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How to get a 100 % New Zealand visitor visa post 1 refusal?

Yogesh shukla

How to get a 100 % New Zealand visitor visa post 1 refusal?

Securing a New Zealand Visitor Visa can be a tedious task and a refusal can be disheartening. However, a previously received refusal can not by any means mean that our future applications will also be unsuccessful. All we need to do is understand the reasons behind the initial refusal, and then addressing those concerns comprehensively, and preparing an application accordingly are the key steps towards increasing your chances to get a100% New Zealand visitor visa post one refusal.


There are several requirements that applicants must fulfil for their New Zealand visit visa application to be approved. The following is a list of the most fundamental New Zealand visitor visa requirements.

Purpose of Visit

 The primary requirement is to have a specific reason for visiting New Zealand. This reason may be to visit your children, family, or friends for sightseeing; however, the case officer must be satisfied with your purpose of visit, so you must attach the necessary documentation. If you are visiting family or friends, you may attach a letter of invitation from your host in New Zealand. You can attach your itinerary for travel or sightseeing purposes. Applicant must include supporting documents with the application.

Having enough money to cover your stay and journey

The second important consideration is ensuring you have adequate money for your trip to New Zealand. You must provide proof that you have the necessary funds for your travel fees, lodging, and any other costs you may incur while in New Zealand. Currently, you may be responsible for paying for all of the costs, or your sponsor may be. Alternatively, the costs could be divided, with you covering the remaining costs and your sponsor covering the stay or accommodation cost. Regardless of the circumstances, be quite explicit about this and provide the necessary supporting documents.

Strong home ties to your birthplace

The third and most crucial prerequisite is maintaining close ties to your nation of origin. You must fulfill this criteria. It must be confirmed to the case officer reviewing your application that you have close ties to your native nation. Your application for a New Zealand visitor visa has very little likelihood of success if you meet the first two requirements but not the one about having ties to your native country. Therefore, remember to include the necessary paperwork with your application for a New Zealand visit visa. The connections could be social, familial, financial, or professional.

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