How CCL Helps You Fetch More Australia PR Points? Image

How CCL Helps You Fetch More Australia PR Points?

Yogesh shukla

To be eligible to apply under any of the above visa subcategories for Australia PR, you need to gain a minimum of 65 points. Australia has the most organized and methodized point system, based on which points are given based on certain factors such as age, work experience, level of education, etc.


So, are you lacking 5 points that are further stopping you from getting an invitation to apply for the selected visa subclass be it 189, 190, or 491? Do you want to know a secret that can help you get 5 more points for Australia PR?

Well, NAATI – CCL examination helps you score an additional 5 points that will further aid you in getting a nomination from the land of Kangaroos. CCL stands for Credentialed Community Language which evaluates your language skills at a community level and NAATI stands for National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. It is the regulating body for interpreters and translators in Australia. It is the only entity to provide certification to skilled practitioners who are willing to work in Australia, either as an interpreter or translator.


On successfully passing NAATI – CCL test with flying colours, a candidate is awarded extra 5 points that serve as a cherry on the cake! Keep in mind that you will only be awarded 5 extra points and are not allowed to work as an interpreter or a translator.


What is the Line of Difference between NAATI and CCL?

The full name of the CCL is the Credentialed Community Language Test. It is an English language proficiency test organized by NAATI specifically for skilled immigrants who wish to gain extra 5 points in the immigration point calculator.

Certain requirements for NAATI- CCL exams are as follows:

  • This test is suitable for candidates who have 6 bands in the IELTS language proficiency test
  • A valid student visa or any other visa with a validity of not less than 6 months and with no study restrictions

What are the Smart Tips to Clear the NAATI – CCL Test?

Clearing the NAATI – CCL exam is the best way to grab 5 more points in the point calculator which in turn increases the chances of getting approval for an Australia PR Visa. So, below are some of the success secrets which you can make if you want to clear the NAATI – CCL exam easily.

  1. Try to take notes in English, as it is the main language
  2. Take the notes in an uncluttered way i.e. in a beautiful handwriting
  3. Make your own list of abbreviations and shortcuts
  4. Keep in mind the name of your targeted language
  5. Think twice before interpreting

Final Thoughts

Do you want to give your Australia PR points a major boost? Well, appear for the NAATI – CCL test as it will give you 5 points that will further ace up the entire game of Australia Immigration. If you want to gain more knowledge, you can explore the internet! Good Luck!


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