List of Documents required for Canada PR visa from India.

List of Documents required for Canada PR visa from India.

If you are planning to apply for Canada PR, you must prepare the Documents that will be required at the time of ITA. The Canada PR documents checklist may vary from case to case or program you consider to apply for Canada PR. 

 Please find here the generic list of documents required for a Canada PR visa from India.

1) Personal Documents:

a)Passport:Provide a copy of your passport bio pages.

b) Birth Certificate: To prove the place and time of your birth.
Marriage Certificate: It is required if the applicant is married and needs to provide their spouse's details.
d) Divorce Certificate: If the applicant is divorced or legally separated from their respective spouse.

2) Education Certificates and Transcripts

To show proof of your schooling and further education gained by you, they are also compared with the Canadian standards to mark their equivalency.

Work Experience Documents:
These documents show proof of your employment and its nature in the past and also let the visa officials know about your skills and experience.

4) Language Proficiency Tests:
When you apply forCanadian PR, you must prove that you are good at speaking and understanding English. Many people from India take the IELTS or CELPIP test to show this.

IELTS certificate (with 6 bands in each.
CELPIP certificate.
c) TEF certificate for french language examination (If applicable)

Proof of Funds
Providing proof of funds is a crucial step in the process of applying for Canada PR. An applicant needs to show that he or she can support themselves in Canada. Also, if they take their family with them, they must provide proof of funds accordingly. They can show proof of funds through

a) Fixed Deposits (FD),
b) Bank Statements- past 6 months
c) Term deposit (funds) such as PF, PPF, Mutual Funds and Stocks.

6) Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Nomination (if applicable): 
Having a PNP nomination from a Canadian province can strengthen your Express Entry profile. It increases your chances of getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian PR because it boosts your CRS score.  So if you got PNP certificate from any province must include in your application.

Medical and Police Clearance Certificates
Medical Examination Records: every member must provide a medical examination receipt received from panel physician Canada. 
Police Clearance Certificates
You must provide certificates for you and family members aged 18 or older from countries where you have stayed for 6 months or more in the last 10 years. No certificates are needed for the time before the age of 18 or in Canada.

Please note Canada PR visa documents checklist is standard, so you may need to provide documents as per your circumstances; you may consider consulting with a Canada PR visa consultant at 750-383-2132/ 928 928 9006/ 928 928 9007 for case-specific advice. 

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Express Entry document checklist after ITA

Please find the Express Entry Documents checklist after ITA.

1. Submit your scanned pages of the Passport or travel document.

2. You also must submit the result of the Language Requirement

Language Requirements for Canada Express Entry:

You will be awarded the marks based on your reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills, where the minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) for English required is CLB 7. And, Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadien (NCLC) for French, if French is the primary language, then you need NCLC 7 and if French is your secondary language then you need to have a NCLC 4. The results of the language test are valid for 2 years.

3. Your Education Credential Assessment report:
ECA bodies check the equivalence of your foreign education as per the Canadian Standards. Your assessment report is generally valid for 5 years if done through WES but it could be 2 years or so, depending upon the different organization.

IRCC authorizes seven bodies to conduct the assessment. They are as follows:

I.  Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies
II. International Credential Assessment Service of Canada
III. World Education Services
IV.  International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)
V.   International Credential Evaluation Service – British Columbia Institute of Technology
VI.  Medical Council of Canada
VII. Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada

4. PNP nomination letter and other related documents if you have applied via the province from which you received the invite.

5. Job offer letter if you have received one from any particular employer

6. Proof of work experience
You must show that you have a minimum of 1 year of relevant, full-time work experience in the last 10 years. You can prove it by sharing the salary slip, offer letter, relieving letter, reference letter, bank statement, ITR or form 16.

7. Proof of Funds
These funds are required to show you have sufficient funds to immigrate to Canada and lead a comfortable life.
You can show the proof of funds as a Bank Statement, PF, PPF, Mutual Funds, FD, etc.
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    List of documents required for Canada PR from India:  FAQ

    Prepare essential documentation needed for your journey to permanent residency in Canada.

    Q. Document checklist for Canada pr
    Documents checklist for Canada PR entirely depends upon the individual circumstances; however, Please find the generic documents checklist for Canada PR. 
    Personal Documents such as Aadhar card, passports, DOB certificates, photograph
    Qualification Documents: including 10th, 12th graduation and highest degree are requirements for Canada PR  
    Employment documents: Reference letters and salary slips are an integral part of the documents checklist of Canada PR. 
    Financial Docs: you need to include your bank statements or other acceptable investments, such as FD, PPF, etc., to show that you have sufficient funds.

    Language proficiency: You must provide a language proficiency certificate (IELTS/ TEF). 
    Another document: some documents may vary from case to case. We would advise please consult with the Case manager for detailed guidance. 
    Q. Is a birth certificate required for Canada PR?
    Yes, a birth certificate is required for Canada PR. If you cannot provide your birth certificate, you can also provide your 10th Class certificate or Birth Affidavit.

    Q. Is a marriage certificate required for Canada PR?

    If you are married while applying for Canada PR then you must show the marriage certificate even if your spouse is not accompanying you as it would later help you and your spouse while applying for Spouse Visa for Canada.
    Q. Is ITR mandatory for Canada PR?
     ITR is not a mandatory document, but it is advisable to have proof of ITR as it helps you show the pay evidence also it proves that you are a tax-paying citizen of your country. Thus, making your profile look good.
    Q. What documents are proof of work experience?
    Below mentioned documents are required to show the proof of work experience:
     An experience letter or a reference letter from the employer that must include the following details:
    It should be a formal document printed on the company’s letterhead. It should have the applicant’s name, the company’s address, telephone number and email address, along with the name, designation, and signature of the director/manager/HR etc.
    Also, the letterhead should mention all the positions that you were in charge of and it also should state the info. Such as the Job Title, Duties and Responsibilities, Job Status, Annual Salary, Perks and Benefits, Date and Duration worked for the company, No of working hours per week.
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