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Gaurav Kumar Singh



My name is Gaurav Kumar Singh; I am from Madhya Pradesh and was living in Noida before going to Canada. I came here in Canada 5 months ago.
There are many things that brought me to Canada. First of all I would say the people and culture here; I really enjoy interacting with them. Really good living environment and stuff.

It all started when my supportive parents said that I should think of immigrating. We then started doing our research and found out that Canada is on top of the list for the best country to live in! Then my research started for the top expert immigration consultancy and while searching online, I came up with name of Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. 
I visited there and locked my mind for this consultancy only as they are very transparent, they do not play duplicity games like other consultants do. They did not ensure me that I will get my PR visa, they only explained me the process and I made my mind to start up the process.


What I like most about Ontario is the natural environment; I think it’s wonderful to feel so close to nature in your daily life, to see animals (kangaroos, rabbits, foxes, possums) and birds (parrots, cockatoos, magpies, crows, ducks, swans), to breath clean air and to hear the sounds of nature. I am having the highest degree of MBA from “University of Petroleum and Energy Studies”. 

Canada is good and is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.When I landed first in Ontario, I can never forget the pure air which I breathe and the cleanliness of roads, the politeness of the people and a lot of things which I can never forget. After 2 months doing part time job in my irrelevant profile, finally I got a good job in my field particularly. 

Initially I was confused and nervous while going alone to Canada but when I visited here, I can assure you that anyone can easily survive and make yourself comfortable as the people living here are very polite and helpful. I never felt disheartened about my decision that I opted Canada for my bright future.



Now you will ask what about my parents, yes guys definitely I will sponsor my parents from Aptech visa only and after sometime I will be here with my whole family.
After all my parents are the only reason which took me here and I respect their decision. I cannot tell you how much sad I am, living here without parents is quite difficult and is the only concern of mine. Moving here to India to meet my parents is quite expensive, so I have never visited them in these 5 months.

I am enjoying my life in Canada which I have never imagined and not even lived in India. I am not saying that India is not good, of course it is wonderful place to live in as it is our motherland and is applicable for all Indians but if the conversation is going on for bright future and successful life, so we can say, yes it is Canada and Ontario is the best place to live in.

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