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Ontario PNP High-Demand Occupation List in 2020

If you’ve decided to apply for OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program), then you’ve taken a ballsy move. You all might be aware that Ontario is a major dwelling for the National Capital of Canada i.e. Ottawa. Right from the bountiful opportunities to a high standard of living, Ontario has everything that lures the interest of millions of immigrants every year. Once you reach in there, the tranquillity and the serenity is sure to make your heart flutter.

Ontario has always been the premier choice for immigrants, who wish to craft a beautiful success story. Every year, Ontario invites Highly skilled and talented professionals from all across the globe through its all the rage program that is Ontario PNP. The Express Entry-Human Capital Priorities stream (HCP) is the most prominent stream of OINP through which a chiliad of aspiring candidates apply and get the provincial nomination for Canada’s Permanent Residency.

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Well, Ontario doesn’t have any specific Ontario in-demand occupation list for the skilled workers to nominate them for the Province. However, if you’re a Technology professional or IT engineers you will always get Priority in the Ontario Occupation list for nomination

If you are skilled worker and your occupation ruminates in the NOC (National Occupation Classification) list at skill type O, A or B, you can apply under the OINP, and accomplish your goal of getting the Canada PR.

  • Skill Type O :- Management Jobs (Restaurant Manager, Mine Manager etc)
  • Skill Type A :- Professional Jobs along with a university’s degree
  • Skill Type B :- Skill Trades and Technical Jobs along with a college degree or training certificate

Good News: The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program also invites the candidates who apply under the Express Entry Program with a relevant experience in IT occupations, even if they have a low CRS score (i.e. Below 400 Points). A great news! Isn’t it?

Check Your Occupation in Demand in Ontario Occupation List

OINP Priority Occupation List 2020

Tech Occupations
Occupation in-high Demand NOC Codes
Computer Engineers NOC 2147
Computer and Information System Managers NOC 0213
Computer Engineers and Interactive Media Developers NOC 2174
Database Analysts and Data Administrators NOC 2172
Software Engineers and Designers NOC 2173
Web Designers and Developers NOC 2175
Non Tech Occupations
Other Administrative Service Managers NOC 0114
Corporate Sales Managers NOC 0601
Professional Occupations in Business Management Consulting NOC 1122
Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Manager NOC 0124
Wholesale and Retail Trade Managers NOC 0621
Financial Accountants and Auditors NOC 1111
Registered Nurses and Psychiatric Nurses NOC 3012
Financial Managers NOC 0111
Other Financial Officers NOC 1114
Managers in Customer and Personal Services NOC 0651
Other Primary Health Practioneers NOC 3124
Dieticians and Nutritionists NOC 3132

If you’ve relevant experience in any of the above occupation that matches your profile, then get assured that you’ll receive an NOI (Notification of Interest) from OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) that’ll be an invitation to apply for a provincial nomination in order to realize your dream of getting the Canada PR. On the other hand, if you’re Non Tech professional you need not to worry check Ontario Non Tech priority occupation in demand list below where you must have CRS 400 & above that will be a perfect icing on the cake.
So, stay calm and just fulfil your dream in front of your beautiful eyes.

The OINP targeted candidates with work experience in the following priority occupations:

  • 0114 : Other administrative services managers
  • 0601 : Corporate sales managers
  • 1122 : Professional occupations in business management consulting
  • 0124 : Advertising, marketing and public relations managers
  • 0621 : Retail and wholesale trade managers
  • 1111 : Financial auditors and accountants
  • 3012 : Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
  • 0111 : Financial managers
  • 1114 : Other financial officers
  • 0651 : Managers in customer and personal services, n.e.c

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