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Ontario PNP Program Overview

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Ontario PNP Fee



60 to 90 Days*

Ontario PNP Benefits

  • Financial Help (Residents)
  • Child Care Subsidy for PR holders
  • Individualized Funding for Home Care
  • Palliative Care & old age pension & Drug Coverage
  • Free financial assistance to post-secondary students.

Travel Time

  • Travel time from India to Ontario – 20 HRS 51 Min.
  • Travel time from Nigeria to Ontario – 20 HRS 31 Min.
  • Travel time from China to Ontario – 13 HRS.
  • Travel time from USA to Ontario – 2 HRS 47Min.

Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

Ontario is one of the largest provinces of Canada, and is a major dwelling for the capital i.e. Ottawa. It is also known as the cynosure of Canada’s economic, social and political life. Ontario is known to be the hub of opportunities and that’s the reason, that this province is captivating the eyeballs of a chiliad of immigrants who’re catching the sight of a safe and secured future, by getting a Canada PR.

Right from an excellent infrastructure to the mixed social environment, Ontario is successful in enticing the folks from all walks of life. This province has been successful in stealing millions of hearts from the past few years.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee program (OINP):- Ontario PNP aims to select the highly skilled professionals, who are experienced and are ready to contribute to the economy of Ontario and the Canada as a whole. It lays major emphasis on scrounging for the specialists who’ve the right knowledge and stuff, so that they can easily cope up with the current market demands.

Moreover, for Ontario PNP you need to carry the whole process very carefully, right from checking eligibility for Ontario nomination program, preparing & submitting your application or securing a job offer, if you want to accomplishing your goal of getting a Canada PR through Ontario PNP

So, are you ready to showcase the skills that you possess? Well, flaunt the skills that you exhibit and try to grab a Ontario PNP, what are you waiting for start your Ontario PNP application with the help our Ontario immigration expert

The OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) enables international students, international workers and other ones with the required skills, expertise and education to apply towards getting a Ontario PNP nomination for Permanent Residence in the well-known province of Ontario.

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ontario img1  Ontario Issued 443 Invitations In The Latest PNP Draw Held On November 12, 2020

Time to Explore the Various Streams Under Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)
There are three ways to get Ontario PNP nomination, following below

  • Employer Job Offer Category :- Congratulations! If you’ve a permanent and full-time job offer from an employer in the province of Ontario, then you can apply for Ontario PNP under this category. Once you submit your profile, your profile becomes visible to the employers, who further contacts you, that too with a valid job offer. Now, three streams comes under this umbrella such as:
    1. Foreign Workers Stream:- for workers in skilled positions
    2. International Students Stream:- for recent graduates in Ontario
    3. In-Demand Skills Stream:- having specific skills such as agriculture, construction, trucking and personal support workers
  • Human Capital Category :- This stream further categorized in two sub streams
    1) International’s Graduate Stream
    Under this, the international students who’ve graduated from a university in Ontario, are eligible to apply for Ontario PNP. Moreover, if you want to apply under this stream, you need to apply within two years of obtaining your degree. There are two subcategories under this stream such as
    1. Master’s Graduate Stream:- Under this, those international students who’ve a master’s degree can apply for provincial nomination under the OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) Moreover, that degree needs to be from a recognized university in Ontario.
    2. PhD Graduate Stream:- As per this, if you’ve a doctorate degree, that too from a university that is renowned in Ontario, you can apply for Provincial Nomination under the OINP, and get the Canada PR without any tussle.

    2). Ontario Express Entry Program
    The Ontario’s Express Entry Program is best suited for those candidates who’ve submitted their profiles under the Express Entry Program and are very excited for settling in the province of Ontario on a permanent basis. This program has three categories under its umbrella such as:
    1. French-Speaking Skilled Worker’s Stream:- This stream is useful for those international candidates who’re proficient in English as well as In French. You all might be aware of the fact that Canada is a bilingual country with two official languages, English and French. So, being proficient in both is more advantageous, if you want to settle in the province of Ontario.
    2. Human Capital Priority Stream:- Nowadays, Human Capital Priorities (HCP) Stream of Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is gaining more importance. It is especially made for the foreign skilled professionals who wish to work and earn their living in the province of Ontario. This Ontario PNP stream enables OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) to select the deserving candidates, who can further contribute their part towards the economy as a whole.
    3. Skilled Trades Stream:- This Ontario PNP steam is focused on the international candidates who’re proficient in doing a successful trade in the province of Ontario and possess the required skillset. So, if you’re a trades person, who wish to work and settle in the province of Ontario can apply for provincial nomination under the OINP.
  • Business Category:- The Business category is yet another category under which a candidate who’s interested can apply under the OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program). Under this category, there are two main subcategories such as:
    1. Entrepreneur Stream:- If you’re an entrepreneur outside Canada, who’s looking for new opportunities and looking over to start a new business, can apply under this stream. So, it’s time to either flourish an existing business or start a one from scratch.
    2. Corporate Stream:- You can apply for provincial nomination under this stream if you’ve an international corporation right by your side, and are ready to expand that in the province of Ontario.

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