Manitoba PNP Draw Invites 126 Skilled Workers on July 4, 2024


Manitoba PNP Draw Invites 126 Skilled Workers on July 4, 2024

The latest Manitoba PNP draw was conducted on July 4, 2024, which issued 126 invitations to apply in total. Of these, 85 invites were shared for the International Education Stream, and there was no score disclosed for the International Education Stream. Also, Skilled Workers Overseas received a total of 41 invites with a minimum CRS score of 709 points. Of 126 invited applicants, 19 letters of advice to apply were delivered to applicants with an active Express Entry profile number and the job seeker validation code.

Mentioned below is the outcome of the latest Manitoba PNP draw 2024:



                                                         No. of Invites   


July 4, 2024

Skilled Workers in Manitoba (Internal Skilled Workers)




 Skilled Workers Overseas



What are Manitoba PNP eligibility criteria?

The general Manitoba PNP eligibility criteria include:

• Needs to get at least 60 out of 100 in the Manitoba point rating grid.

• Having friends, family, or close relations who had been stated in Canada for a minimum of one year.

• Between 21 and 45 years of age;

 • Previous job or educational experience in Manitoba; or

• Receive the invitation to apply from MPNP.

• Submit certified copies of the results of their last two years' authorized language proficiency test, which demonstrate that they obtained at least a maximum score of not lower than a CLB 6 in all components;

• Have two years or more of work experience within the five years of previous work history, with continuous full-time employment;

• Should be a diploma, degree, or certificate holder obtained on completion of at least a one-year post-secondary schooling or training.


How do I apply for the Manitoba PNP?

• Register an Expression of Interest profile.

• Complete the application and submit it by mail to the MPNP, if you get LAA.

• An MPNP officer carefully reviews your application.

• Apply separately for Permanent Residency you and your family to the IRCC within 180 days of being nominated by MPNP send an application for successful nomination.

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