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Total Cost of Canada PR from India - Canada PR fees

Are you looking to secure your future in a place full of opportunities? Well, Canada is your call! Getting the Canada PR has some impressive benefits. PR allows you to live, work, and flourish in a diverse and vibrant community while benefiting from healthcare, education, and social services. Recent years have seen a rise in the appeal of Canada PR among Indians and for a valid reason.

However, before you apply for Canada PR, it is essential to understand the total amount required for Canada PR, as it will help you in preparing your financial support. If you are wondering what's all of it, then worry not because we got you covered and listed everything in a single place. Let's unravel the key factors influencing the process and illuminate how professionals like Aptech Visa can be your guiding light on this transformative journey.

Key Factors Affecting the Total Cost for Canada PR from India

Check out all the Key Factors Affecting the total cost to go Canada from India:

Application Fees

While applying for the Canada PR, the application process involves different fees. These fees will vary based on individual circumstances. It includes the person's family size and composition. Additionally, if you have family members, additional Canada PR fees per person exist. The table below shows the Canada PR cost from India.

Canada PR Application fees $ 850 Rs. 52.6K
Education Credential Assessment cost $ 230 to $275 Rs. 14,209 to 16,988
Indian Police Clearance Certificate cost $20 1000 per person
Canada Right of Permanent Residences (RPRF) Fees $ 515 Rs. 32.2k
Canada PR Biometric fee $ 75 Rs. 4,629

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Language Proficiency Tests

The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Programme (CELPIP) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is vital to the Canada PR application process. They are a constant test to evaluate a candidate's proficiency in communication between Canada's two official languages, English and French. These language exams cost IELTS (252 CAD) 15,500 INR or CELPIP (265 CAD) 16,000 INR. They are used to define your level of language ability so that you can easily integrate into Canadian society.

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) cost for Canada PR.

An approved organisation must evaluate your educational credentials for applying for Canada PR as a skilled worker. This procedure involves determining the Canadian equivalent of your academic credentials. Your Indian academic credentials must meet Canadian standards according to the ECA's mandate. The ECA fee is crucial to the PR for Canada from India cost.

ECA Authority Cost in CAD Cost in INR
WES 325 - 650 19,770 – 39545
ICES 200 – 600 12170 – 36500
IQAS 220 – 660 13385 – 40150
Proof of Funds

Obtaining a Canadian PR involves showing sufficient financial resources for settlement. This need ensures independence and facilitates first integration. The amount required depends on the family size, and the funds are vital to the overall cost because they pay for necessities. Canada PR can be planned well and assured if proof of funding is understood and planned.

For Example, a single person would need CAD 12,960, while a family of seven or more would need CAD 34,299. Hence, it varies depending on the number of members in a family.

Medical Examinations Cost for Canada PR

Applications for permanent resident status in Canada must pass a medical examination. These tests are required to show healthcare eligibility. The Canada PR medical examination cost per person generally runs between 5,000 and 10,000 Indian rupees, which again varies with the location and size of the family. These fees are included in the total Canada PR cost from India. Moreover, it shows that the individual is healthy enough to live in Canada.

Immigration Consultant Fees

An excellent resource for the search for Canada PR is an immigration consultant like Aptech Visa. Aptech Visa is the most knowledgeable immigration expert in Delhi. Their fees usually include application review, documentation assistance, and strategy consultation. Although costs may differ, advantages include a greater chance of accurate submission.

An immigration consultant will also help increase CRS score assistance and lessen the stress of navigating complicated processes. Using an experienced consultant can help you shorten your application process and increase your probability of success.

Moreover, it justifies investing in a smoother path to permanent Canadian status.

Additional Costs to Consider for Canada PR from India

These additional costs may significantly impact your entire economic planning and budgeting. These critical financial variables are broken down in depth below for the Canada PR cost:

Travel Expenses

In-person interviews, medical exams, or biometrics throughout the application process may require travel to Canada. These include flight, visa, travel within the area, and hotel. Budgeting between 2,000 and 3,50,000 INR (roughly 3.241,36 to CAD 5.672,38) for probable travel expenses is guided.

Settlement Expenses

You'll have to cover the costs of your initial move to Canada. The location of the home is important. Financial considerations include rental deposits, first-month rent, and prospective broker fees. When we talk about the average rent in Canada is $2,078. Setting up utilities like electricity, water, and internet incurs charges regardless of whether you're renting an apartment or just a temporary somewhere to stay. 1,50,000 to 3,00,000 INR (about 2,030 to 4,060 CAD) could be needed for necessary furniture and home items.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Some miscellaneous expenses are also included in the cost of going to Canada from India. Translating and notarising documents is often necessary for official proceedings. It may cost between 5,000 and 10,000 INR (about $70 and CAD 135), including degrees and letters of employment. In addition, it is crucial to consider postal costs while dispatching documents from India to Canada. The postage fees range from around $2200 to $4500 in INR ($35,65 to 72,93 CAD).

Tips for Reducing the Total Cost for Canada PR from India

Here are a few tips for reducing the total amount required for Canada PR through cost-saving strategies:

  1. Early Language Test Preparation:
  2. The best way to improve your score and save money on retaking the test is to prepare well in advance.

  3. Affordable Medical Assessments:
  4. Consider IRCC-recognized affordable medical examinations for a lower health evaluation cost.

  5. Comparing Consultant Charges:
  6. To choose an affordable solution without sacrificing the quality of the advice, compare and evaluate immigration consultant prices.

  7. Independent Document Organization:
  8. You should adequately organize your records to prevent paying penalties for mistakes or omissions.

  9. Optimal CRS Point Strategy:
  10. Strategize to maximize your CRS points, potentially accelerating the PR process and reducing expenses.

  11. Timely Biometrics Appointment:
  12. Schedule your biometrics session as soon as possible to avoid rush costs and ensure it goes smoothly.

  13. Early Police Clearance Certificates:
  14. Obtain police clearance documents in advance to save paying more for faster processing.

  15. Thorough Official Updates Check:
  16. Keep up to date with the most recent IRCC insights to make informed judgments and avoid unnecessary charges.

  17. Choose the best consultancy:
  18. Explore the market and go with an experienced immigration consultancy such as Aptech Visa.


In conclusion, getting Canada PR from India requires passing language examinations, physical exams, and consulting expenses. Managing these Canada PR from India costs requires careful planning and budgeting. Aptech Visa is a reputable immigration consultant.

They offer specialised assistance for effective language learning, affordable medical tests, and reasonable expense of consultant services. Engage Aptech Visa to take advantage of their knowledge, shorten the process, and accomplish your ambition of Canadian permanent residency while minimising Canada PR visa application cost. The Aptech Visa is the first step on your route to PR success, as they have 20-plus years of experience in the field and a 100% success rate.

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