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Spouse visa Canada processing time 2020

Sponsoring a Spouse will need to furnish certain key requirements while in order to fulfilling these requirements, there has been set certain Spouse Visa Canada Processing time limit. Generally, it takes approximately 10-12 months to sponsor a spouse or partner. However, it varies from different country and application to application.
The individual you sponsor might require providing biometrics after they apply for Sponsorship Canada spouse. In the processing time, it contains the time they need to furnish their biometrics. With providing accurate information, keeping you in Touch Connect for Success Canada sponsorship Program.

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Spouse Visa Canada Processing Time 2020

No one can tell you about exact processing time. The entire waiting time depends on suitable factors like total number of applications received by Canada immigration authority, proper completion of your application and the country from where you are going to apply for Sponsorship spouse Visa.

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Once you are eligible, you have opportunity to sponsor your spouse or partner in order to become permanent residents of Canada. If you sponsor, it is obligatory to:

  • Support your spouse financially.
  • Ensure that he/she does not need any social assistance from Canadian Government.


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