Come along to find your new job in Australia. With a vibrant economy, many businesses are looking overseas to find skilled professionals. Facing a shortage of skilled professionals across a wide range of industries, now’s the perfect time to discover if you can help fill these skill gaps.

The Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189) is a permanent skilled resident visa for individuals who have the qualifications and skills required to fill Australia’s skill shortages, It is issued by the Australian government and authorizes qualified foreign nationals and their eligible family members who accompany them to live, work and study legally and long-term in Australia.

Skill independent visa is a permanent residence visa for individuals who possess required qualifications and skills to fill shortages in the Australian workforce.

Migrating to another country is a big step. Make your migration a success by preparing carefully. We will describe the steps you can take to prepare for migration to Australia.

DETERMINE eligibility


How do I qualify for a Subclass 189 Visa?

To qualify for this visa you must:-

  • Have an occupation/ skilled experience that is on the skilled occupation list
  • Have a positive skills assessment in your occupation issued less than three years ago
  • Have a qualifying score of at least 60 in the Points Test
  • Have a score of at least 6 bands or higher in each component of IELTS / or equivalent score in any accepted English test.
  • Lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) and receive an invitation to apply
  • Be under the age of 50 at the time of invitation to apply
  • Lodge the visa application within 60 days of the invitation to apply

Finding the right information on visa’s can often be confusing and every visa situation is different. The following will provide you with some clarity around what steps you can take to get your residency in Australia.

how to apply

How to Apply for a Skilled Independent Visa (189)

Step one: - Skill Assessment
The first step on your journey to obtaining a skilled visa is nominating an occupation you’d like to undertake from the skilled occupation list:

» Skilled Independent Visa applications should choose this from the Skilled Occupations List.

Once you’ve chosen an occupation, if your qualifications were obtained outside of Australia you must then pass a skills assessment. These are conducted by your chosen industry’s assessing authorities and are used to make sure that your skills meet Australian standards.

Step Two: - Submit Expression of Interest
With your occupation chosen and your skills assessment completed, the next step towards obtaining the Skilled Independent Visa is lodging an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the government’s SkillSelect service.

This EOI tells the government you want to be considered for a skilled visa, and in it you’ll need to provide information about:

  • Basic personal details
  • The occupation you wish to nominate
  • Your work history and experience
  • Your education
  • Your English skills
  • The skills assessment related to the occupation you’ve nominated
  • Your business and investment experience

To lodge an EOI, you must also score at least 60 points against points test factors. These points are awarded for age, English language ability, skilled employment, qualifications and other factors. You can assess your points by using our online Skilled Visa Points Test Calculator.

Step Three: - State Sponsorship Application:-
This step is only for those applying for a Skilled Nominated Visa (190). Each state/territory has its own list of jobs that it needs to be filled, which is why 190 visa applications must submit a state sponsorship application. You can indicate which state/territory you’d like to work in.

This process is different from getting sponsored by an employer. The purpose of this requirement is not to match you with an individual employer – it is to locate you in a state where there is a shortage of the skills that you have. Each state/territory has its own requirements.

Step Four: - Apply Online
If your Expression of Interest is successful, you’ll be invited to apply for a Skilled Independent Visa. You are given 60 days from receiving this invitation to lodge your application, and you must not change the information you submitted in your EOI during this period.

language requirement


The following table will guide you about the language requirement:

English Language proficiency level Test component IELTS TOEFL iBT PTE Academic Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)* OTE
Functional Average/total/overall across test components only 4.5 32 30 147 n/a
Vocational Listening 5.0 4 36 154 B
Reading 5.0 4 36 154 B
Writing 5.0 14 36 154 B
Speaking 5.0 14 36 154 B
Competent Listening 6.0 12 50 169 B
Reading 6.0 13 50 169 B
Writing 6.0 21 50 169 B
Speaking 6.0 18 50 169 B
Proficient(for points tested Skilled visas) Listening 7.0 24 65 185 B
Reading 7.0 24 65 185 B
Writing 7.0 27 65 185 B
Speaking 7.0 23 65 185 B
Superior(for points tested Skilled visas) Listening 8.0 28 79 200 A
Reading 8.0 29 79 200 A
Writing 8.0 30 79 200 A
Speaking 8.0 26 79 200 A
process timing


Aptech Global visa processing times

  • 75 per cent of applications processed in 4 months
  • 90 per cent of applications processed in 7 months
  • For more information of processing times kindly coordinate contact Aptech Global visa Expert today


The process of getting together all of the documentation and passing the prerequisites to obtain a skilled independent visa can be highly stressful.

We at Aptech Global Immigration services , we assist Thousands of people in obtaining skilled independent /work visas that allow them to permanently reside in Australia and obtain work. We make your journey to permanent residency smooth by assisting with:


We help you collect all of the documentation you’ll need to lodge your Expression of Interest and subsequent skilled independent visa properly.

Using our thorough understanding of the migration system, we’ll assist you in gathering:

  • Verification of identity paperwork
  • Foreign documentation certifiably translated into English
  • Any required police certificates or background checks
  • Process of Medical examination
  • Proof of education / skills
  • English proficiency documentation

We help you have everything in place so that you’ll have the best chance at obtaining a quick approval and not having to waste money on multiple applications because of technical errors.

Skills Assessment & Occupation Selection
Before you contact anyone about your skills assessment, contact Aptech Global Immigration for advice about how to start your application on the best foot.

We have a deep understanding of the Australian job market, and will help you start by selecting the occupation with the best chance of bringing about a successful application.

We’ll then help you organise and carry out a successful skills assessment with the relevant industry body.


Application fees must be lodged in full when you submit your Skilled Independent Visa or Skilled Nominated Visa applications.

The charge to log your application is the same for both of these types of visas. These fees will vary, however, depending on your individual circumstances. You can calculate fee estimates using below table.

Visa subclass Note Base application charge Non-internet application charge Additional applicant charge 18 and over Additional applicant charge under 18
Skilled - Independent (Subclass 189) 12a $3600 N/A $1800 $900
Skilled - Nominated (Subclass 190) 12a $3600 N/A $1800 $900
Skilled - Recognised Graduate (Subclass 476) visa 12b $360 $80 $180 $90
Skilled - Regional Sponsored (Provisional) (Subclass 489) - invited pathway 12d $3600 N/A $1800 $900
Skilled - Regional Sponsored (Provisional) (Subclass 489) - extended stay pathway 12c 12d $320 N/A $160 $80
Skilled - Regional (Subclass 887) 12e 12f $370 N/A $185 $95

Sometimes circumstances change, and you may not be aware that you need to let the department know. We help you keep the department happy by advising you of what paperwork you need to complete and any additional forms you may need to submit while staying in Australia.

Get in Touch With Aptech Global Immigration experts today
If you want to apply for a Skilled Independent Visa 189 or a Skilled Nominated Visa 190, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ll help you every step of the way, from deciding on the job that best meets the Australian workforce, through to preparing documentation and lodging your application and helping you meet all the other criteria. And if you need your current visa decision reviewed, we’re the pre-eminent specialists in the field.

Need more information? Contact us today for a Technical assessment of your visa eligibility and options And we’ll start you on your way towards obtaining a Skilled Independent Visa or a Skilled Nominated Visa.

Review Assistance

  • Has your visa application been rejected?
  • Have you breached the terms of your visa and it has now been cancelled?
  • Did you forget to notify the Department about important changes to your circumstances?

All of these problems happen to many people along their migration journey. What is important is that you do not attempt to deal with the complex legal issues surrounding immigration on your own. At Aptech Global Immigration we will provide you with the advice you need to remain in Australia.

Our review services include:

  • Preparing applications for review on your behalf
  • Helping you become released from detention
  • Facilitating your voluntary departure from Australia
  • Advising you of the likelihood of your being able to return to Australia.

No review process is identical, and we’ll look at your individual circumstances and tailor an immigration solution to meet your needs accordingly.


The following point tables will show you those factors in which a candidate has to score at least minimum 60.

If you are interested to calculate your point then
calculate your point from here


Is there a cut-off age requirement for Australian visas?

Depending on the particular visa category you are eligible there can be a cut-off age. For example, the general skilled migration visa programme has a cut-off age of 50 years. Once someone turns 50 they are no longer eligible to apply for an Australian general skilled migration visa even if they meet the other entire requirement regarding skilled occupation, work experience, and English ability.

What is the work experience requirement for an Australian general skilled migration visa?

Under the current general skilled migration programme, for the subclass 189, subclass 190 and subclass 489 visas, there is no longer a mandatory requirement that an applicant have at least 12 months of recent work experience in the last 24 months. Under today’s system, applicants can claim points for having at least 3, 5, or 8 in the last 10 years of relevant work experience in their nominated skilled occupation which is found on the Consolidated Skilled Occupations List (CSOL).

Is there a minimum level of English for an Australian visa applicant?

Under the Australian general skilled migration programme there will be a level of English language examination like IELTS, PTE required to be verified.

How much money do I need to have in order to apply for an Australian visa?

The Australian general skilled migration visas do not have a requirement that you have a specific level of funds. The basic requirements are based on skilled occupation, qualifications, work experience, age and English ability. However if you are having to apply for state sponsorship as part of your skilled visa application, the particular state government may have its own requirements that you have a certain level of funds.

Do I need a job in Australia in order to apply for a visa?

For most Australian visas you will not need to have a job in Australia to apply for the visa. There is one visa where a job in Australia or rather the offer of a job in Australia is essential and that is the temporary work visa subclass 457. This is a visa that can be granted for up to 4 years provide temporary residence and applying for this visa requires the application to have a genuine job offer from Australian.

One of my family members has a serious illness, can I still apply?

It is very important that you get specific migration advice about any health issues you or a family member may have and what your prospects of success would be if you were to pursue an application. As part of the visa process, all visa applicants will have to undergo medical examinations. If one applicant fails to satisfy the health requirements of the visa, then applicant is considered to have failed and the visa application will be refused based on this failure.

I have a conviction for a drink driving offence, will I still be eligible?

It is possible that you may still be able to satisfy the character requirements of the visa despite having a criminal conviction. There are a number of factors which influence this and it is important that when you are seeking advice about your eligibility that you fully disclose the convictions so that you can be properly advised on your prospects of success.

I have an Australian job offer from Australian employer what visa should I apply for?

You may be able to apply for a temporary work visa subclass 457. This visa allows Australian employers to bring highly skilled overseas workers to Australian on a temporary visa. If you do not have a job offer in place, then a subclass 457 is not possible.

Do I need to take a medical examination as part of the visa application process?

Most permanent Australian visa categories will have health criteria that need to be satisfied. The general skilled migration visa process requires an adult applicant to undertake a medical examination, HIV blood test and chest x ray. If you have an illness or condition and are considering an Australian visa application of any kinds, it is important to seek advice from a registered migration agent regarding your eligibility to apply. All medical examinations are to be carried out by panel doctors, terms used for doctors who have been approved by the Department of Immigration & Citizenship (Australia).

I have sufficient assets to support myself and my family in Australia, will that make it easier to apply for a general skilled migration visa to Australia?

In short the answer is “No”, the visa requirements do not require you to have a certain level of assets. Wealthy applicants are not going to have an advantage over other applicants who do not have a high net worth or low net worth for that matter. The reality is that emigration will be pose a significant cost for any applicant regardless of their means so if you ultimately acquire the visa you need to be prepared for this financial eventuality of your own accord.

My elderly father currently lives with me and my family, can he be included in my general skilled visa application

You can include your elderly father or any parent for that matter if they are wholly financial dependent on you. That is you are significantly responsible for all their basic living costs and they have no major means of supporting themselves.

I overstayed my visa and was an unlawful visitor before leaving Australia, can I apply for another visa to Australia

If you overstayed a temporary visa like a holiday working visa or a tourist visa and then were removed from Australia as an unlawful entrant, then you it is likely that an re-entry ban will or would have applied to you (depending on the time factor). This means that for a period of time, usually 3 years from the date you left Australia, you will be banned from making an application for any temporary visas. However, you are still able make an application for a permanent visa or a temporary visa leading to permanent residency (like a Business visa or Spouse visa).



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