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-20 ℃ winter + 30 in summer
Weyburn, Regina, Saskatoon
$69,010 per year

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Cost of Living in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is one of the ideal provinces of Canada to live. People lives here because of the standard living lifestyle here. Saskatchewan is a good province to immigrate for you as if offer high value life and great economic growth. Saskatchewan is a land of natural beauty and economic opportunity. Most of all, it have warm and friendly communities that are welcoming you home. From more than 180 countries in more than 330 communities people have immigrated in Saskatchewan. The average approximate cost of living in Saskatchewan for a family of 3-4 members can be:

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Living Cost (in CAD $)
Household $16,750-$17,146
Clothing and accessories $2,120-$3,388
Transportation $12,850-$15,237
Health care $1,500-$2,547
Personal care $950-$1,273
Food expenditures $7,580-$8,618

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Saskatchewan Check List of Documents

In order to move in Saskatchewan you have to prepare documents before arriving. The basic documents are

  • Your passport
  • Identity Proof
  • Travelling Documents
  • Education & Experience Documents
  • Family members documents (if immigrating with family)
  • Immigration Certificate
  • Job Offer Letter (if having)
  • Resume
  • Birth Certificate
  • List of items you are travelling with

Housing & Accommodation

One of the attractive things in Saskatchewan is housing, as it is very affordable and low costing. There are different types of housing available in province Nova Scotia. You can live in a rented house, and you can purchase a new one. Real estate agents are also there to help you in finding your house (for a fee). There is also home insurance available for your new house you just have to buy an insurance.

Purchasing or renting a home for a family is relatively affordable for newcomers, by Canadian standards. Only about 65 percent of Saskatchewan residents live in urban areas. The average house price in Regina is approximately $338,800. Houses in Saskatoon have an average price of $352,000.

Transportation Guidance

In Saskatchewan, there are so many ways to travel in & around Saskatchewan. You can use air, railway, bus & taxi transport to move from one place to another inside or outside the province. Taxi cabs are available in most cities and towns in Saskatchewan. Cars, vans and trucks can be rented from many different companies in Saskatchewan.

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Once you became a Canadian permanent resident through Saskatchewan, you are permitted to the all rights like other citizens are having. Only the voting right and running a political office you cannot do. To avail rest of the rights you must be at least 18 years old, permanent resident, know your social responsibilities as a citizen/permanent resident of Canada.

Your rights and freedoms in New Brunswick

  • The right to follow your religious beliefs
  • Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, and the right to express your opinions
  • The right to gather with others for peaceful meetings or events
  • Freedom to associate with other people of your choosing.

Healthcare Services

The Canadian law provides free basic health care to all citizens in Saskatchewan, so once you became a permanent resident of Saskatchewan, Canada, you and your family member will be entitled for the free healthcare facilities. Any citizen can access the medical service easily from the any corner of the province.

The provincial government has designed the medical services for all eligible residents under which they can avail the free basic medical services for them and their family. Every citizen has easy access to healthcare. A Saskatchewan Health Card is required to avail these free medical services in Saskatchewan.

Food & Entertainment

Saskatchewan offers a healthy life and entertainment to the all communities. Canada ranks among top countries in term of health globally. Here like the other provinces of Canada, it offers healthy and fresh food. Most of the population is dependent on agriculture. Government also encourages agriculture in the province.

Saskatchewan has lots of places where you can spend your spare time along with you family. Here you can take pleasure of camping, fishing, shopping and you can be entertained by music arts, outdoor adventures etc. Saskatchewan has so many places for spending time with spouse and family members for entertainment.

The requirement of a healthy community needs basic things to live like: food, water, basic utilities to remain healthy. Saskatchewan focuses mostly on the basic needs of community food security, alternative energy and an analysis of the impacts of current waste policy on greenhouse gases, energy and sustainability. This makes Saskatchewan a healthy community.


The climate in Saskatchewan is seasonal. You can enjoy the season of summer, winter, spring and fall. You should carry the clothes of summer as well as winter or you can buy new clothes in Saskatchewan too.

Saskatchewan receives more hours of sunshine than any other Canadian province. Summers can be very hot, with temperatures sometimes above 32 °C (90 °F) during the day, and humidity decreasing from northeast to southwest. Warm southern winds blow from the United States during much of July and August, while winters can be bitterly cold, with high temperatures not breaking −17 °C (1.4 °F) for weeks at a time. Annual precipitation averages 30 to 45 centimetres (12 to 18 inches) across the province, with the bulk of rain falling in June, July, and August.

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