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Canada Immigration News

 Manitoba issued 399 invitations in the latest EOI draw held on April 19, 2021      Canada issued 6,000 invitations for the Canadian Experience Class candidates in its draw held on April 16, 2021      A total of 266 PNP candidates were issued an ITA in the latest Express Entry draw held on April 14, 2021      Alberta issued 200 NOIs to the Express Entry candidates in the draw held on April 6, 2021      Ontario issued 528 NOIs to the Express Entry candidates      Manitoba issued a total of 243 invitations to Expression of Interest candidates in the latest draw held on April 8, 2021      Saskatchewan issued a total of 279 invitations to the EOI candidates in its latest draw held on April 8, 2021      BC PNP issued a total of 80 invitations in the latest Tech Pilot draw conducted on April 6, 2021      Nova Scotia Issued Invitations To The Express Entry Candidates On March 29th, 2021      The Latest Express Entry draw issued a total of 284 invitations to the PNP candidates on March 31, 2021      Alberta issued 300 NOI letters in the recent draw held on March 26, 2021      British Columbia issued a total of 374 invitations in the latest draw held on 30th March 2021      Manitoba issued 335 Expression of Interest in the recent draw held on 25th March, 2021      Saskatchewan issued 418 invitations in the latest SINP draw held on the March 24, 2021      BC PNP’s latest Tech Pilot draw held on the 23rd March invites 95 candidates to proceed further      Canada invites 5,000 Skilled Candidates in the Latest CEC draw held on 18th March 2021      The latest draw to British Columbia PNP invites 506 immigration aspirants to apply to BC PNP      Saskatchewan issued 248 invitations in the latest EOI draw held on 11 March, 2021.      British Columbia Conducted Latest Tech Pilot Draw Invites 95 Skilled Candidates on March 9, 2021      Alberta Issued 159 Invitations in the latest PNP draw held on February 16, 2021      British Columbia Issued a Total of 444 Invitations in the Latest BC PNP Draw Held on March 2, 2021      Ontario Issued 754 Invitations to the Express Entry Candidates on March 2, 2021       Manitoba Issued 207 Invitations in the Latest EOI draw held on February 26, 2021      Saskatchewan Invited 299 Candidates in the Latest SINP Draw held on February 25, 2021      BC PNP Issued 87 Invitations in the Latest Tech Pilot Draw Held on February 23, 2021      Alberta Issued 200 NOIs to the Express entry Candidates on February 10, 2021      Canada Issued 27,332 Invitations under the Canadian Experience Class on February 13, 2021      Manitoba Issued 296 Invitations in the Latest MPNP Draw Held on February 12, 2021      Saskatchewan Issued 541 Invitations in the Latest SINP draw held on February 11, 2021      654 PNP Candidates received an ITA in the Latest Express Entry Draw Held on February 10, 2021      British Columbia Issued 74 Invitations in the Latest Tech Pilot draw on February 9, 2021      Upcoming Webinar conducted by New Brunswick for the UAE and African Candidates      Ontario Issued 283 Invitations in the Latest PNP Draw Held on February 2, 2021      British Columbia Held its Latest PNP Draw on February 2, 2021      Alberta Issued 100 NOIs on January 28, 2021      Manitoba Issued 218 LAAs in the Latest Manitoba EOI Draw on January 28, 2021      BC PNP Issued 81 Invitations in the Latest Tech Pilot Draw Held on January 26, 2021      Saskatchewan Issued 502 Invitations in the Latest SINP Draw held on January 21, 2021      IRCC Issued 4,626 Invitations to the Express Entry Candidates on January 21, 2021       British Columbia Issued 195 Invitations in the Latest PNP draw held on January 19, 2021      The Latest Express Entry Draw Issued 374 Invitations to the PNP Candidates on January 20, 2021      Nova Scotia Issued Invitations to the Express Entry Candidates on January 19, 2021      50 Invitations Issued in the Latest Alberta express entry draw held on January 8, 2021      Manitoba Issued 272 LAA’s in the Latest EOI Draw Held on January 14, 2021      British Columbia Issued 80 Invitations in the Latest Tech Pilot Draw Held on January 12, 2021      Ontario Issued NOIs to the Skilled Workers and French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream on January 13, 2021      IRCC Issued 4,750 Invitations to the CEC Candidates on January 7, 2021      Saskatchewan Issued 385 Invitations in the Latest SINP Draw held on January 7, 2021       The Latest Express Entry Draw Issued 250 Invitations to the PNP Candidates on January 6, 2021      BC PNP invited 168 Immigration Candidates in the First PNP draw held on January 5, 2021      58 Candidates Invited in the Latest BC PNP Tech Pilot Draw Held on December 29, 2020      188 LAA’s Issued in the Latest Manitoba PNP Draw Held on December 30, 2020       CRS drops down to 468 in the Latest Express Entry Draw Held on December 23, 2020       230 Invitations Issued in the Latest BC PNP Draw held on December 22, 2020      Saskatchewan PNP invited 576 Candidates in the Latest SINP Draw       Manitoba Issued 419 LAA’s in the Latest EOI Draw      Ontario PNP issued 668 Invitations in the Latest PNP Draw       BC PNP Issued 92 Invitations in the Latest Tech Pilot Draw       British Columbia Issued 256 Invitations in the Latest BC PNP Draw       Nova Scotia Issued Invitations to the Express Entry Candidates in the Latest Draw       BC PNP Issued Invitations in the Latest Tech Pilot Draw       564 Invitations Were Issued in the Latest SINP Draw Held on December 1, 2020      Latest Express Entry Draw – CRS Drops to 469      BC PNP Issued 360 Invitations in the Latest PNP draw held on November 24, 2020      Manitoba held its 103rd EOI Draw and Issued 196 Invitations      551 Invitations were issued in the Latest PNP Draw held on November 19, 2020      5,000 ITA’s were issued in the Largest Express Entry Draw Ever      British Columbia Invited 76 Candidates in the Latest Tech Pilot Draw      Ontario Issued 443 Invitations in the Latest PNP Draw Held on November 12, 2020      358 Invitations were issued in the Latest BC PNP draw held on November 10, 2020      205 Invitations were issued in the Latest Manitoba PNP Draw      4500 Invitations Issued in the Latest Express Entry Draw      Saskatchewan Issued 534 Invitations in the Latest PNP Draw      British Columbia Held its Latest Tech Pilot Draw on November 3, 2020      Saskatchewan Announced 2 PNP draws results in the recent weeks      British Columbia Issued 354 Invitations in the Latest BC PNP Draw      Ontario Issued 21 Invitations under the Entrepreneur Stream       Nova Scotia Invited Express Entry Candidates in the Latest Labour Market Priorities Stream Draw       Manitoba conducted its 101th EOI Draw      BC PNP Issued 100 Invitations in the Latest Tech Pilot Draw Held on October 20, 2020      Ontario Issued 772 Invitations in the Latest Tech draw held on October 15, 2020      Canada Invited 4,500 Candidates in the Latest Express Entry Draw Held on October 14, 2020      BC issued 417 Invitations to the Candidates on October 13, 2020      Alberta Released its Nomination Certificate Limits      BC PNP Issued 72 Invitations in the Latest Tech Pilot Draw Held on October 6, 2020      Canada Invites 4200 Candidates in the Latest Express Entry Draw       British Columbia Held its Largest PNP Draw, Issuing invitations to 450 Candidates      Manitoba Issued 189 Invitations in the Latest EOI Draw Held on September 24, 2020      Saskatchewan Issued 535 Invitations in the Latest PNP Draw Held on September 24, 2020      BC PNP Issued 74 Invitations In the Latest Tech Pilot Draw Held on September 22, 2020      Prince Edward Island Issued 345 Invitations in the Latest Draw Held on September 17, 2020      407 Invitations Were Issued in the Latest BC PNP Draw Held on September 15, 2020      4200 Invitations Were Issued in the Latest Express Entry Draw Held on September 16, 2020      Saskatchewan PNP Issued 621 Invitations in the Latest Draw Held on September 15, 2020      The Latest Manitoba EOI Draw Issued 212 Invitations on September 10, 2020      The Latest Tech Pilot Draw, BC PNP Issued 67 Invitations on September 8, 2020      British Columbia Issued 428 Invitations in the Latest PNP Draw Held on September 1, 2020      The Latest Express Entry Draw Issued 4,200 Invitations on September 2, 2020      Saskatchewan Issued 573 Invitations in the Lates PNP Draw held on August 26, 2020      213 Invitations Were Issued in the Latest Manitoba EOI Draw Held on August 27, 2020      Ontario PNP Issued 703 Invitations in the Latest Draw Held on August 26, 2020      BC PNP Issued 72 Invitations in the Latest Tech Pilot Draw Held on August 25, 2020      The Latest Express Entry Draw Issued ITA’s to 3,300 CEC Candidates on August 20, 2020      The Latest Express Entry Draw Held on August 19, 2020 Issued 600 ITA’s for Permanent Residence      British Columbia PNP has Issued 302 Invitations to the Express Entry BC and Skilled Immigration Candidates on August 18, 2020      Saskatchewan Invited 533 Immigration Candidates in the New PNP Draw Held on August 14, 2020      The Latest Manitoba PNP Draw Issued 253 Invitations on August 13, 2020      BC PNP Issued 52 Invitations in the Latest Tech Pilot Draw Held on August 11, 2020      British Columbia PNP has Issued 437 Invitations to the Express Entry BC and Skilled Immigration Candidates on August 7, 2020      The Latest Express Entry Draw Held on August 6, 2020 Issued Invitations to 250 FSTP Candidates      Canada Issued 3900 Invitations in the Latest Draw Held on August 5, 2020      The Latest Manitoba PNP Draw Issued 199 Invitations on July 30, 2020      Saskatchewan Invited 502 Immigration Candidates in the New PNP Draw Held on July 29, 2020      Ontario PNP Invited 1288 Express Entry Candidates in the Latest Tech Draw Held on July 29, 2020      BC PNP Issued 34 Invitations in the Latest Tech Pilot Draw Held on July 28, 2020      In the Latest Express Entry Draw Held on July 23, 2020, Canada Invited 3,343 CEC Candidates      The Latest Express Entry Draw held on July 22, 2020, Issued 557 ITA’s to the PNP Candidates      BC PNP Issued 62 Invitations in the Latest Tech Pilot Draw Held on July 21, 2020      The Latest Manitoba PNP Draw Issued 174 Invitations on July 16, 2020      British Columbia PNP has Issued 320 Invitations to the Express Entry BC and Skilled Immigration Candidates on July 14th, 2020      The Largest Express Entry Draw Since March 4, 2020 inviting 3900 Applicants      British Columbia’s Latest Tech Pilot Draw Issued 57 Invitations on July 7, 2020      Manitoba PNP Invited 125 Immigration Candidates on July 2nd, 2020      British Columbia Issued 314 Invitations on June 30th, 2020 Despite of the Corona Outbreak      The Candidates with the CRS Score as low as 431 Were Invited under the Express Entry CEC Draw, Held on 25th June, 2020      392 PNP Candidates Received ITA’s as per the Latest Express Entry Draw Held on June 24th, 2020      BC PNP Issued 87 Invitations in the New Tech Pilot Draw Held on June 23rd, 2020      Ontario Issued 143 NOI’s Under the French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream on June 18th, 2020      Manitoba PNP Invites 181 PNP Candidates on June, 19th, 2020      Ontario Issued 758 NOI’s on 17th June, 2020 Under the Express Entry Skill Trades Stream      British Columbia Issued 276 Invitations in the New PNP Draw on 16th June, 2020      The Latest Alberta PNP Draw had a CRS Cut-off as low as 303      Latest Express Entry Draw Invites 3559 CEC Candidates, with Lowest CRS Score on 11th June, 2020      New Express Entry Draw Invites 341 PNP Candidates on June, 10, 2020      BC PNP Invites 87 Immigrants on 9th June, 2020      Manitoba PNP Draws 124 Invitations on 4th June 2020      British Columbia PNP Invite 279 Immigration Candidates on 2nd June, 2020      Ontario PNP Draw Invites 699 Express Entry Applicants on 3rd June 2020      Canada Latest Express Entry Draw Invites Applicants With 440 CRS Score On 28th May 2020      Saskatchewan PNP Invites 252 Candidates In Newest Draw Held On 28 May 2020      Canada Express Entry New Draw Invites 385 PNP Candidates On May 27, 2020      Latest Alberta PNP Draw Invites Candidates With 300 CRS Score On 13th May 2020      British Columbia PNP Issues 133 Invitations For Tech Pilot Draw On 26th May 2020      Manitoba PNP Issues 99 Invitations In The Latest Express Of Interest Draw On May 21 2020      Nova Scotia PNP Invites Nurses Under Labor Market Priorities Stream On 22nd May 2020      British Columbia PNP Issues 158 Invitations For Provincial Nomination On 19th May 2020      Latest Canada Express Entry Draw Invites Candidates With CRS Score Of 447 On 15th May 2020      Latest Canada Express Entry Issues 529 Invitations On 13th May 2020 Under PNP Category      BC PNP Latest Draw Issues 92 Invitations for Tech Skilled Workers on May 12, 2020      Alberta PNP Invites Express Entry Candidates with 322 CRS Score on April 29, 2020      Ontario PNP Issues 703 Invitations for Express Entry Tech Applicants on 13th May 2020      British Columbia PNP Issues 237 Invitations in the Newest Draw on May 7, 2020      Manitoba PNP Published #89 Draw under the Expression of Interest System on 7th May, 2020      Canada Express Entry Released Latest Draw With 452 CRS Score On 1 May 2020      Ontario PNP Issues Notifications of Interest (NOIs) To French Speaking Candidates      Ontario PNP First Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Draw Held on April 23, 2020      Ontario PNP Issues Notifications of Interest on April 29, 2020 under Skilled Trade Stream      British Columbia Issues 75 Invitations in the Newest Round of Invitations (Tech Pilot draw only) on April 29, 2020      Canada Invites PNP Applicants On April 29, 2020 with CRS Score Of 692      Nova Scotia PNP Invites Express Entry Candidates in the Latest Draw on 27th April 2020      Ontario PNP Latest Invitations Issued On 22nd April 2020 under Entrepreneur Stream      Manitoba PNP Published #88 MPNP Draw under the Expression of Interest System on April 23, 2020      British Columbia Invites Skills Immigration and Express Entry Candidates on April 21, 2020      Alberta PNP Released Two Latest Round of Invitations in April 2020      BC PNP Issues 271 Invitations on 16th April 2020 under Skills Immigration and Express Entry Category      Latest Canada Express Entry Draw released on 16th April 2020 with CRS score of 455      Canada Issues 118 Invitations In The Latest Express Entry Draw On 15th April 2020      Processing Fees to Canada Immigration Rises Up from 30 April 2020      Manitoba's latest PNP EOI Draw Issued 153 New LAAs on 09 April 2020      Latest Express Entry Draw Invited 606 Applications under Provincial Nominee Program      Canada Express Entry Invited 3294 Applicants with 464 CRS Score under Canadian Experience Class      British Columbia PNP Released Newest Draw under Tech Pilot and Entrepreneur Stream      Alberta Express Entry Latest Draw Invites Candidates with CRS score of 300      British Columbia (BC) PNP Latest Draw Issues 311 Invitations on 30th March 2020      Canada Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) update of March 2020      Canada Is All Set To Invite Around One Million Immigrants In The Next Three Years      Saskatchewan PNP Invites 205 Occupations in Demand Candidates on 26th March 2020      Manitoba PNP Published #86 Draw under the EOI System on 26 March, 2020      Alberta PNP Released Draw on 4th March 2020 Invited Applicants with 300 CRS Score      Newest Canada Express Entry issues 3232 Invitations with 467 CRS Score      Canada Express Entry invites 668 Candidates with 720 CRS Score on 18th march 2020       Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC PNP Issues Tech Pilot Draw Invitations on 17th March 2020      Canada is to take key measures to deal with countries influenced by Coronavirus outbreak      Manitoba PNP Released #85 EOI Draw with Issuing 222 Invitations on 12 March 2020      Alberta PNP invites skilled applicants with CRS scores of 300 held on 20th February 2020      British Columbia PNP Issues 332 invitation on 10th March 2020 Across Various Streams       Ontario PNP Completes Maintenance of E-filling System User can Access E-filling System      Receiving Larger Volume of users in Ontario e-Filling System Causes Delays in Processing time      Ontario PNP got 1322 successful Registration for Employer job offer Category      Canada invites 3900 Express Entry invitations with 471 CRS Score to apply for permanent residence      Ontario PNP now Closed Applications for Employer job offer category on 3rd March 2020      British Columbia PNP Invites Skilled Applicants with 90 Cut off Score on March 3rd 2020      British Columbia Latest Round of Invitations Opened on 27th February 2020      Ontario issues new Draw 20 Invitations to Apply for Entrepreneur Stream on 26th Feb 2020      Manitoba PNP Issues 217 Invitations Across Various Streams on 27th Feb 2020      Saskatchewan invites 576 Skilled Applicants in the EOI draw held on 27th February 2020      Canada issues higher 4500 invitations in the newest Express Entry draw on 19th Feb 2020       Manitoba PNP invites 242 skilled applicants in the latest 83rd EOI Draw       SINP Released New EOI Draw with 70 points cut off Score on 13th February 2020       Ontario PNP issues Notifications of Interest under 10 Skilled Occupations on 13th Feb 2020      Latest Alberta PNP draw invites Express Entry Skilled applicants on 22nd January 2020      Alberta Recent Express Entry Draw Reaches 300 CRS Score Issuing 150 Notification of Interest      Now, Canadian Government Verify Immigrants on How Many Days Resides Within the Country      Canada Express Entry Draw Issues 3500 invitations with 472 CRS score on 5th Feb      Manitoba Invites Skilled Workers under the Latest 82nd Expression of Interest Draw      Canada invites with CRS Score 471 in the latest express entry draw held on 22nd Jan 2020      Alberta PNP 2020 Draw, Inviting 150 Express Entry Candidates on 9th January      Prince Edward Island PNP releases first draw of the year 2020      Manitoba PNP 81th EOI Draw Invitation Held on January 17th 2020      Ontario PNP EOI Invitation 15th Jan 2020 Tech draws under Human Capital priority Stream      SINP Newest EOI (Expression of Interest) Express Entry and OID Draw- 13th Jan 2020      Saskatchewan PNP - 308 Candidates Invited ISW EOI Selection Results 9 Jan, 2020      Canada Express Entry draw invites 3400 skilled workers on 8 January 2020      Manitoba PNP (MPNP) Issues 186 Invitations in 80th EOI Draw on 2nd January 2020      Latest update of Canada settlement funds in express entry system in 2020      Ontario PNP total Nomination Allocation for year 2019      Nova Scotia PNP New Draw under the Labour market priority stream      Ontario PNP Update for Regional Immigration Pilot program on 20th Dec 2019      Saskatchewan PNP (SINP Draw) Released Newest EOI Results on 20 Dec 2019, Inviting Skilled Workers       Canada Express Entry System round of Invitations on 19th December 2019      Latest 79th Manitoba EOI Draw Released Under the Expression of Interest System      Beware of Fake Website for Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (PNP)      Ontario PNP Nomination Allocation for the year 2019      Ontario PNP (OINP Draw) issued a Notification of Interest for Skilled Trade Stream      Canada Latest Express Entry invitation round results were out for Federal Skilled Trades program:      Manitoba PNP (MPNP Expression of Interest System) Released Newest Draw Result on 6th December 2019      The Prospective Departmental Plan of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada 2019-20      Alberta PNP Invites Express Entry Candidates Latest Draw Released on 5th December 2019      Nova Scotia(PNP Draw) conducted its latest Invitation Draw under the Labour Market Priorities Stream:      Ontario, 2nd December 2019, Invitations to apply for Entrepreneur Stream!!      Saskatchewan 28th Nov 2019 EOI Draw Invites 460 Express Entries and OID Skilled Migrants      Express Entry Draw 27th Nov 2019 3600 (ITAs) Issued for Skilled Workers      Alberta PNP invites 148 Express Entry Candidates in its Latest Invitations Round Results      Latest Manitoba 77th Invitation Round Results Released on November 21st, 2019       Canada’s Prince Edward Island PNP draw held on November 21, 2019      Pilot Programs Welcomes In Canada For Higher Immigrants      Immigrate to Canada for Study work - A Big Advantage      Canada Invites 3600 in its Latest Express Entry Draw Held on 13th November 2019      SINP Latest EOI (Expression of Interest) Draw held on 12th November 2019      Latest Alberta Express Entry Invitation Round Held on 30th October, 2019      Alberta invites 372 Express Entry Candidates on 24th October, 2019      Manitoba EOI 76th Draw Released on November 7th 2019      The Fourth Industrial Revolution introduced to fill “Skill Shortage” in Canada      SINP Draw of EOIs Results- 31st October 2019 Updated a New Selection      Canada Express Entry Draws latest Invitation Round results on 30 October, 2019      Latest Draws by Nova Scotia for Registered Nurses 28 Oct. 2019      SINP Draws — Expression of Interest (EOI) Selection Results Held on October 24, 2019      Most Recent Manitoba EOI Draw #75 - October 24, 2019      Latest skill Draw by Alberta Inviting 115 Express Entry Candidates      Manitoba Conducted Latest EOI Draw #74 10th October 2019      Saskatchewan EOI Draws Invites Express Entry Candidates 17th Oct. 2019      Recent Express Entry Trades Candidates Were Invited By Canada to be Held On 16 October 2019!!      Latest Saskatchewan New EOI Draws Invites Express Entry and OID Candidates 8th Oct 2019      SINP Conducted on 2nd October 2019 New EOI Draw For Express Entry and OID Candidates      Express Entry Draw Held on 2 October 2019 With CRS 464, 3900 Invitations Issued      Manitoba 73rd Invitation Round Results 25th September 2019      SINP Invites 769 Express Entry and Occupation in Demand Candidates in Major draw 25 September 2019       PEI PNP has issued new draws across various streams on September 19, 2019      Saskatchewan Expands skill occupation demand list from 19 to 200 occupations!      Canada latest September 18 Express Entry draw invites 3600 skilled workers      Alberta Gives Invitations to 294 Express Entry Candidates in Latest Skill Draw      BCPNP new tech-pilot draw results September 2019      Latest Manitoba EOI Draw #72 Results 12 September 2019       71st Manitoba EOI draw results 2019       canada government introduces a two-year pilot program for life times sponsorship ban applicants      Saskatchewan Entrepreneur EOI Draw Result September 5, 2019       BC PNP New Skilled Immigration Draws Results Out Across Various Streams      Saskatchewan Immigration Expected Draw Result Date 2019-20      Nova Scotia Conducts Labour Market Priorities Stream Draw Inviting 204 Express Entry Candidates      Canada latest Express Entry draw held 4 Sept 2019 issued 3600 ITAs      Ontario Immigration Nominee Important Updates 2019!      ontario should focus on immigration outside the greater toronto area      Quebec Government Announces New Funding to Address The Skill Labour Shortage      Quebec Skilled Invitation Round Result July 2019      Second Express Entry Draws out Within Eight Days CRS Drops to 457      Ontario New Express Entry Draws Targets 10 Occupations with CRS 439 - 465      Prince Edward Island held the latest Express Entry, Labour and Business Innovations draw August 2019      Saskatchewan new EOI draws invites 150 Express Entry and OID candidates      Alberta Conducts Two New Express Entry Draws With CRS as Low as 352      Latest Canada Express Entry draw held 12 August issued 3600 ITAs      Nova Scotia Sets High Immigration Target 2019 to Attract Overseas Workers      Canada Federal Party New Immigration Plan Influence by Triumph Policies      Alberta two Express Entry draws for July 2019 out!       British Columbia Conducts New Tech Pilot Draw July 2019      Ontario Invites Tech Experience Candidates with Lowest CRS Score 435      Alberta Rural Immigration Programs Targets 40,000 Newcomers       New Brunswick Requires Registered Nurses Due to an Increasing Labour Shortage      New Brunswick will Target Candidates From Express Entry Pool      New Brunswick Announces New Express Entry Labour Market Stream for Foreign Skilled Migrants      Canada Will Issue New Temporary Resident Permits to Family Violence Victims      Saskatchewan Conducts New EOI Draw for Express Entry and Occupation in-demand stream       Express Entry Latest Skilled Migration Draw 24 July 2019      Quebec Province approves settlement class-action lawsuit against Quebec Immigration Ministry      70th New Manitoba Expression of Interest Draw 18 July 2019       Prince Edward Island Invites 135 Applicants in New EOI Draw held on 18th July 2019      Canada Express Entry Aligned PNP Report Card Jan to July 2019      Ontario conducted tech occupation new Express Entry Draw 2019      New Ontario Draw Will Target 6 Tech Occupations in Express Entry Candidates       Latest Express Entry draw issued 3600 ITAs for Canada PR Visa      Alberta issued 262 Notifications of Interest in Its Latest Express Entry Draw      SINP maximum number of application status July 2019       New Manitoba 69th EOI draw conducted 5 July 2019       Quebec conducted the first ‘Arrima’ skilled invitation draw 2019      Canada’s Express Entry | Year End 2018 Report Glimpses       Quebec Expression of Interest | First Invitations to Be Out Soon      Quebec introduces new immigration platform ‘Arrima’ for skilled migration       Manitoba Conducts New EOI 20 June Draw Under Different Categories       June 26 Express Entry draw invited skilled migrants with CRS 462      Latest Invitation Round Results Prince Edward Island Invites 113 Express Candidates on 20th June 2019 Draw      Saskatchewan Issued 479 Invitations for Express Entry- Occupation In-Demand Candidates Held on 20th June 2019 Draw      New Caregiver Immigration Pilot Program of Canada launches 18 June 2019      canada added 11 new communities under rural and northern immigration pilot      canada has 435000 job opportunities in the first quarter of 2019      New Express Entry Draw 12th June 2019 CRS Score Falls by 5 Points      Manitoba conducts new EOI June 7th draw for Skilled Workers and international graduates      Quebec Immigration level might reach 52,500 by 2022      Saskatchewan Conducts New Express Entry and Occupation in-Demand Draw June 2019       Canada’s PNP Invited Express Entry Candidates in large Numbers; Higher 2019 PNP Target      New BC PNP Skill Immigration & Express Entry Draw out      Nova Scotia new Express Entry draw priorities Early Child Educators      British Columbia PNP Tech Pilot extended until June 2020      Ontario Express Entry Draw Targets 1072 candidates in May 31      New immigration updates under the Nova Scotia Immigrant Nominee Program      New Express Entry Draw 29 May 2019 Invites Skilled Candidates With CRS 470      Nova Scotia introduces new attractive Ways to Invite Skilled and Qualified Workers      Manitoba New Invitation issued on 23rd May 2019 for Skilled Workers and International Graduates      New Alberta Express Entry draw Invites Candidates With CRS 301      SINP Conducts New EOI Draws for Express Entry and OID Candidates      Immigration Results in Fastest Population Growth in Canadian Maritime Provinces      Prince Edward Island conducts new EOI draws across various PEI PNP streams      Latest Express Entry Trades Candidates were Invited by Canada!!      Alberta invites 3,357 Express Entry candidates with lowest CRS score 300 for a provincial nomination      Canada Employment Gain Largest in the Month of April 2019      manitoba conducts new eoi draw across various skilled worker streams      Manitoba Launches New Rural Pilot Programs to Attract Workers in Regional Areas      Canada Parents and Grandparents Program Now Open      SINP Conducts New EOI Draws for Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand Candidates      Latest Express Entry CRS draw score drops for Canada PR!      Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program reopens Masters Graduate Stream!      Canada Immigrant Owned Businesses Create High Growth Jobs!      Canada Immigration Candidates Invited in 3 MPNP Streams      canada targets specific occupations skilled workers in provincial nominee programs      Canada Invites Sponsors for Parents and Grandparents Program !       Ontario announces new proposed OINP changes 2019!       PEI PNP issues 130 ITAs across its various skilled categories      New Express Entry draw issues 3350 ITAs at CRS 451      Saskatchewan Conducts Occupation Specific EOI Draws Later Revises in-demand Occupation List      Ontario declares new foreign workers stream to attract smaller communities      Manitoba Issues 403 Invitations to Express Entry Candidates      Ontario Declares New Foreign Workers Stream to Attract Smaller Communities      Unlock the new opportunities for Provincial Nominee Programs 2019      H-1B Visa Applicants Now Shifting Interest in Canada PR      SINP revised In Demand Occupations List for the year 2019      New Express Entry Draw CRS Dips to 451 Inviting 3350 Candidates      Manitoba Seventh EOI Draw 2019 Invitations Across Various Stream Reaches 3000      Canada Global Talent Scheme Pilot Program is Now Permanent      Canada Express Entry 2019 ITAs quarterly Report      Canada launches the Agri food Industry Immigration Pilot Program      Canada Population Consists of 61 Percent New Immigrants in 2018      New Invitation draw conducted by Ontario for New Skilled Trade Stream      OINP’s Masters Graduate Stream faces technical error after quota opens      PEI Draw Invites 150 Applicants in March 21 Draw      Nova Scotia issued new Express Entry invitations to French-speaking candidates       New Express Entry CRS Score Drops Two Points in March 20 Draw      Ontario Immigration Nominee Program Invitations Increases in 2019      British Columbia Introduced Two Regional Pilot Programs to Attract Entrepreneurs for Business       Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program issued 337 LAAs to Skilled Workers       Canada releases additional 2000 skilled worker temporary requirements for PNPs      Manitoba Provincial Nominee Immigration Report for the year 2018      Canada will assist foreign skilled newcomers to find work and job!      Ontario gains in Canadian Employment in February!       SINP- OID Category Increases Processing Time and Application Fee      83 Percent Women Empowerment in Canada’s Labour Market 2018      Saskatchewan Conducts New EOI Draw Under Express Entry and OID Streams      Caregivers Permanent Pathway Now Opens for Canada PR      Ontario’s Masters Graduate Stream Reopens and Closes Within 2 hours!      Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program extended till 2021       New Manitoba EOI draw invites 403 skilled workers under MPNP streams      Alberta Immigration for Rural Communities Might Bring 40000 Newcomers by 2024       Quebec Skilled Worker Program the Province will give priority to 3,700 Applicants Already Residing       Caregivers Immigration to Canada from India through the Interim Pathway      Home Child Care and Home Support Worker Pilot Program for Immigration to Canada      Saskatchewan Invites 83 Express Entry Skilled Workers in the Latest EOI Draw       Quebec Judge Ordered Processing of Pending 18,000 Skilled Worker Program Applications      Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Report 2018      Manitoba Conducts Second Skilled Workers Overseas Draws on February 21 2019       New PEI PNP draws invites 199 skilled candidates for provincial nomination       Immigration Lawyer’s Demands Court Order for Quebec’s Pending 18,000 Skilled Worker Applications      New Express Entry draw records high CRS score giving 3350 ITAs      Latest Manitoba Draw Invited 444 Applicants Under Various MPNP Streams      Quebec Receives More Than 91,000 EOIs Despite Immigration Controversies      Canada Increases Application Time for Post-graduation Work Permits      Maximum Age Limit for Canada PR from India      Time to Rejoice for Applicants in Canada's Express Entry Pool!      Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Issued 61 Invitations to French Speaking Skilled Workers      Quebec To Eliminate 18,000 Skilled Worker Program Applications Backlog      Express Entry Linked Provincial Nomination Program January 2019 Report       Canada invited nearly 40,000 immigration applicants in January 2019!      British Columbia Express Entry Nominations Report 2018      Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Grows In 2019!      SINP Tentative EOI Draw Results Date 2019 Out!      Increase in proof of settlement funds for Express Entry applicants      MPNP Issued New Invitations to Skilled Workers Bringing January Tally to 1,082      Canada Extends Open Work Pilot for Sponsored Spouses and Common Law Partners      January’s New Express Entry Draw Reaches Tally 11,150 ITAs      Ontario Issued 917 NOIs Under Skilled Trades And French Speaking Worker Streams      Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Program aims to Accept 27,000 Applications      Nova Scotia Invites Auditors and Accountants to Apply for Canada PR!      Canada Introduces New Immigration Pilot for Rural And Northern Communities For Permanent Residence      Second Express Entry Draw 2019 Records CRS Score Drops!      Canada Pension Plan 2019-2020 Essential Benefits!      SINP Conducts New Year Draw for Express Entry and OID Candidates      Prince Edward Island Conducts First Draw for 2019 in Different PEI PNP Streams!      Manitoba Issues 626 Invitations Across Various MPNP Streams in First 2019 Draw      Ontario Issues 1493 ITAs in First Express Entry Draw 2019!      Canada PR Visa Options Will Open For Grandparents and Parents January 28, 2019      PEI PNP Predictable EOI Draw Schedule 2019      The First Express Entry Draws 2019 Gives 3900 ITAs      BC PNP Conducts 2nd Skilled Draw For January 2019!      Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program Key Changes: New Programs Implemented For 2019      Canada Offers Settlement Services For The New Migrants Before Arrival      Express Entry Forecast For Canada PR 2019!      Ontario and British Columbia The Highest Employment Rate Provinces of 2018!      SINP New EOI Draws 2019 For Entrepreneur Category Out!      SINP Sets Maximum Number of Applications For Employment Offer Category!      Express Entry 2018 Report and 2019 Canada PR Chances      492 Skilled Workers Invited Under Latest Manitoba Expression of Interest Draw      Latest PEI PNP Draw Issued 74 Expression of Interest      Latest Express Entry Draw Dropped Down to Lowest CRS 439!      Year 2019 is Your Canadian Permanent Residency Year!      Quebec Refreshes Migration Application Handling Charges For 2019      Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program 2019 Latest Updates       Canada PR Options For Grandparents and Parents Reopen in January 2019      BC PNP Issued 31 Skill Immigration and Express Entry Invitations in Latest Draw!      Latest Express Entry Cut-Off CRS 445, Only 124 ITAs Away to Break New Express Entry Record      Canada PR Options With Increasing Age Factor Points      Canada Adopts UN Migration Agreement Pact      Canada’s Provinces Unemployment Rate Lowest in November 2018      SINP Issues 743 EOIs to Skill Workers in Latest Draw!      British Columbia Issues New 387 Invitations for Provincial Nomination      Ontario, Manitoba and Newfoundland Increases Skill Migration Intake 2019      Quebec New PR Immigration Plan For 2019 is Fixed at 40,0000      Manitoba Issued New 523 Letters of Advice to Apply For Provincial Nomination      Manitoba Opens New Immigration Pathway For International Graduates      BC PNP Gives 42 Invitations in New Tech Pilot Draw      New Brunswick Reopens Express Entry’s Labour Market Stream      New Express Entry Draw Out On 445 CRS Giving 3900 ITAs      Ontario’s Express Entry New Invitations Given to HCP and Skilled Trade Stream      New SINP EOI Draw Invites 514 Applicants in Express Entry and OID Streams       BC PNP New Tech - Pilot Draw Invited 41 Applicants to International Skilled Workers and Graduates Stream      BC PNP to Introduce New Entrepreneur Pilot Stream in 2019      Manitoba Immigration Plan (2018-2024) Will Welcome 13,100 Skilled Migrants Annually      Most of the Canadian People Support Immigration and Believe It’s Good For Economy      Nova Scotia PNP Express Entry Stream Opens November 17, 2018 to Invite New Applications!      PEI Issued 176 Invitations in Its New Expression of Interest Draw 2018      Latest Express Entry Draw Invited EE Applicants with All Time 2018      New Brunswick to Soon Face Huge Labour Shortage; Require 7500 Skilled Migrants Per Year      OINP PNP Successfully Filled 6,600 Places & New Applications Still Open For 2019 NOIs      SINP’s Entrepreneur Stream New EOI Draw Dates Out 2019       BC PNP Invited 35 Tech - Specialized Skilled Workers and Graduates      469 New Skilled Worker Invited Under Latest Manitoba EOI Draw      New Important PNP Changes in Manitoba Immigration Process      Alberta Brings in New Updates to Minimum Income and Language Requirement for Alberta Opportunity Stream       SINP Latest Draw Gave 926 Invitations Under Express Entry and OID Streams      Canada’s New Improved PR Immigration Plan 2019-21      Canada Offering Easy Solutions For The Overseas Migrants to Work!      Latest Express Entry Draw Maintains High Invitations at 3900 With CRS 442      BC PNP New Tech Pilot Issued 35 Invitations      Indians Searched More Canadian Jobs than U.S., Says Study      OINP Issues New Invitations to Express Entry Candidates Under Skill Trades and French - Speaking Skilled Worker Streams      Atlantic Provinces Giving More Jobs to International Workers      BC PNP Invited 472 Express Entry and Skill Immigration Workers      9th PEI Draw Issued 297 New EOIs to Express Entry Candidates      New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream Temporarily Closed      Canadian Citizenship Awarded to 6442 Citizens      Manitoba Issued 354 Letters of Apply to Skill Workers and Overseas Stream      New Express Entry Draws Invited 3900 ISW With CRS 440      BCPNP Issues 24 Invitations to Apply Under Tech Pilot Stream      SINP In-Demand Occupation List 2019 Revised      New SINP Draw Invited Foreign Skill Workers With Lowest Score      Third Quarter Report - Express Entry Linked Provincial Nominee Programs      Canada Population Level Up by Half Million, Credits Immigration!      Manitoba’s Provincial Nomination Program Celebrates 20 Years!      Canadian Citizenship Weeks Begins October 8, 2018      British Columbia PNP Issues 351 Invitations Under Provincial Nomination Streams      New Express Entry Draws Out Giving 3900 ITA’s With CRS 445      New Skill Workers Invited Under Manitoba Expression of Interest Draw      BC PNP Issued 28 Invitations Prioritizing Tech Pilot Stream      SINP Conducts Third EOI Draw With Lowest Points Score      8TH PEI Draw Issued 124 EOIs to Express Entry Candidates      SINP Issued 140 EOIs With 75 Points Score      3500 ITAs Issued With CRS 441 in Latest Express Entry Draw      QSWP Immigration Portal ‘Arrima’ Now Opens      New Invites Issued Under OINP-French Speaking Stream      MPNP Conducted New EOI Draw for International Skilled Workers      CELPIP English Exam Comes to India!       Canada Application Processing May Delay Due to Labour Negotiations      Ontario Waives off 400 CRS Minimum Requirement for OINP- Human Capital Stream      British Columbia Invited 32 Applicants in Its Weekly Specific Draw      Quebec Investor Program Will Invite 1,900 Applications      Outline of Northern Ontario Immigration Pilot      Latest BC PNP Draw Issued 397 Invitations to Express Entry and Skilled Worker Candidates      3900 ITAs Issued to ISW in Latest Express Entry Draw      Canadian Citizens Can Work in Australia Without Work Permit!      Quebec City Wants More Skilled Workers in Province to Address Labour Skill Shortages      Indian h1 b Holders in us want to Immigrate to Canada      British Columbia Issued New Invitations in Its Skill Immigration and Express Entry Streams      Anticipated SINP Draw Schedule 2018 Released      Now Get Canada PR Within 3 Weeks!      SINP Issued 466 New EOIs With 68 Point Score      SINP in- Demand List Revised for 2018-19!      CRS 440 Remains Constant in New Express Entry Draw      Manitoba Invited Skilled Workers and Overseas in 49th Latest EOI Draw      Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Introduces Lottery System for Year 2019!      60,000 New Nurses Required in Canada!      PEI issued new EOIs to 118 express entry applicants      Ontario Issued New Invitations Under Express Entry Streams With Low CRS 350      BC PNP Invites 405 Applicants Under Express Entry and Skilled Immigration Streams      IRCC Focuses on Less Processing Times for Canada PR Applications      314 Early Educators and Assistants Invited Under Nova Scotia Express Entry Stream      New Express Entry Draw Invites FSW With 440 CRS; 3750 ITAs Issued      BC PNP Issues 31 New Tech Pilot Invitations      Nova Scotia Invites Skilled Migrants Through New Priority Stream      SINP’S Expression of Interest (EOI) Draw Dates Out!      Parents and Grandparents Can Get Invitations for Canada PR SOON!      BC PNP issues 400 ITA’s to express entry and skilled immigration applicants      Changes Made to Quebec Experience Program W.E.F 2ND August      CIC Invites 3750 FSW Workers With 441 CRS Score      Nine New Occupations Added to New Brunswick Express Entry Priority List      British Columbia Invited 27 Skilled Workers and Graduates Under Tech Pilot Draw      PEI Issued 125 New invitations in Latest Expression of Interest Draw!      Quebec’s Expression of Interest System for Skilled Migration Effective from August 2, 2018      SINP Will Give More Skilled Migration Chances From Today!      More Skilled Immigration Options Through Atlantic Pilot Program!      BC PNP Issues 241 New Invitations Under Skill Immigration and Express Entry Streams      Latest CRS Draw Sticks to 442; 3750 Invitations Given      SINP Says ‘BYE’ to ‘First Come First Served Model’ and ‘HELLO’ to Expression of Interest (EOI) System for ISW Sub-Categories      Manitoba Invites ISW With Lowest Express Entry Points       Alberta Removed Occupations in Its Refusal to Process LMIA List       SINP Express Entry Re-Opens for 500 Overseas Skilled Workers      Attention! SINP in-Demand List Changed for ISW Programs      Tech Pilot Stream is Extended Until June 2019 BC PNP       International Skilled Workers Will Now Have 60 Days to Revert Back Their ITA’s      Latest Express Entry CRS Drops to 442 Within 11 Days; 3750 Invitations Given      592 Invitations Issued by Manitoba in Latest Expression of Interest Draw      PEI Issued 135 Invitations Under New Expression Entry Daw 2018!      Innovative Pilot Project to Increase Job Opportunities for ISW in Hotel Industry!      Canada Future Lies in Improving Foreign Worker Program!      Alberta Welcomes More Immigration Opportunities for International Skilled Workers      Changes to Alberta Nominee Program Brings in More Opportunities for International Skilled Workers      Latest CRS Draw Jumps to 451 After Regular Hump in the Previous Draws!      SINP’s Express Entry International Skilled Worker category reaches 400 thresholds within 2 hours of its opening!      Canadian Government Added 3 New Occupations to Global Talent Stream      Canada Immigration For ‘Person with Disabilities’ Now in Effect!      Indian Students Rejoice; Now Onwards There is Faster Student Application Process      SINP’s Occupational in-Demand Stream Opens with Minimum 4.5 IELTS Bands      Canada’s Express Entry Report 2017 at Glance!      Manitoba Conducted 45th Draw for MPNP Under Expression of Interest System      British Columbia Continues to Issue 27 New Invitations in Its Tech Focused Draw      Ontario Invites 64 Express Entry Candidates Under Skilled Trades and French-Speaking Skilled Worker Streams       CRS Reached New Low in the 90th Express Entry Draw!      BC Issues 186 Invitations Under Skills Immigration and Express Entry Categories      Ontario Issues 75 Invitations Through Express Entry Linked Streams      PEI Issued 78 Invitations Under 4th Expression of Interest Draw      British Columbia Issues New Invitations Under Weekly Pilot Program      Expression of Interest Draw: Manitoba Invites 600 Immigration Candidates       Express Entry Latest Draw 2018- 9 May      Manitoba Releases Expression of Interest Draw on 13 April, 2018      Ontario Issued Invitations Again to Express Entry Candidates       British Columbia Issued Fresh Invitations on 2nd of May      New Brunswick PNP’s Express Entry Category Reopened with an Expanded List of Priority Occupations      Nova Scotia Announced 350 New Application to be Accepted on 28th April Through Its Express Entry Stream      New Round of Invitations by Ontario: Focus on Express Entry Candidates       Is Your University Recognised?      Latest Express Entry Draw Took Place Inviting 3,500 Applicants      BC PNP’s Latest Draw Update: 225 Invites Issued      PEI Issued 169 Invitations in Latest Expression of Interest Draw      New Invitations to Entrepreneurs Issued by Saskatchewan      Ontario Conducted Fresh Round of Invites for Express Entry Candidates      ‘’Immigrants Earn More in Canada’’-Federal Study on Post Arrival of Skilled Workers      Canada Revokes ‘Controversial’ Medical Rules for Immigrants      13 Invitations are Issued by Ontario Under Its Entrepreneur Stream      BC Tech Pilot Invited Skilled Workers and Graduates      Canada to Expand Biometric Program      Ontario issued 142 new NOIs through its Express Entry Stream      Latest Express Entry Draw Conducted With Highest Intake       A New Reconsideration Process Introduced by AINP      Ontario to Implement a New Immigration Agreement 2018      British Columbia Invited Applications at Lower Point Score      Ontario Accepts Applications Under its Popular Masters Graduate Stream      Technical Hitch led to Quebec Accepting Applications Under Closed Quota      Canadian City of Toronto Increasingly Hiring International Workers      For Quality of Lives of Canadians, Federal and BC Provincial Government Join Hands to Invest Significant Amount      Quebec to Launch its Very Own Immigrant’s Intake System Like Express Entry      Ontario issue NOI to Candidates from Express Entry pool with CRS as low as 351      Canada Experiencing Lowest Rate of Unemployment in the Country Since the Past 10 Years!      Latest Express Entry Draw Conducted with 10 Point-Drop in Cut-off      70% of Canada’s Population Growth in Last Quarter of 2017 is Resultant of International Migration      More Invitations to Workers, Graduates and Entrepreneurs by British Columbia PNP      In Support of Multi-Year Immigration Plans, IRCC will Receive a Sum of $747 Million      With Open Arms, Canada is Welcoming Migrants: Justin Trudeau      Rise in Immigration Levels at Atlantic Canada: Latest Research Projects to Ensure Stability of Newcomers      Prince Edward Island Invited Express Entry Candidate in Second Draw of 2018      Alberta to Launch its Express Entry Stream in 2018      2017 (Q1 & Q2) Report Card: 90% ITAs were Issued to Candidates Without Job Offer      Ontario All Set to Implement a New Immigration Agreement      Ontario Issues 10 EOI to Candidates Under Entrepreneur Stream      Indian Tech Professionals are Migrating to Canada in Huge Numbers      Manitoba Invited Latest Draw Inviting 638 Candidates Under its Provincial Nomination Program      5th Express Entry Draw of 2018 Conducted: Invited 3,000 Applicant at 456 CRS Cut-Off       New Immigration Stream for Physicians Opened in Nova Scotia      Canada Needs to Accelerate Immigration of Skilled Workers: Governor of Bank of Canada      Canada Reported Record High Vacancies For Skilled Workers      339 Skilled Workers and Graduates Invited by British Columbia Latest Draw      Government of Canada Announced Visa Application Centres to Open Across Globe For Assistance to Travellers Coming to Canada      Update on Police Clearance Certificate Requirement for Express Entry      Canada’s Federal Budget- Overpowering Immigrants!      Women Immigrants to be Supported More in Canada’s Federal Budget 2018      An Initiative to Increase Francophone Immigrants Outside Boundaries of Quebec Province       Is there any chance that the CRS draw in Canada drops down to 400 before the end of March 2018?      Ontario Conducts Round of Invitations For Express Entry Candidates      Prince Edward Island Releases PNP Anticipated Draw Schedule 2019      Boosting Demand of Tech Professionals in Canada      British Columbia Sends For 354 Invitations in Recent Draws      Express Entry Next Draw Prediction 2019      Nova Scotia’s Best year at welcoming Immigrants      Saskatchewan PR Rules and Policies 2019      New Round of Invitation conducted: CIC invites 3,000 candidates       Saskatchewan’s Application System Now at Ease      Canadian Government Waived Off Fee For Minors Looking to Apply for Canadian Citizenship      Canada’s Potential Candidate For 2019 Federal Elections ‘Jagmeet Singh’ Can Bring Good News For Indian Immigrants      Canada Immigration Update: Amendment in ‘Excessive Demand’ Under Medical Inadmissibility Rule      Canada Planning to Spend $440 Million to Welcome Immigrants Over Next 3 Years       Revision in Canada Spousal Sponsorship Document Checklist       Valentine Day update: Canada now cleared 80% of Spousal Sponsorship backlog      Ontario HCP Stream Issued More Invitation in The Latest Draws Conducted on February 12      Handful of Spots Filled By Nova Scotia Under New Immigration Program      British Columbia Latest Draw: 338 Skilled Workers and Graduates Invited       Top in-Demand Occupations in Canada in 2018- According to a Study      Ontario issues NOIs under Express Entry – HCP stream      Increase in ITAs and Drop in Cut-Off: Latest Express Entry Draw Conducted on February 7      Manitoba Invited 546 Total Applications Through Different Streams      Ontario Re-Opens its Masters Graduate and PHD Stream      New Express Entry Draw 2018 Opens With Record Low Start!      Ontario Announced Increased Nomination Allocation For 2018, Program will also Resume Issuing Notifications of Interest      Saskatchewan opened 400 new applications under Express Entry Category      10th January Express Entry Draw: Lowest CRS Score Cut-Off Since The Birth Of Express Entry      Increase in Canada’s settlement funds for skilled migration      Saskatchewan Changes Its Occupation In-Demand List       Canada Re-Opens Parents and Grandparents Sponsor Programs      Latest Announcements Regarding Canada Immigration      Total of 178 Letter of Advice to Apply issued by Manitoba in the last draw of 2017      Choose the Right Immigration Program to Apply for Canada PR Visa      IRCC Revoked Duration Limit For Provisional Temporary Workers in Canada      Latest Express Entry Draw update 2,750 Candidates Invited       Ontario Opens For Extra Nominations For The Year 2017      Latest Express Entry Draw Conducted at 452 CRS Inviting 2750 in total      Manitoba Latest EOI Draw Invites 272 Skilled Foreign Workers       Medical Examination Requirement Obligatory For Some, Relief For Some      OINP Reaches Allocation Limit For 2017      15 November 2017 Cut-Off CRS Score of 439 is 19 Points Lower Than Last Week’s Draw, Which had a Cut-off Score of 458      Latest Express Entry Draw with CRS Cut-off High as 458, Inviting 2,000 Candidates      The Popular Program of Ontario’s PNP- Ontario HCP Stream are Accepting Applications Now      Canada to Witness Nearly One Million New Foreign Immigrants by Year 2020      Manitoba issued LAA to 395 skilled workers in the Latest Draw      Definition of Age of Dependant Now Expanded      1,000 New Applications Re-opens For Saskatchewan Express Entry Category      SINP Express Entry Stream has Opened Yesterday Night and Still Accepting The Applications      No admissionability in Alberta Opportunity Stream till January 2, 2018      Nova Scotia EE Stream, category A reaches consumption limit with intake of 300 applicants      Low cut off threshold yet again for British Columbia!      The latest express entry draw issued on 4th October saw point score increase i.e., 438 inviting 2,801 candidates.      Express Entry latest draw- CRS at 433 inviting 2,785 candidates to apply      The latest express entry draw issued on 6th September saw one point score increase i.e., 435 inviting 2,772 candidates.      20th Express Entry Draw of August launched - Latest 2017      SINP International Skilled Worker Closed in 24 hours      SINP Occupations in-demand Stream re-opens accepting 1200 applicants      9th August Express entry Cut-off draw invited 2,991 applicants with CRS of 433 or above      Canada PR Visa IELTS Band Requirement 2019      Cut-Off Express Entry– Inviting 3,264 candidates for Canada PR visa      Start-up visa as a permanent feature in 2018 for Canada immigration – PR Visa      Tech-only candidates invited in British Columbia PNP immigration draw       Fraudulent Immigration emails sent to OINP applicants      Nova Scotia with Halifax Partnership – Atlantic Immigration Pilot Agreement to Fill Labour gaps       Received a suspicious Email asking for a fee after nomination for OINP PR Be aware       Fall in CRS cut off for Express Entry in the 12th July Draw 440 CRS for 3202 nominated candidates      Fall in CRS cut-off for Express Entry in the 12th July Draw      Fall in CRS cut-off for Express Entry in the 12th July Draw–440 CRS for 3,202 nominated candidates      Fall in CRS cut-off for Express Entry in the 12th July Draw–440 CRS for 3,202 nominated candidates      Manitoba has Invited 90 applicants under the Business Immigration Stream program       Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry Is Accepting Applications      Ontario Administration issue a list of Targeted Information and Communications Technology Occupations under the Express Entry Stream      Latest 66th Express Entry Draws Invite 3409 on 28th of June 2017 with 449 CRS      The government of Ontario issue estimated processing time for newcomers      Manitoba issued 605 ITAs to Skilled Workers under Manitoba PNP in last two draws      Canadian Citizenship for Permanent Residents becomes law, Here are the new changes you need to know      Soon Canadian Citizenship Act will become a law, Government implements the changes      You may have another chance to sponsor Parent and Grandparent for Canada Permanent Residency      Canadian government sets the baseline of 300,000 immigrants to enter in Canada on Permanent Resident Visa Every Year      Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program’s Employ Job Offer stream reaches to its intake limit      Canadian government launches the strategies of Global Talent Stream       New Change in Express Entry, Now IRCC Can Rank Tied CRS Scored Candidates      British Columbia issues 346 Invitations to Apply for Canada Permanent Residency      Changes in Express Entry Ranking System/Point System 2017      Ontario launched new stream for trades persons aligned with Express Entry      Record Fall in Express Entry CRS Score, ITAs issued on CRS 413 or more      Quebec Immigration Investors Program reopens, only 1900 application will be accepted      Express Entry Draw: IRCC issues 143 ITAs to Provincial Nomination Certificate candidates on CRS 775      Ontario PNP: International PhD Graduate Stream Reaches To Its Intake Limit      Express Entry Draw Takes Place, 3,687 ITAs Issued For 415 CRS Score      Saskatchewan reopens Its Express Entry Stream, only 600 applications will be accepted      Manitoba Introduces A Non-refundable Fee $500 For Skilled Worker Category      British Columbia invites 364 candidates to apply for provincial nomination certificate      Total 40 LAAs issued in April by Manitoba government      Manitoba Government plans to service improvements in its Provincial Nominee Program      QSWP will accept 5000 applications during 2017-18      Fall in Express Entry CRS requirement, gives opportunity to fresh candidates      BC Second Draw within a Week, 343 Candidates Got Invitation to Immigrate    
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at: RBI Bank

Tenzin yega

Staff Nurse
at: Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Irameet Kaur

at: JIMS

Gaurav Kumar

Power Trading Exceutive
at: Noida Power Company Ltd.

Vikas Kumar

at: Bar Council of Punjab

Leonard jude

Senior Software Engineer
at: Rockwell Collins

Ritwik Chatterjee

Strategic Accounts BDM
at: Vodafone

Anchal Sharma

at: JLL

Malini Balekatte

Test Lead
at: Wipro

Avinash Shukla

Senior Manager
at: VMware Software India Pvt. Ltd.

Rajdeep Roy and Ankita

Business Analyst
at: IBM

Garima Chaudhary

Veterinary Officer
at: Department of Animal Husbandry

Sini Kuriakose

Research Fellow
at: I.P. University

Jeewan Jyoti Zinta

Senior Test Engineer
at: GlobalLogic

Gaurav Gupta

Accounting Manager
at: Mckinsey & Company

Supreet Singh

Pramit Das

at: Samsung

Madhukar Mohan Raj

Database Analyst
at: Modria

Sajjan Kumar

at: Farmer

Pratheek Adi

Senior Systems Engineer
at: Siemens Healthineers

Jithin Jose

Senior Test Engineer
at: IBS

Satish Behara

Megha Arora

Disputes Analyst
at: American Express

Varun Taneja

Harshit Sexena

Assistant Manager
at: EXL Service India Pvt.Ltd.

Naren Gotur

Software Test Engineer
at: Ascendum

Gurvinder Pal

Senior Lead
at: Diksha Future Now

Krishan kant

at: Texas University

Mayank Gupta

Abhishek Bhardwaj

Procurement Officer
at: HCL