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Why are Immigrants choosing Atlantic Canada for Canada Permanent Residency?

It provides skilled foreign workers and international graduates with a route to permanent residency in one of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada:

  1. New Brunswick
  2. Nova Scotia
  3. Prince Edward Island
  4. Newfoundland and Labrador

Reasons why people are turning towards Atlantic Immigration Program:

Old age is no problem

Unlike other PNP or Express Entry requirements where the least age to apply is in the early 40s, you can apply for AIP even if you are in your early or late 50s.

Get acceptance with the low score

Worried about the fewer CRS or federal score points then rest your worries as AIP allows you to apply for the Canada PR even with fewer points.

Minimal Funds Requirements

Unlike in Canada Express Entry and Canada PNP, this AIP stream doesn’t require major funds in your account, all you need is 3 to 4 lakhs a person whereas another program requires you to have at least 6 to 7 lakhs for one person which is mandatory.

Settlement funds needed for eligibility in Atlantic Immigration Program:

Number of family members (It includes those who support you but aren't immigrating) Funds required (in Canadian dollars)















For each additional family member


Low Populations have more opportunities

The 4 Atlantic Provinces have less population paying the way for skilled immigrants to come and settle in these provinces as Canada PR holders and also fulfill the labor market demands of the particular province and help them increase their economy and in turn facilitate themselves with the lifestyle, healthcare facilities, and social benefits offered there.

Large open landscapes and low population densities have benefited these provinces. It is preferable to choose the Atlantic provinces over the crowded top three locations if you want a safer atmosphere for yourself and your family.

Meet one of our happy clients Mr. Arun Kumar who got the New Brunswick Offer letter and PNP nomination approval in a very short span of time.

Extensive Settlement Assistance

Because it was Canada's first region-specific immigration pilot, the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) is well-known. The need that employers to offer thorough settlement assistance to AIP candidates is an essential but less-noticed aspect of this program.

To assist immigrants in adjusting to Canadian culture, employers collaborate with specialized settlement service providers. For people who intend to relocate to Canada with their complete family, this is a very significant advantage.

You and your family can easily adapt to Canadian culture if you move to one of the four provinces and receive prompt expert aid with housing, educational options, and other essential amenities.

Compared to other economic programs, AIP excels in retention

In the second year, 78% of principal candidates in Atlantic Canada are retained by the AIP, outperforming both PNP-Express Entry and PNP principal applicants. The second-year retention rates for the two economic programs in Atlantic Canada are 74% and 75%, respectively.

The Atlantic Canadian provinces have always struggled to persuade immigrants to stay in the area after their arrival, so the greater retention rates in the AIP are welcome news for them.

How long does the application process for Atlantic Immigration Program take?

The current processing time for PR applications under the AIP program is 12 months, according to the government website. The number of applications received, the completeness of your application, the ease with which your information may be verified, and other factors may affect the processing timelines.

There are various options available in Canada for new immigrants who want to settle there permanently. The AIP is a fantastic option to investigate if you intend to relocate to one of Canada's Atlantic regions. The application process may seem a little intimidating, but if you carefully read the qualifying requirements and adhere to the application guidelines, you might be able to realize your dream of moving to Atlantic Canada.

What is the cost of the Atlantic Immigration Program application?

Each adult must pay $1,365 CAD as part of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot application process. This includes a $515 CAD cost for the right to permanent residence as well as an $850 CAD application processing fee. Each dependent child will be charged an extra $230 CAD fee if you apply for the AIP with your family.

A biometrics fee of $85 CAD per person or $170 CAD per family is furthermore required, in addition to the country-specific costs for medical exams.

Documentation for the Atlantic Immigration Program

Basic documents required:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Test results for language skills
  3. Police Clearance Certificate
  4. Proof of funds
  5. Medical certificate
  6. Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
  7. Legit settlement plan
  8. Employment letter
  9. Certificate of Endorsement
  10. Proof of payment

Additional documents:

  1. Proof of experience (in case required)
  2. Marriage license (in case there is a requirement)

This program was basically created to assist employers in Atlantic Canada in finding appropriate individuals for positions that they have been unable to fill locally. To be eligible for the program, you must have a job offer from an Atlantic Canada-authorized employer.

You must be one of the following to apply for this program's immigration to Atlantic Canada:

  1. A skilled worker or a recent graduate from an Atlantic Canada post-secondary institution
  2. You could be a temporary resident in Canada or you might already be there.

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