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The great countries give great experience and America is one of those countries which do give an experience for a lifetime. The country has its own charm with snow covered peaks, fancy restaurants, big open skies and paradisiac nature.

Everyone dreams of visiting the states once in their lifetime and lucky are those people who travel frequently to the most powerful country. With Aptech Visa, you are bound to have a smooth tourist visa process.

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Usa Tourist Visa:

If one wants to visit United States then they have to apply for USA Visitor Visa which is a tourist visa to the United States of America. It is called as B1-B2 Visa for non-immigrants traveling to the United States temporarily for business purposes (B-1) or for visiting family/ friends or pleasure or medical treatment (B-2) or for both purposes (B-1/B-2). Generally, the B-1 and B-2 visas are combined and issued as one B-1/B-2 visa.

Eligibility Requirements:

Following conditions should be met to apply for USA Visitor Visa:

  • The sole purpose of your trip should be a temporary visit to the United States of America for pleasure, business or a medical treatment.
  • The duration of the stay should be specific and for a limited period of time.
  • Evidence that you have adequate funds to sponsor your visit.

You are willing to go back to your home country after your stay is over in the United States

Documents Checklist:

After checking the eligibility criteria, the next step is to furnish the following documents along with your application form:

  • Passport which has the validity of 6 months after your period of stay gets over in United States of America.
  • Recent two passport size colored photographs taken within the last 6 months.
  • Current proof of the income, assets, property etc.
  • Your travel plan in detail/Travel Itinerary.
  • Character certificate

Additionally, based on your purpose of visit you must bring these additional documents:

For Students:

  • Latest school result mark sheet, transcripts and degrees/diplomas.
  • Proof of the financial status (bring monthly bank statements, fixed deposit slips etc.)

For Working Adults:

  • Employment letter from the employer
  • Salary slips of the past 3 months.

For Business Visitors and Company Directors:

  • The proof of your position in the company and remuneration.

For Visiting Relative:

  • The proof of your relative’s residency status like green card, valid visa, naturalization certificate

For Previous Visitors:

  • If you have already been to the United States, any documents attesting to your immigration or visa status.

For Medical Purposes:

  • A medical report from your local physician explaining the nature of your ailment and why you need to require treatment in the United States.
  • A letter from the physician in the United States expressing willingness for treating your ailment and detailing the projected length and cost of treatment including hospitalization fees, doctor’s fees and all expenses related to medical treatment.
  • A statement from the concerned individual or organization claiming to pay your transportation, medical and living expenses along with their official bank statements of income/savings or certified copies of income tax returns.

Application Process:

  • Fill the visitor visa application form DS 160
  • Pay the visitor visa application fee
  • Take first appointment for visa interview
  • Schedule an appointment for visitor visa fingerprinting at visa application center.
  • Go for second visa interview at the designated US consulate.

Fee Structure:

At Aptech Visa, we make sure that your visa application process is a timeless process and hence we charge a very nominal price for the same. To know more in this regard, contact our immigration experts at 7503832132 or mail your query at info@aptechvisa.com


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