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Is Nova Scotia a Good Place to Immigrate?

Nova Scotia is known for natural beauty of Canada. Nova Scotia believes life is for living. It’s about balancing a good day’s work with time for family and friends. Nova Scotia allows its residents to keep everything in perspective: work, family, relaxation and responsibility. Nova Scotia is a good place to live, with work and education opportunities for you and your family

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News Nova Scotia Issued Invitations To The Express Entry Candidates On March 29th, 2021

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Why you should immigrate Nova Scotia

  • Safety:-
    Nova Scotia is rated in international surveys as one of the world’s most peaceful, safest city. Nova Scotia people are by and large open-minded and believe people should be free to live the lifestyle they choose. It’s pretty safe and secure, you and your family can feel free to get out and enjoy everything Nova Scotia has to offer.
  • Clean & Beautiful:-
    Nova Scotia is a haven for leisure and lifestyle activities. Its natural beauty, outstanding outdoor activities, and exciting nightlife attract more than 2 million visitors every year. Nova Scotia fortunate to be surrounded by the natural beauty of the rolling sea, lush green forests, lakes and farmland. Nova Scotia one of the most enjoyable places to live in Canada.
  • Family friendly:-
    It is very affordable to buy a home in Nova Scotia. The cost of living is actually one of the lowest in Canada. It is no wonder that so many Nova Scotians living abroad return home to raise their families. Nova Scotia’s slow pace means families are able to spend more time together and participate in the many fun activities offered throughout the province.

Nova Scotia PNP

Nova Scotia Welcomes Record Number of Newcomers. A total of 5,970 new permanent residents came to Nova Scotia in 2020 , exceeding the 2019 record year high of 5,485 through several Nova Scotia PNP Streams, Nova Scotia province welcome prospective immigrants who have the right skills and experience targeted as required by Nova Scotia labour market.

There are various Nova Scotia PNP streams to determine if you qualify. If you decide to move to Nova Scotia, you need to check which Nova Scotia PNP stream suits more to you to get a Nova scotia PNP nomination.

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  1. Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities
  2. Labour Market Priorities for Physicians
  3. Occupations in Demand
  4. Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry
  5. Nova Scotia Skilled Worker stream
  6. Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities Stream :-
Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities invited only candidates who receive a Letter of Interest from the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration may apply. Please find below eligibility criteria’s

  • You must have valid Express entry profile number
  • You intend to live in Nova Scotia
  • Must be scoring 67/100 points
  • Your profile must be highly demand in Nova scotia

Labour Market Priorities for Physicians :-
Labour Market Priorities for Physicians stream only selects those physicians who received with an approved offer from the Nova Scotia Health Authority or the IWK Health Centre.

Physician :-
The Physician Stream is only open to general practitioners and family physicians (NOC 3112) and specialist physicians (NOC 3111) who receives signed approved contract from the Nova Scotia Health Authority or the IWK Health Centre.

Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry :-
This stream invites only those skilled individuals who already have at least one year of experience working in Nova Scotia in a high skilled occupation.

Occupations in Demand Stream :-
The Occupations in Demand stream targets specific NOC C, intermediate-skilled occupations that are in high labour market demand in Nova Scotia. To be eligible under Nova Scotia Occupations in Demand stream you must have 1 year job offer letter from Nova Scotia employers.

If you are meeting the requirements outlined above Nova Scotia PNP streams , then you can apply for Nova Scotia PNP program.

If you would like more information, email us at Nova scotia immigration services Or call us on +91 8447281370.

Eligibility Requirements for the Nova Scotia Nominee Program?

Having the right information can help you make a successful move. Although Nova Scotia having several PNP stream, and each stream having their own nomination criteria’s , however To apply under Nova Scotia PNP stream you need to meet below general requirements:-

  • Your profile must be in demand under identified the Nova Scotia labour market.
  • You must score minimum 67/100 points or more on the stream’s six selection factors;
  • Must have at least 3 year full time, paid continuous work experience in the targeted occupations.
  • You need to show sufficient funds to support yourself & your family to successfully settle in Nova Scotia.
  • To prove language ability in English or French at Canadian Language Benchmark CLB7 bands in each module.
  • Your profile must be active in the express entry pool.
  • You must have genuine intention to settle in Nova scotia

Still you are not sure which stream is more suitable please feel free to contact out Nova Scotia PNP expert call 7503832132

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Please note:- Nova Scotia may suspend the stream for a period of time or close it altogether or may change the criteria at any time without prior Notification. Also note all the application will be assess as per the current criteria’s, not as per the receiving application time If Nova Scotia decides to refuse your application for the Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities stream, our decision is final. There is no appeal process.

If Nova Scotia found your involvement in Misrepresentations, you will be disqualified for upcoming 5 years under all stream.

How to Apply Nova Scotia PNP Nomination

Once you determine that you qualify for a Nova Scotia Nominee Program stream, the next step is to apply. Online application process follow the below steps

Step 1:- Create account
Once you determine that you qualify for a Nova Scotia Nominee Program stream, the next step is to apply. You must have valid express entry & job seeker code before applying the Nova Scotia PNP nomination. And your profile must be active in the express entry Pool,

while you are planning to apply for the Nova Scotia PNP Nomination make sure quota is open and Nova Scotia accepting application and a Letter of Interest.

Step 2:- Prepare your documents and submit your NSNP application
Being applicant it your sole responsibility to ensure that all documents can be read by Nova Scotia immigration official or assessor, You must submit your all required documents as described format! Failure to do so will delay the processing of your application or may cause of rejection of your application.

Please make sure all documents must be clearly readable and as per Nova Scotia documents checklist and still Nova Scotia official immigration reserves the right at any point in the application process to:

  • Make a decision on an application;
  • Request additional documentation; and/or
  • Request that the principal applicant attend an interview

Step 3 :- Nova Scotia Office of Immigration assesses your application
Once your application successfully submitted to Nova Scotia PNP, your application will be locked and now you will unable to change any given information. NSOI start to work on your application and follow the below steps

  • Eligibility and completion check :-
    In the very first step Nova Scotia immigration official reviews your application to ensure that applicant meets eligibility criteria’s and submitted competed application.
  • Assessment:-
    If you are considered eligible then Nova Scotia PNP immigration official NSOI will conduct a complete review of your application and evaluation of your petition. Immigration officer who assess your immigration application will notify to Nova Scotia immigration admission committee.
    All submitted documents will be subject to verification by NSOI for integrity purposes. However NSOI officer has right to ask additional documents if required to make decision. Processing time of assessment is subjected to volume of application received.
  • Final Decision (Refusal or acceptable) :-
    Once a decision is made on your application, NSOI official will notify you by email. Obviously, the best news to receive is that you have been accepted into the NSNP program to which you have applied.
    Unfortunately It is a reality that not all applications can be accepted for admission. Some applicants will be declined admission to their program(s) of choice. However, this does not always mean that you were not a decent applicant, it can sometimes be difficult to appeal specific reasons regarding averse decision.

However we recommend you to get professional guidance to increase your changes to NSNP PNP nomination. Or contact us by 7503832132

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