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Ontario PNP Document Checklist 2020

You all know that after receiving the NOI (Notification of Interest) from the province of Ontario, you have 45 days-time duration, to provide all the pertinent documents that’re required by the concerned authorities.

These documents are required to verify your identity and to crosscheck that whether you’ve met the eligibility criteria or not. You must submit all your mandatory documents along with your application. Also, you may be asked to submit some additional documents required by the Ontario Government. Failure of providing all the pertinent documents to the concerned authorities will delay your application.

 Ontario PNP Experts ontario PNP Documents checklist

Time to Explore the Documents Checklist for Ontario PNP

Please find below Ontario PNP documents checklist that you must have for Ontario PNP filing.

  • Notification of Interest from the Province of Ontario: (Mandatory) Please make sure that you capture the date when NOI was sent to your account.
  • Identity Documents: such as
    (1) Your passport-sized photograph (Mandatory)
    (2) Your Valid Passport (Mandatory)
    (3) Your Family Member’s Passport (If applicable)
  • Educational Qualification:
    (1) Canadian Degree (Mandatory, if applicable)
    (2) Foreign Degree (Mandatory, if applicable)
    Note: Your application will be repudiated if you do not authorize the ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) Reports specifically with the OINP.
  • Language Proficiency Test Results Report: (Mandatory) It’s essential to provide the language test results be it English or French (CLB 7 or more in all the four abilities).
    Note: Your language proficiency test must have been taken within 2 years prior to submitting your PR application under the OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program)
  • Work Experience: (Mandatory)
    (1) Your Resume outlining what you’ve done so far in your life
    (2) Letter of Experience
    (3) Reference Letter
    (4) Proof of Compensation
  • A Statement Showing Proof of Funds:
    Proof of funds is an essential part of Ontario PNP documents checklist that you need to provide to the concerned authorities. It means that the candidate has sufficient funds to support him/her and his/her family in Canada after the immigration. For an individual who’s single, the required amount is 7,00,000 INR, however if an applicant is married, then it’s 7,00,000 for the primary applicant and 1,50,000 for the secondary applicant (spouse) and 1,50,000 for every dependent kid.

The table below shows the minimum amount you need to immigrate to Canada.

No of Family Members Funds Required (in Canadian Dollars)
1 $12960
2 $16135
3 $19836
4 $24083
5 $27315
6 $30806
7 $34299
For each additional Family Member $3492

Note to Consider:

Certain documents vary case to case, the Ontario PNP documents checklist explained above as general case, few documents may be case specific, for the same you can approach our Ontario PNP documents experts If in case, any of your document are not in English and French, you need to provide a copy of the original document and a complete or notarized translation of the essential document. You are responsible for the Translation and Notarization costs.

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