Practitioner (253111)
14 Health and Social Services Medical Radiation Therapist (251212)
15 Health and Social Services Medical Laboratory Scientist – including Cytotechnologist (Cytoscientist) (234611)
16 Health and Social Services Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (253913)
17 Health and Social Services Physicist (Medical) (234914)
18 Health and Social Services Physiotherapist (252511)
19 Health and Social Services Psychiatrist (253411)
20 Health and Social Services Registered Nurse (Aged Care) (254412)
21 Health and Social Services Sonographer- 251214
22 Health and Social Services Specialist Physician in Palliative Medicine-253399
23 Health and Social Services Surgeon (General)- 253511
24 Health and Social Services Veterinarian-234711
25 ICT, Electronics and Telecommunications Multimedia Specialist (Film Animator) -261211
26 ICT, Electronics and Telecommunications ICT Project Manager (135112), Organisation and Methods Analyst (224712), ICT Business Analyst (261111), Systems Analyst (261112), Multimedia Specialist (261211), Web Developer (261212), Analyst Programmer (261311), Developer Programmer (261312), Software Engineer (261313), Software Tester (261314), Software and Applications Programmers nec (261399), Database Administrator (262111), ICT Security Specialist (262112), Systems Administrator (262113), Computer Network and Systems Engineer (263111), Network Administrator (263112), ICT Quality Assurance Engineer (263211), ICT Support Engineer (263212), ICT Systems Test Engineer (263213), ICT Support and Test Engineers nec (263299), Telecommunications Engineer (263311), Telecommunications Network Engineer (263312), ICT Customer Support Officer (313112)
27 Recreation, Hospitality and Tourism Chef (Chef de Partie or higher) -351311
28 Science Other Spatial Scientist (232214)
29 Science Environmental Research Scientist -234313
30 Science Food Technologist- 234212
31 Trades Automotive Electrician (321111)
32 Trades Diesel Motor Mechanic (including Heavy Vehicle Inspector)- 321212
33 Trades Trades Electrician (General)- 341111
34 Trades Electric Line Mechanic -342211
  • Immediate Skills Shortage List (ISSL)
  • Canterbury Skills Shortage List (CSSL)/ The Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List (CISSL)

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2. The Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List (CISSL)

" The new Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List replaced previous The Canterbury Skill Shortage List (CSSL) on 17TH December 2018."

The Government of New Zealand established the Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List to support the government’s construction and infrastructure commitments. This new list will include all occupations previously listed on the Canterbury Skill Shortage List and construction-related occupations as well. It covers all regions through New Zealand to meet the required labour shortages. The previous Canterbury Skill Shortage List contained occupations that were in critical shortage in the Canterbury region following the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. If you get a job in Canterbury and your skills appear on the CSSL then you may apply for essential skills work visa. Additionally, if the occupation is also listed on LTSSL then you may apply for New Zealand permanent Residency visa also.

S.N. Occupation and ANZSCO Number Region
1 Construction Project Manager (Foreman) (Roading and Infrastructure) 133111 All regions
2 Construction Project Manager (Roading and Infrastructure) 133111 Canterbury*
3 Construction > Surveyor 232212 Canterbury*
4 Engineering > Civil Engineer 233211 Canterbury*
5 Engineering > Structural Engineer 233214 Canterbury*
6 Engineering > Electrical Engineer 233311 Canterbury*
7 Telecommunications > Telecommunications Engineer 263311 All regions
8 Construction>Surveying Technician (Spatial Science Technician / Land Surveyor’s Technician) 312116 All regions
9 Surveying Technician (Spatial Science Technician/Hydrographic Technician)-312116 Northland,Auckland
10 Civil Engineering Draughtsperson (312211) All regions
11 Engineering>Civil Engineering Technician - 312212 Canterbury*
12 Engineering > Electrical > Engineering Draughtsperson- 312311 All regions
13 Engineering > Electrical > Engineering Technician- 312312 Canterbury*
14 Trades > Metal Fabricator- 322311 Canterbury*
15 Trades > Fitter-Welder- 323213 Canterbury*
16 Trades >Bricklayer - 331111 Canterbury*
17 Trades > Stonemason - 331112 Northland, Auckland
18 Trades > Carpenter and Joiner -331211 All regions
19 Trades > Carpenter 331212 All regions
20 Trades > Joiner - 331213 All regions
21 Trades > Floor Finisher- 332111 Northland,Auckland,Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne,Canterbury*
22 Trades > Glazier -333111 Northland, Auckland, Nelson– Tasman, Marlborough, West Coast, Canterbury
23 Trades > Fibrous Plasterer- 333211 All regions
24 Trades > Solid Plasterer - 333212 All regions
25 Trades > Roof Tiler- 333311) Northland,Auckland,,West Coast,Canterbury, Otago, Southland
26 Trades>Wall and Floor Tiler- 333411 Canterbury*
27 Trades > Plumber (General) - 334111 All regions
28 Trades > Drainlayer - 334113 Canterbury*
29 Trades > Drainlayer - 334113 Canterbury*
30 Trades > Roof Plumber- 334115 Northland, Auckland,
31 Trades > Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic - 342111 Canterbury*
32 Trades > Electric Line Mechanic-342211 Canterbury*
33 ICT, Electronics and Telecommunications > Cabler (Data and Telecommunications)-342411 All regions
34 ICT, Electronics and Telecommunications > Telecommunications Cable Jointer- 342412 All regions
35 ICT, Electronics and Telecommunications >Telecommunications Technician - 342414 All regions
36 Transport Truck Driver> (General)-733111 ACanterbury*
37 Trades > Scaffolder -821712 All regions

Thus, if you find your occupation listed on one of these lists then you are eligible to apply for New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa.

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3. Immediate Skills Shortage List (ISSL)

The Immediate Skills Shortage List (ISSL) is regionally based and mentions those occupations for which there is an immediate skill shortage within a region. If your occupation is listed on this list then you may assume that there is a high demand for your skills and not enough New Zealanders to fill the skill gap. If you get a full-time job in an occupation listed on the ISSL and also meet the list requirements then you are eligible to apply for an Essential Skills Work Visa making you enable to work in New Zealand on a temporary basis. You may visit here to know about different types of New Zealand visa requirements .

Check if your occupation is listed on Immediate Skills Shortage List (ISSL)

Lists of Skilled Occupations

The lists of Skilled Occupations do not necessarily mention the shortage of skilled workers in these occupations but a worker in these occupations may be able to apply for Skilled Migrant Category visa programs. Nez Zealand government has defined these occupations as desirable. Skilled Migrant Category visa program is point based visa that considers factors such as age, work experience, educational qualification and an offer of employment.

Who Decides the Skill Shortage Occupations on These Lists?

New Zealand's Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) review the ISSL and LTSSL on an annual basis. During this review, the MBIE decides whether occupations must be added or removed from a list or moved from one to another list.

What if your occupation is not listed as a skill shortage list?

Well, it is not the end of your immigration to New Zealand if your occupation is not listed on the New Zealand Skilled Shortage List. Though, you may still be eligible to apply for any New Zealand Visas. Sometimes, as an amateur you make blunders of not able to understand the skilled migration category visas, thus Immigration experts come to the rescue. Here, an immigration assessment will help you in deciding the best visa program for New Zealand PR.

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