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Chethan S Nellikoppad



Hello Friends, Myself Chethan S Nellikoppad. I am living in Bangalore presently and of 23 years of age. I was very keen to visit abroad and then I discussed with my friends and inquired about the best places to visit abroad and mostly suggested I visit Germany - the country which is best to wander. I did my own research on the country and found it to be very beautiful, peaceful, and attractive as well as the best place to visit.

I immediately decided to visit there. Now my second task started to search for the best immigration consultant since my friends were not aware of the best immigration consultants so this was the task to get done from my side only.

I searched online about immigration experts and founds a lot of consultancies and that was very much confusing for me as to whom should I trust and go for the same. I thought to make it easy and then I decided that I will go through the reviews and start doing the same, my preference was to search for the consultancy in Bangalore only since it is my residential place.


So I did the same and found again ample consultants and finally found Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. I read all their reviews, feedback, videos, and recommendations, and on the spot, I decided to go with Aptech visa only. They are very much professional. They have spent a lot of experience and years doing this business and their reviews of multiple clients made me happy and satisfied also. I visited their branch allocated in Bangalore and made the payment after a post-discussion about a few things.

Then after I was allowed a case officer who handled my case very actively, she sent me the checklist of all the required documents in one go and even helped me out in the arrangement of some documents which was difficult for me to arrange.

I was very much satisfied and happy with their services. Post arrangement of all the application and documents, they thought about how to make this file strong and suggested me few things which I should put up in it in a manner to increase my chances to get the visa approval since it was a tourist visa and quite difficult to get the approval as I was studying at that time.



I trusted them and followed everything which they suggested to me. Finally, the day came when I need to submit all my documents by visiting the embassy in person. They taught me a lot and kept on calling me till the time I was there in the embassy and my task gets completed. Thereafter I returned to my home and got the notifications on regular basis. Guys you won't imagine, my visa got approved within 2 working days only after post submission of all the documentation part. Isn't it surprising!!

Yes, that was a miracle for me where I was not even sure about my visa approval but I got the visa within that short span of time.

It was very much satisfying and amazing for me and I really loved the way they handled my case. I got my visa at this age to visit all over Germany.

I am so much happy and would recommend the Aptech visa to all my knowns.

I would rate Aptechvisa 10 out of 10 for their brilliant services without charging a huge amount from me.

You guys are really amazing and I will process all my other visa-related applications from you guys only. I trust you blindly, thank you for all the help and efforts you put into my case.

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