What are the eligibility criteria and process to apply 491 Visa?

Yogesh shukla

Prior to applying for 491 visas, you need to meet the 491 visa eligibility requirements such as:

• You must be invited to apply, nominated by an Australian state or territory, or sponsored by an eligible relative

• You must have an occupation listed on a skilled occupation list of Australia

• You must have a positive skills assessment for the nominated occupation

• You must score 65 points which are evaluated based on certain parameters such as age, work experience, educational qualification, language ability, and many more

• You must be less than 45 years of age to apply for a 491 visa 

• You must have at least a competent level in the English Language

• You must satisfy the health character requirements by submitting your medical clearance certificate

• You must prove that you have a good character by submitting a police clearance certificate• You don’t owe the Australian government any debts or money

• You must not have any records of visa cancellation from the past


On getting a nomination from a state or sponsorship from an eligible family member, a candidate is awarded 15 additional points that in turn boost your chances of getting an invitation from the DHA (Department of Home Affairs) to apply for Australia’s Permanent Residence.


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