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Can I Apply For Saskatchewan PR Without The IELTS?

Unfortunately you cannot apply Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program without giving IELTS. The Saskatchewan government requires people coming in the province must have basic language ability to sustain themselves in the province. You must know that Canada has two official languages namely English and French, one must be proficient in any of these languages.

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You cannot give away with language requirement exam; however, there are instances where SINP requires less IELTS score but not appearing for the same will not be applicable for Canadian Permanent Residence. government.

You can easily immigrate to SINP with lowest IELTS score. In fact, SINP officials accept applications with IELTS 5 bands in each section of reading, writing, listening and speaking for Canadian Permanent Residence. Though, you cannot apply till the time you have given the IELTS exam and scored desired language points for Canadian Permanent Residence.

Note: that this is the minimum score requirement for SINP for the migrants applying for  Saskatchewan PNP 2020-21. To claim maximum language points and better immigration chances, it is however suggested to score at least CLB 7/8.

sinp without ielts

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Why is IELTS Necessary For Immigrants Applying For Canada PR?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing Standards
The applicants applying for permanent residency generally sits for IELTS General that checks the language ability of the foreigners migrating to some English speaking nation. The other test format is IELTS Academic for those wanting to pursue studies abroad.
Therefore, Language Requirement test like IELTS is mandatory to give to evaluate language proficiency. As you are planning to move to the nation where English is first language, it is really important for the migrant coming to Saskatchewan to have basic understanding of the language so that you can freely settle yourself both professionally and socially.  IELTS checks your language efficiency on four factors namely reading, writing, listening and speaking. You will maximize immigration chances for Saskatchewan If you are able to understand and Speak English.

Where is English Language Required in Saskatchewan?

The English language is needed everywhere in Saskatchewan that means when you looking for work, socializing, etc you will need to communicate in English language. For Example Language Requirement is necessary for:

  • Read information about jobs;
  • Fill in the application form;
  • Write a resume or cover letter
  • Answering questions in English language

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Thus, English language is required to speak, understand, read and write in English for most skilled jobs in Saskatchewan. Therefore, to get yourself well settled in Saskatchewan it is important to have at least basic language proficiency in English language requirement. It is just a matter of little efforts to prepare for English language for better immigration chances.

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sinp without ielts

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