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Jithin Jose



Here I am sharing my experience of lifestyle in Canada, Ontario. I am here from last 1 year and feeling very much delighted, loved the climate and atmosphere which is quite different from other Countries and India also. 

Initially it took time for me to settle there in foreign country but then things were get sorted out and finally today I would love to be proud of my decision that I opted for Canada. I am working here in most reputed organization and earning better than before. 

I went India 2 months back and was comparing lifestyle of both the countries and now I am imagining that how Canada is different from other countries, here I would like to share an incidence in Canada where I lost my wallet and ran out to get into the bus and then I came to know that I do not have my wallet with me and then bus driver did not ask me for money and let me go my way wherever I want and also gave me some amount so that I can manage myself easily.

I really felt glad at that time when I was helpless and was not able to do anything; the bus driver helped me out with money. Here people are very polite and understanding.


The immigration experience with my consultant i.e. Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. has been wonderful.
They completed my case within 8 months for overall process since starting and their services are very good and transparent, I would definitely recommend other persons for this company who ever are seeking for Canada immigration.

My case officer was very well trained and experienced, she never made any single mistake in my case and I never felt bad in this 8 months journey. I would love to do if I can do anything for her and for the company because of them today I am here and enjoying the lifestyle. 
Within this time I was done with ECA, IELTS, and then after filing Express Entry I got direct invitation and they filed my application within a month and it took another month to get my visa approval.



Initially I did survival job in a store as I was not able to get proper job, I worked out there for at least 2 months and then got permanent job after exploring Canada without anyone’s help. So here I would say to other participants, that it is not difficult to get a job in Canada if you have good experience, communication skills and other eligible parameters.

I am also buying a new home for me and also thinking to get married with an Indian girl and then we both will settle down here. I am also sponsoring my parents through Aptech Global Immigration Services only. 6 months have been passed and now it will take another 6 months and my parents would be here in Canada with me and we will enjoy the life here. 

Overall it was amazing journey, experience and rests what would I say, I cannot explain my gratitude towards everyone who participated in my case and made it true.

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