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If you are planning to migrate to Canada and settle in this maple country, then the foremost thing that you need to keep your eyeballs on is to avail the best Canada immigration services from a renowned organization. Aptech Global, as the best Canada immigration service company, make sure to guide you on the right path, and provide you with the best choices available, so that you can fly to this beautiful country without hassle.

If you are not aware of what works best in your interest, stop pondering and wasting time, as we have spent time learning and perfecting it. Our experiences Canada immigration experts capture your dream and motive of settling abroad. Based on this, they shape your dream as per your requirements and help you fly high in the horizon.

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Why You Should Immigrate to Canada

Immigrating to Canada is the best choice that you won’t repent upon. Various studies show that Canada is the second to none choice of immigrants all over the globe. The following are the hallmarks that attracts the eyeballs of a chiliad of migrants to the Canadian soil.

  • A Plethora of Immigration Programs:
    When we talk about Canada Immigration, the one feature that captivates your eyes is the plethora of Canada immigration programs that’ve been launched by the Canadian Government. These programs are made so that no dream is unrealized.

  • Immigrant-Friendly Policies and Procedures:
    If we talk about the Canada immigration policies and procedures, Canada is the one country that has liberal immigration policies and fluid rules. It is due to the fact that it attracts a chiliad of immigrants every year.

  • High Standard of Living:
    As per the reports, Canada is the cream of the crop for deploying the high-quality and rich lifestyle to its residents. Over the years, it has earned a reputation for its “open arms” attitude. Canada is named as one of the most generous nations in terms of immigration.

  • Citizenship is Just Like a Piece of Cake:
    Nowadays, more and more immigrants are receiving Canadian citizenship than ever before. It is only because that the government has made several changes in legislation, making it much easier to become a citizen of this maple country.

  • Ample Job Opportunities:
    Having one of the pulsating economies, this country offers multiple job opportunities in different business verticals. The unemployment rate in Canada has always been decreasing, that fosters the GDP of the country.

  • Safe and Secure Environment:
    If we take a tour of all the countries across the globe, Canada is the secured and the safest place all over the world. No matter you go there as a student, or a professional, you’ll be treated equally and would be same rights and privileges that a Canadian Citizen is entitled to.

Canada immigration news

Staying updated with the latest Canada immigration news and happenings around the globe is significant for almost everyone, especially for the ones who wish to immigrate to Canada. You all know that the future is evolving rapidly and so is the Canada Immigration system. In this futuristic world, it is not possible to say what is going to happen in the next second.

So, if you want to immigrate to Canada without facing any hurdles, it is pertinent to stay tuned about the latest Canada Immigration news, so that nothing is left in the cold. Aptech Visa continues to provide you with the latest Canada immigration news such as those related with the latest draws, Express entry, Provincial nominee program, family sponsorship and other programs as well. So, stay tuned with us and don’t miss out on anything important if you want to make the entire process as smooth as velvet. Explore the latest Canada Immigration news one by one and stay ahead of the curve! To know every detail click here

Canada immigration points

The aspiring candidates, who’ve have the vim and vigour to apply for Canada immigration, the first and foremost step to check are you meeting minimum Canada immigration points requirements or not. Because Canada invites only the deserving candidates for PR visa. You need to score minimum 67 points out of 100, to be eligible for Canada immigration points system under the Federal skilled worker program.

So, if you want to apply for Canada PR via Express Entry Program, it is essential to have your eyes on score above than 67, not less than that. If these scores will be less, then all your precious time and hard-earned money will go vague.

Now, if you have the dream to land your plane in the beautiful world along with flurry of opportunities, then you must have a clear understanding and make sure that you qualify with the minimum Canada immigration points that are needed for the Express Entry Program.

Canada Immigration Process

When it comes to immigration, Canada never dissatisfied any of the immigrants. This maple country never misses a chance to hog the limelight of millions of immigrants all over the globe. Whether it’s the number of immigration programs, a plethora of job opportunities, eligibility for Canadian citizenship within three years of permanent residence status in Canada, or be it any case, this maple country is everyone’s favourite.

Moreover, Canada’s Immigration process is immigrant-friendly, easy and flexible. So, do you have a dream of getting a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa, follow the step-by-step guide for the application process for Canada Permanent Resident Visa.

An Insight Into the Canada Immigration Process

  • Check Eligibility:
    Canada Immigration operates through the 67-points system, under which points are allotted based on certain factors, such as age, qualification, Relevant work experience, English language (IELTS) , adaptability, Arranged employment and Settlement Funds.
    So, prior to initiate Canada immigration process, you just need to make sure that you are meeting Canada immigration eligibility requirements. Be in any program, it has its different requirements that allow an individual to land into Canada, that is the sea full of opportunities.

  • Go for ECA (Educational Credential Assessment):
    In order to prove that your education is equivalent and meets the Canadian educational standards, you need to provide the concerned authorities with the ECA, that too approved by the relevant assessing authorities such WES , IQAS , ICAS etc.
    It also is an indicator that you have the knowledge that is needed in the particular line of work, to perform successfully. It is an important document that you need in support of your Canada PR.

  • Check Your Education Equivalency

  • Create Express Entry Account:
    After the successfully completion of ECA process, you need to create an Express Entry Profile in which you need to fill out your complete accurate detail such as personal, Qualification, relevant experience, IELTS, Funds detail etc. To complete your Express entry profile, you’ll need.

    1. Valid Information from certain mandatory documents (for example the language test results)
    2. Your NOC (National Occupational Classification) Job title and Code

    You may exit the profile any time. There is no need to worry as your information is confidential and its gets saved in your account automatically. All you have is 60 days to complete and submit your Express Entry Profile. Otherwise, you’ll need to commence the whole process from the scratch.

  • Express entry account guidance

  • Be ready for PNP Option:
    In case, you have a less CRS score. In this case, there is no need to worry. As, you can improve your CRS score, by getting a provincial nominee certificate. It is the best way to give your scores a major boost of 600 points, in your express entry profile.

    Note: Improve your CRS score by following the tactics shared below:
    1. Try and increase your IELTS score by following this mantra i.e. Practice; Practice and Practice.
    2. Secure a LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) Approved Job Offer.
    3. Take the Route by applying through PNP’s
    4. Keep yourself informed about the modifications that take place in the whole process.

  • Get ITA and submit the documents:
    Once you’ve meet the criteria and have reached the threshold of minimum CRS score, you’re issued an ITA (Invitation to Apply). Once you’ve grabbed the ITA, you have a time limit of 60 days within which you need to submit your application to the IRCC that too along with a proper set of documents.

  • Be Prepared With the required documents:
    At this stage, under the Express Entry application process, a candidate must be ready with all the documents mentioned below. The applications that do not contain the following documents will be marked as incomplete and will get rejected by the concerned authorities. The documents are:

  • Check Canada PNP eligibility

    1. Medical Examination Confirmation (To assess the health of the candidate).
    2. Police Certificates (To assess that there are no criminal records).
    3. A Valid Passport (To confirm the candidate’s identity).
    4. A Valid Proof of Work Experience (To validate that the applicant has met the program requirements or not).
    5. Other Mandatory Documents (If applicable case to case).
    6. Copy of Birth Certificate.
    7. Proof of studies (To confirm and validate whether the applicant meets the program requirements).
    8. Marriage Certificate (if applicable).
    9. Proof of funds.
    10. Evidence of common-law union and cohabitation.
    11. Provincial or Territorial Certificate (if applicable).
    12. Letter of offer from the employers.

    Check Canada Immigration Eligibility

  • PCC and medical:
    You need to submit the approved medical certificate stating that you’re in good health, from Canada Immigration authority and need to send it to the IRCC, as a proof of your mental and physical health. In the same way, you also need to submit a PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) from a city where you’ve been living from the past sixth months.

  • Biometric and Fly into the World of Opportunities:
    Now, the last step that you need to do, to pull your dreams into the daylight , is to submit your biometrics fees. All those who are under the age of 14-79, needs to pay a biometric fee of about $85 CAD (4860 INR).

Note: The maximum biometric fee for a family of 2 or more than, who’re applying at the same time and place, the fees is $170 CAD.

Best Canada immigration consultants

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  • Rewarding Approach:
    Our attention to the essential details, even the minute ones, and our rewarding approach towards assisting you will give you a brand new perspective on the Canada immigration process. We want you to succeed in the best way possible, and our experts are always there to work with you to determine the best choices available before you make any payments.

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