List of the Education Benefits an Australian PR Holder is entitled to get

Yogesh shukla

The General Skilled Migration Visa is a renowned pathway with the help of which a skilled individual can apply for Australian PR. The key categories under the GSM spectrum include skilled independent visa subclass 189, skilled nominated visa subclass 190, and skilled work regional (provisional) visa subclass 491.

Becoming an Australian PR is sure to give you an ample number of benefits which include:

  • A major independence to live, work, and settle anywhere in Australia for an indefinite time period
  • Eligible to apply for Australian citizenship post meeting the set requirements
  • Allowed to attend free English language training classes as per the adult migrant English program
  • Free Education for your young ones
  • Freedom to enrol yourself in top-notch healthcare facilities and medical system
  • Eligible to apply for loans in case you want to buy some property
  • Allowed to sponsor your relatives to become Australian PR

Beyond the list of benefits that are mentioned above, an Australian PR holder is entitled to get more benefits in the factor of education. Catch the sight of some of the additional educational benefits that a PR holder is entitled to get. Intrigued to know? The benefits mentioned below vary as per your child and you, as a PR holder.

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Educational Benefit as a Child of an Australian PR Holder

The PR holders are allowed to study for free in public schools. Free means that you are not required to pay the tuition fees. All you need to bear are the stationary and uniform expenses, which mean less burden on your shoulders. Also, your child can study in private schools in which you need to pay only a minimal fee amount. These Private schools are managed by certain religious groups such as Christians or Jews. If your child wants to pursue higher education in Australia, then he can get himself enrolled in the top public universities and also apply for a scholarship.

Educational Benefits as a PR holder

With a status of permanent residency in Australia, you are entitled to apply for financial loans which in turn help you overcome any difficulty related to managing your education expenses. Moreover, if you wish to pursue higher education in Australia as a PR to bridge the gap that exists in your existing points score, you can apply for a financial loan so that all the costs incurred by you can be covered with the help of a financial loan. So, are you ready to unlock these benefits? Well, for this you need to apply for Australian PR as early as possible so that you can fulfill all your dreams related to immigration.

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