New Zealand Immigration Points Calculator

Came into force on August 28, 2017, the New Zealand Immigration Points Calculator estimates your New Zealand immigration points required for New Zealand immigration. It is an organized and systemized mechanism which deliberates certain factors such as age, education, work experience, skills of the applicant and their partner’s to accredit score/points accordingly to evaluate the points. It also dictates whether the obtained points are more or lesser than the required score for New Zealand immigration.

Points Indicator for Skilled Migrant Expression of Interest

STEP 1: AGE (20 TO 55 YEARS)*

Your current age will determine that you how much you can achieve immigration points on the part of your age while you lodge a New Zealand visa application.


To receive higher immigration chances to take off to New Zealand, the factor of skill employment plays a significant role. Choose your relevant employment options and proceed further.


You must possess valid academic educational qualification that makes you eligible for New Zealand immigration. Select the most appropriate one and go ahead.


The number of skill work experience in your occupation state that how many points can you obtain to accomplish your immigration dream.

STEP 5: Partner Qualifications

Avail your partner qualifications points! This factor leads to quite decent chances to immigrate to New Zealand.


If you’re a skilled immigrant who wishes to live and work in the land of Kiwis on a permanent basis, you need to score 100 points, these points are based on your age, qualification, work experience, spouse qualification, occupation shortage list, job offer letter etc, please find

Let’s Take a Tour of How Your Points are Calculated for New Zealand Immigration.

  • Age: You must be under age 55 at the time of applying New Zealand resident visa, here you can claim maximum 30 points
  • Age Maximum Points
    20-39 30
    40-44 20
    45-49 10
    50-55 05
  • Employment Factor - (Maximum 50 Points): Skilled employment means you are already working in New Zealand here you can claim maximum 50 points under Employment factor.
  • Factors Maximum Points
    If you are working in an area of absolute skills shortage 10
    If you are working outside of Auckland 30
    If you have pay above the high remuneration threshold 20
  • Qualification: You can gain 70 points under recognized qualification factor, recognize means either your qualification must be listed under Exempt from Assessment list or must have assessment of your qualification from authorized body of New Zealand.
  • Level of Qualification Maximum Points
    Level 3 - 6 A Trade Qualification or a Diploma 40
    Level 7- 8 Bachelor’s Degree 50
    Level 9-10 post graduate 70
  • New Zealand Qualification: If you have New Zealand qualification you can claim additional 25 points.
  • Level of Qualification Maximum Points
    2 Years of Full-Time Study in NZ Post completing a Graduate Degree 15
    1 Years of Full-Time Study in NZ Post completing a Graduate Degree 10
    2 Years of Full-Time Study in NZ – Bachelor Degree 10
    Recognize qualification level – 4- 8 completed before 25th July 2011 05
  • Elevant Work Experience in Skilled Occupation in Demand: If you have relevant work experience in the Nominated ANZSCO code you can claim maximum 50 points. Relevancy of work experience will be assessed in the following way.
    1. Your work experience must be a comparable labour market, and
    2. Must hold the required qualification as stated in the list
  • Years of Experience Maximum Points
    02 Years 10
    04 Years 15
    06 Years 20
    08 Years 25
    10 Years 30
  • Brownie Points for Work Experience in New Zealand:
  • Years of Experience Maximum Points
    1 Year or more 10
  • Bonus Points for Work Experience in an Area facing absolute skills shortage:
  • Years of Experience Years of Experience
    2-5 Years 10
    6 Years and Above 15
  • Partner points: You can claim 40 points for your partner qualification & if your partner is working in New Zealand, or has been offered skilled employment, in New Zealand also it is necessary that your partner must speak English at the same level that is required for you.
  • Partner Qualification:
  • Years of Experience Maximum Points
    Qualification level 7- 8 10
    Qualification level 9- 10 20
  • Partner skilled employment or job offer letter:
  • Years of Experience Maximum Points
    Job offer letter 20
    NZ work experience minimum 1 year 20

How Many Points Do You Need to Qualify New Zealand PR visa

The Expression of Interest (EOI) Determines your points that you need to score if you want to apply under the Skilled Migrant Resident Visa category. A total of 100 points can give you a perfect entry into the pool, keep in mind that 100 is just a minimum requirement, however, higher the points, higher are the chances to get selected. Prior to New Zealand Immigration via taking the pathway of skilled migrants, it’s essential to have a look at how the New Zealand Immigration Point Calculator Works so that you can score the maximum points in order to get selected.

So, make sure that you score the maximum points so that you don’t face any hassle at a later stage. Having high scores makes the entire immigration process as smooth as a knife in the butter.

Where to Apply for New Zealand Immigration?

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