Common Mistakes to Avoid in an Australian Assessment Application

Yogesh shukla

Collecting all your pertinent documents and arranging proof of your valid employment is quite a time-consuming process. Any mistake or error can result in the rejection of your application; it is, however, better to take necessary actions so that you don’t experience any delays in the processing of your Australia Visa application.

It’s always better to plan so that everything goes as smoothly as a knife in the butter. Well, below are 7 common mistakes that VETASSESS has released so that you don’t face any further delays. Have a look so that you don’t commit these mistakes at the time of submitting your Australian Assessment Application.

1) Submitting a Visa Application that’s Incomplete

Submitting an incomplete application is a major mistake that a candidate commits at the time of submitting the Australia Visa Application. So, it’s always important to submit a complete list of documents, no matter the education credentials or work experience credentials. It’s always better to be careful at the time of submitting an Australian Visa application and make sure you upload the most recent documents.

2) Not Including the Proper Documents in Your Application

The relevant documents required by the Australian Government depend upon the country you are applying from. Some countries such as Nigeria, Iran, China, and Pakistan require additional documents for certain qualifications. So, before submitting your documents in the Australian Visa application, it’s important to understand the country’s requirements so that you don’t experience any obstacles at a later stage.

3)Assuming that an Occupation is Assessed by Title Only

Certain individuals think that an occupation is assessed by a title only, however, they need to keep in mind that occupation may vary depending upon countries. So, the candidate is required to make sure that their occupation matches the ANZSCO Code. If you are interested in applying for Australian Visas, it’s always better to have a look at the ANZSCO code so that you can select the best one that matches your work experience and skill set.

4) Not Having Sufficient Work Experience

You might be aware that having one year of relevant work experience in the nominated occupation is required at the time of submitting your Australia Visa application. So, if you don’t have sufficient work experience, then it’s always better to submit your application post completing a one-year tenure as it is mandatory.

5) Lodging an Application on a Priority Basis

Keep in mind that applying on a priority basis is not available for returning candidates. It is a quite common mistake that applicants commit at the time of submission. So, if you want to encounter a smooth journey, it’s important to keep this thing in mind.

6) Not Providing the Correct Contact Details

Not providing correct contact details is a major mistake that applicants commit at the time of applying. Hence, make sure that you submit proper contact details along with your email address so that there is no confusion at a later stage. Not providing proper contact details can result in delays, as it might happen that sometimes the assessor wants to contact you and he doesn’t have proper contact details. It’s suggested to always provide correct details so that the assessor can contact you without facing any glitches.

7) Not Providing proper Language Test Results or translation documents

If your documents are not in English, then you need to provide proper translation documents assessed by a relevant authority. If you provide the documents in the original language without any translation, your application will not be accepted by the higher authorities. Also, provide the language tests well in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Wrapping Up

An application will be processed quickly if you avoid the 7 common mistakes mentioned above. Hence, have a look and make sure that you don’t commit any mistakes if you want to sail your boat easily in the beautiful sea of Australian Immigration. An effort taken at an early stage is always worth it as it helps you save your precious time.  

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