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Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

Do you know? More than 1.1 million people live, work, and play in Saskatchewan, each with a story to share. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) offers a way to those immigrants who wants to live & settle / immigrate to Saskatchewan Canada. Saskatchewan is a land of opportunities and Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is the pathway that allows the Saskatchewan to select those foreign skilled workers wishing to settle and contribute in the Saskatchewan on permanent basis. Do you know? Saskatchewan is only the province in Canada who nominates to foreign skilled workers on the age of 49 years with 4.5 bands. If you are foreign skilled workers, wanting to settle in Canada, and not having higher score in IELTS or not scoring 67/100 points, need to not worry, apply your Canada PR visa now through Saskatchewan PNP without any delay..

Benefits of Saskatchewan PNP

  • Competitive application processing times - Get your Saskatchewan PNP nomination in less than 3 months.
  • You can be eligible on the age of 49 years.
  • No job offer letter is mandatory from Saskatchewan/ Canada.
  • Minimum 4.5 bands in IELTS are acceptable

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Why You Should Immigrate To Saskatchewan

If you are planning to immigrate to Saskatchewan to work or live, you are not alone. In that over the past 5 years, there have been a burgeoning number of people relocating to the province.

Five reasons why people are flocking to Saskatchewan

  • 1) Plenty of Job Opportunities:-
  • Do you know that Saskatchewan has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada? That’s right; the rate staggers at around 3.9%, while the national average is about 7%. With more and more start-ups and companies settling in this area, the unemployment rate will continue being relatively low, making Saskatchewan jobseekers magnet.

  • 2) Ample Salary :-
  • For the past five years, the average weekly wage for Saskatchewan workers has stood around $970, making it the third best in the country. Another advantage is that the median salary has also been steadily increasing for the past decade. Seeing Saskatchewan’s growth during a time of national struggle places even more faith in the up and coming province

  • 3) Favourable Immigration Policies and Help:-
  • Every year, Saskatchewan welcomes more than 9,000 immigrants from over 180 nations across the globe. What attracts immigrants to the province is its friendly Provincial Nominee Program that is designed to make immigration easy for people with experience and skills that are in high demand. What’s more — Saskatchewan has for the past decade had more individuals relocating to the province from other regions of the country than those leaving.

  • 4) Vibrant Economic Growth and Population:-
  • Saskatchewan is home to some of the fastest growing cities in the country, including Regina and Saskatoon. In fact, the latter is the second fastest burgeoning city in Canada with a steady year over year growth rate of over 4 percent. The population of Saskatchewan is also blooming, with Millennials and immigrants lighting the way.

  • 5) Free Subsidize Govt. Services:-
  • Government of Saskatchewan Ensure following services to their Resident or Citizens.

    • Cognitive Disability Strategy (CDS) Support
    • Free Monthly Child Care Subsidy
    • Discounted Bus Pass Program
    • Drug Cost Assistance
    • Home Repair Program
    • Individualized Funding for Home Care
    • $20,000 scholarship is awarded to Graduate & Post graduate students.
    • Saskatchewan Employment Supplement (SES)
    • Individual personal loan without Security
    • Seniors Income Plan (SIP)

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Job Opportunities in Saskatchewan

Job openings in Saskatchewan can be found on the following websites. New jobs are posted regularly on the following websites, so you should visit these sites often.

  • is the largest job site in Saskatchewan. It lists job postings in entry-level, trade, professional and management positions. Jobs are listed by occupation and region.
  • Health Careers in Saskatchewan lists health care jobs with Saskatchewan Regional Health Authorities, as well as the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.
  • Saskatchewan Government Careers features jobs available with the provincial government.
  • The Job Bank is a Government of Canada website that helps you find jobs available across the country. It also includes information on licensing, training options, regulatory bodies, and wages.

Saskatchewan PNP Programs

Immigrate to Saskatchewan under the program category that best fits your needs.

International Skilled Worker Category: – only for those foreign skilled workers who is having desirables skills Read more..

Saskatchewan Experience Category: - this program is applicable only for those foreign nationals Read more..

Entrepreneur Category is for entrepreneurs who plan to start a business in Saskatchewan Read more..

Farm Category is for experienced farmers who plan to buy and operate a farm in Saskatchewan Read more..

If you provide false or misleading information in your application intentionally or unintentionally, it may be considered misrepresentation and you may be subject to a ban which would prevent you from submitting another application for a period of next five years.

Before starting, please familiarize yourself with the eligibility criteria

Quick Refusals

The Saskatchewan Pre-Assessment / integrity review Team determines if the application is incomplete and the missing documents /fraud /misleading information found then the Pre-Assessment Team will follow these steps:

  • The file is closed as ineligible;
  • Your applications will be banned for 2 years from the date of submission
  • Applicant credentials will be red flagged and will be informed to CIC Canada
  • Canadian family member/ relative/ friend will be marked ineligible to support other applications for next 5 years

Saskatchewan PNP Eligibility requirements

The candidates applying for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) are required to meet the below mentioned key eligibility requirements:

  • 1. Occupation in Demand:-
  • To apply for Saskatchewan PNP nomination/ SINP your occupation must be listed on the SINP In-Demand Occupation List Please note that there are certain occupations that require additional work experience, high language score, work skill specialization & licensing requirements. You can talk to our immigration expert before finalizing your nominated occupation to have more insight about the SINP program.

    or more information regarding Saskatchewan's employment demand forecast, please keep visiting our web site or can contact our immigration manager. Please note that the SINP In-Demand Occupation List keep changing frequently so please keep In touch with our immigration expert.

  • 2. Saskatchewan Points
  • You also need to score a minimum Saskatchewan points 60 points out of 100 on the SINP point assessment grid. Please find summary of Saskatchewan PNP points

    Age 12 Points
    Education 23 points
    Work Experience 15 points
    Language proficiency 20 points
    Saskatchewan Adaptability 30 points
    Total 100

    Calculate you Points through SINP Points Calculator

  • 3. Language Proficiency :-
  • Have a language IELTS/ CELPIP/TEF score of at least Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4. Calculate your English language proficiency points

    Convert IELTS to CLB

  • 4. Qualification:-
  • Must have post-secondary education training in the relevant field, for education obtained outside Canada, must submit an educational credential assessment (ECA) from a designated organization.

  • 5. Settlement Fund:-
  • You must have proof of settlement funds to support your family while you are in Canada.

    Number of Persons in Household Funds Required (in Canadian dollars)
    One person $12,475
    Two people $15,531
    Three people $19,093
    Four people $23,181
    Five people $26,292
    Six people $29,652
    Seven people $33,014
  • 6. Settlement plan:-
  • Settlement plan and financial assessment is important part of Saskatchewan PNP Eligibility requirements, it include start-up cost ( clothing, furniture, shelter, food, schools etc.) Ongoing expenditure such as transportation, living allowances, monthly expenses etc. Applicant must prepared detail activities plan and need to submit to convince immigration officer.

    Please note Saskatchewan Nominations program criteria / SINP EOI can change at any time, so please update yourself before submission your application. Please note that your application will be refused if your application is too brief or does not include all the necessary details.

    Well, if you fail to meet any SINP PNP requirements you will not be able to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence under Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program at least. For better and faster SINP chances, your basic purpose must be to meet the MPNP eligibility requirements.

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How do I apply for Saskatchewan PNP?

  • Step -1 Checking the Eligibility:-
  • Getting to know about your immigration chances for Saskatchewan is of utmost importance. You must be clear and confident about your eligible factors like age, educational qualification, work experience, occupation in demand, language ability, EOI draws, quota update etc. for SINP.

    Confused about the technicalities? Well, the simple and easy route is getting a technical assessment Report made by technical experts for SINP who will create the report according to your credentials.

    Free Assessment Form

  • Step - 2 Get Ready with Document Kit:-
  • After having technical report and most importantly positive technical result for SINP, you are required to provide essential Saskatchewan documents to support your visa application. Documents are crucial in deciding your fate for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. Do make sure to arrange all of them otherwise you might face rejection or cancellation of your application.

    Click here to have complete Saskatchewan (SINP) document check-list required to apply for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

  • Step – 3 Apply for SINP Application:-
  • Kick-start you immigration process by applying for SINP under different PR stream most suitable for you, SINP-OID and SINP Express Entry are the most popular immigration programs.

    The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program has long ago discarded the ‘first come first serve’ method of inviting applicants and has welcomed Expression of Interest (EOI) method for its migration stream.

    It is an online immigration method to convey and show interest for applying to SINP. The latest EOI method has fast processing time and is inviting large number of applicants through regular SINP EOI draws. Get to know all SINP EOI procedure, draws and predictions!

  • Step -4 Track Your Application:-
  • After filing the application for visa program, since it is a quota system the applicants with the high point score is given nomination. Almost every month, SINP gives nomination through SINP EOI latest draw. Though, the processing time is calculated for application to application.

    The selected candidates are given time limit to revert back to the Saskatchewan with supporting documents. Track your application

  • Step - 5 Important Obligations:-
  • When everything is set and you are good to settle in the province of Saskatchewan, you must abide to some of the obligations as new migrant of Saskatchewan.

    • Canada gives right of freedom to live and work anywhere in the country as permanent resident holder.
    • Though there is no obligation to stay and work in particular province as Canadian citizens or permanent resident holders, you have the right of freedom to live and work anywhere in Canada. Still, Saskatchewan government expects you to live and stay for at least 2 years.
    • It is essential to meet the fund settlement requirement.
    • You must provide complete and accurate information related to submission of documents, visa application form and no misleading or tampered information be given at any point of time.

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