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Requirements to Apply Australia Partner Visa

Applicants applying for Australia Partner Visa must be aware of the necessary application cost involved. Preparing for, and lodging, a Partner Visa Application is a costly venture. This has often become a concern for many applicants applying for a partner visa. As your Australian Migration consultant, we are here to help hundreds of people to achieve their dream of living in and are constantly asked four big questions regarding the cost of applying the partner visa cost. So, if you are looking to lodge a Partner Visa application, the most important thing at this point is to equip yourself with all the costs involved.

The Australia Partner Visa has been recently updated by the Department of Home Affairs and the current fee is AUD 7,715. This cost is inclusive of temporary visa, followed by the permanent visa application irrespective of the place of applying for the visa.

If your children are included in the visa application, the following cost will be applicable:

  • Children under 18 years age have to pay an extra AUD 1,935
  • Children above 18 years age still dependent will pay additional AUD 3,860
  • Additional credit and debit card surcharge fees of 1.32% for visa application

Please note : Australia Partner Visa fee is non-refundable even if rejected so be very cautious while submitting the application cost.

Some Additional Cost Needed in Spouse Visa Australia:

  • The cost incurred in Health Examinations:
    Health Examinations are vital for any permanent visa application. Certain medical organizations carry Australia health examinations. The general cost is usually around AUD 400. The applicants applying from outside Australia can be conducted by ‘panel physicians' that are approved by the Australian Government.

    Also, the medical examination is not only conducted for the primary applicant but also for the dependent family members including those who are not migrating to Australia. If one dependent relative fails their health check, regardless of whether they’re migrating or not, then the whole migration application fails.
    Additionally, Health checks are unavoidable and you must save the money to accommodate into the budget.
  • Police Verification Checks:
    Character assessment is essential when applying for Australia Partner Visa and thus, the immigration department states that you must provide police checks from countries where you’ve lived for at least one year or more, including Australia.

    If you have lived in Australia also for more than one year then also you'll need to obtain an Australian police check. The fee is approximately AUD 42. Every country has its police check fee that varies greatly from $10 to $300 or more.
    There are also extra costs involved in notarizing or certifying police check documents obtained from different countries to see their authenticity in the country. The total overall cost can range between AUD 200-300.
  • Living Costs during the waiting period:
    Living Costs during the Partner Visa processing time of 12-15 months need to be considered and partners must be able to support each other during this time. If you have applied onshore then the sponsored person will be responsible for accommodation and living costs. Many times the foreign partner is in Australia under different visa and cannot work according to the conditions on their visa resulting in increased living cost.
  • English Translations:
    Australia is an English speaking country and thus all officials documents submitted with Australian visa applications must be in English. If you come from non -English speaking country then you will need to arrange and pay for the translations.

    Only those documents that are translated by the certified translator either from your home country or Australia will be accepted form of a document. The translation charges are usually a per-page basis. An approximate cost of $300- 400 AUD is recommended for translation costs. All the documents submitted with partner visa application like financial documents and police checks and translated version of police checks will need to be certified.
    So, your ultimate goal is to live in Australia with your loved ones or better half and this page gives you a general awareness about the overall Partner Visa Application cost.

Aptech Global can help you in fulfilling the requirements of an Australian partner visa. We will assist you in completing and lodging your visa application and keep you updated with the latest Australian immigration news and other inquiries or changes the Spouse Australia processing times.

Contact one of our visa experts who are here to guide you with Australia Partner Visa application process. Simply, complete the Australia Immigration Assessment form and we will take care of the rest.

Partner Visa Application Form

Australia Partner Visa Application is extremely important to know before starting the visa process because any minute mistake can lead to visa rejection or cancellation. Hence, it is necessary to fill the application form thoroughly and accurately. Here are some tips for filing the Partner Visa Application form:

If you’re applying online

  • Make sure you answer every question mentioned on the application form. If an answer, or the application is incomplete, the Australian Immigration department may refuse it
  • If there is no answer to your partner visa application and if there is no instruction mentioned on the form then you may simply write “not applicable” in the space provided.
  • If you want to provide more information to the Australian Immigration department about your case then you can also do the same by “adding letter of explanation” and upload it

If you are applying on paper:

  • 1. Answer all the questions even if it is not applicable to you because as mentioned the Australian immigration department may refuse the visa application
  • 2. If there is no answer to your application question write, “not applicable” but do not leave the space unanswered
  • 3. If your answer to a particular Australia visa application form will not come under the space provided then write your full answer on a separate sheet of paper. Make sure you are mentioning the exact form number and question number letter that you are answering

Filling out the Australia Partner Visa application form is a tedious task and thus people come to the visa and immigration experts who indeed assist them in filing and completing the Australia Partner Visa Application form in a proper and complete manner.
Please find the enclosed Australia Partner Visa Application form! Fill the form complete and we will assist you with the same.

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