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We have been living in Ontario, Canada for last 9 months and now we are feeling apart of the community. We are having a lot of friends and connections. We have visited many popular cities within this time but still there are a lot of places which we have missed and very soon we will be covering them too.

We are a young family composed of me, my wife and one small child basically we from Thucklay, Tamil Nadu. We were seeking for some bright, relaxed and safer lifestyle for our little daughter and then we decided to move to Canada, where we can find all the above mentioned features. Today we are proud of our decision that we chose Canada, Ontario. In Ontario peace and quiet are found everywhere, even in busy places, which is exactly what we were looking for.

My wife Juno and I share the responsibility of taking care of our daughter. Yet after a few months of getting interviews, doing volunteer work, studying courses and getting involved with the community, we both found professional opportunities in our fields and today we are working in such a great organizations that we never thought about.


It is the best city to live in for families – there are plenty of parks, kids’ activities and low crimes. It is a very safe to live in and the people are lovely. We do miss our family and friends back home, but that is really the only hard part and we hope we can travel more often there to visit, like once every 1 or 2 years!

Our journey of this immigration process started when we had our daughter and we thought about her future and we consulted on of the most reputed and professional organization i.e. Aptech visa. They do not charge much as their consultancy fee and give you the ultimate services which any other persons can also avail. When we got our visa approval it was one of the happiest days of our life! At the same time though, we were a little bit tense and wondered what we should do next.

it is important to have very good planning for your move. Aptech Global is one of most successful immigration company having its branches in different states and countries. My overall procedure took 11 months to complete. Even though I was in Thucklay and it was difficult for me to move to New Delhi every now and then, but I never felt disheartened that I chose Aptech visa to fulfill my dreams.



Finding a job is another big challenge! It is not that there is no job opportunity - there is plenty of jobs - but it depends on you to take any job, any rate, at the start and then go up step by step to get the job you want according to your skills! Please do not think that if you were a manager back home you should be a manager here straight away!For me I had a regional position and worked in different states like Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Madras, Tamil Nadu.

But when I first came to Ontario I worked for 1 month in the front office department at a 5 star hotel. This was a blessing to start with and fun at the same time!
After that I found a better job in another company more related to my skills and with a better salary. I stayed there for 3 months, and then I finally got an even more related job. They are great people to work with and very down to earth owners, I can’t ask for more career wise. I can see my future is with this company and eventually I plan to get a higher position like I used to have previously.

Here in Ontario, they appreciate families so even with managerial jobs, or any job, you will always have a quality time to spend with your family!

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